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cord around neck

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Bell2 Tue 01-Feb-05 17:20:08

Hello all
I bought a doppler when I was in my first trimester as I had problems with a hematoma etc and occasionally I still use it now I'm 39 weeks. Anyway baby is engaged but when I use the doppler I can hear cord sounds way down where the baby's head is - below the heartbeat. I'm now so worried that he has the cord around his neck. I know this is common but I have this fear that something bad is going to happen in labour. If only I hadn't checked

Does anyone have an previous experience of the cord beinga around the neck in labour or can offer my any advice to calm me down please.
Thanks Jo x

mears Tue 01-Feb-05 17:22:10

posted on other thread

Bell2 Tue 01-Feb-05 17:31:00

Thanks - I refreshed the page and obviously posted the message more than once - ooops
Jo x

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