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11 weeks and lopsided bump??!

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cheesebaby Sun 06-Jul-08 13:08:52

Hi all,

Have been lurking since BFP at 4 and a bit weeks. Now 11 weeks, and doing OK, except totally freaked out today hence finally posting rather than searching...

This is my first pg, and to cut a long story short, since having an early scan at 7 weeks due to pain, have been worrying nonstop about the various 'mysterious' findings of the scan.

First things first, baby is fine (and was fine also at 8+4 and 10+4), but I have a collection of weird things going on which may be summarized as: query bicornuate uterus (at subsequent scans I asked for clarification on this, but the sonographer said it was hard to tell extent during pregnancy); query 6cm round hemorrhagic corpus luteum cyst / ectopic (no change over 3 weeks, so unlikely to be ectopic) and query a large fibroid, which I have no idea if is inside or outside uterus (will ask at next scan next week!!).

Phew, so that sums things up so far... I am doing my best not to let any of this worry me (and failing miserably), however having been fervently wishing for a homebirth before all this started, am obviously concerned about the implications of all the above for that, never mind whether bump will actually make it to 37 weeks... hmm

But today's big freak-out happened when lying in bed and feeling my tummy, have a distinct bump, entirely on left side - have convinced myself this is baby, as during last 3 scans is exactly where baby was (duh), and at booking in appt a week of so ago the midwife palpated that area, but dismissed bump as bowel (I guess she wasn't expecting to feel uterus at 10 weeks). Bump/bowel hasn't changed (apart from growing) over last 10 days or so, so it's not flipping bowel is it?!?

I'm convinced this all has to do with the bicornuate uterus, but would love to know if any of you guys have had similar experience - did your one-sided bump come more to the middle, or am I destined to look like a one-woman side-show for the next 6 months??

Sorry for the long post all; this is the first time I've written all this down - it's been driving me to distraction.


sunnytimes Mon 07-Jul-08 09:25:05

Message withdrawn

watching Mon 07-Jul-08 11:31:26

I've got a bicornuate uterus - heart shaped uterus and baby is definately growing on one side. I'm 31 weeks and all is fine so far but do have a bit of a lop sided bump and can feel it's bottom in the top right hand side and I think the head is at bottom left - so diagonal.

Am being constantly monitored but the size of baby is fine - so I really wouldn't worry. I'm expecting to be early and have next appt at 34 weeks so I'll find out what the score is then. If the consultant think you have a bicornuate utuerus you will be monitored like I am.

hope this helps?

cheesebaby Fri 11-Jul-08 20:44:20

Thanks guys for your replies.

I had another scan today, and the sonographer confirmed that what I can feel IS uterus, and the baby is on the left hand side just below the level of my belly button - at 12 weeks!!! It seems the ?fibroid / ?cyst combo on the right is pushing everything else over. She thinks eventually baby will 'out-push' the other stuff, but will probably stay one-sided for a few weeks yet.

So in a lot of ways, I feel much better today; the fibroid is on the outside of the uterus which I think is good, and at least now I know that the reason I haven't been able to do my jeans up for weeks is down to baby as well as all the cheese, & chocolate eclairs...

TBH, nobody seems in the least bit interested about the bicornuate uterus thing apart from me; I think the ?fibroid and ?cyst have captured everyone's attention much more because what they actually are is baffling everyone, and as the sonographer said previously, it's difficult to tell me more about it during pregnancy.

The doctor I spoke to said the ?cyst could be an issue if it was still around nearer term (in terms of a HB), as it could theoretically twist during labour, but I guess that's just something we'll have to deal with as / when it becomes an issue...

So really, as ever, I think it's a case of cross fingers and hope for the best, and try not to worry - I had no idea pregnancy would be such an emotionally draining experience, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to enjoy it more from here on in!!!


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