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Anybody pregnant after miscarriage before 1st AF??

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tm1978 Wed 02-Jul-08 14:10:04

Hi All

Well I'm 7 + 2. Only had my ERPC 10 weeks ago. I had no clue I was pregnant until last Wednesday. I went to the doctor fearing that something wasn't right after ERPC, been having pain and a test still showed positive. She took bloods which revealed that I pregnant, but she put me straight to hospital regarding the pain (thinking it was eptopic). I got put for a scan and got the shock of my life when they said that I was pregnant again and that I was 6+2. Now the thing was, I felt I was being really responsible after the ERPC. I did NOT have unprotected sex (always used condoms), I had my first period 6 weeks after the ERPC, which was infact not a period and I bled two weeks ago for one day only. Last week my Hcg levels were 10,000. Thinking I may have bled due to all the crap my body had been through. I've been so worried that I've fallen pregnant too quickly and its all going to happen over again. Thankfully the hospital have been great and are taking me for another scan a week today to see if they can detect a heartbeat, but obviously I'm not hopeful. I've had constant really strong period pains and every website I go on says that you should defininitely wait for at least one period before falling pregnant. I feel that if I lose this one, I've set myself up for a fall. Obviously the condom burst on us, but I had no idea, we've hardly ever used these as I had always been on the pill. I guess I just wanted to know if this has happend to anybody else and if they managed to get a baby at the end of it.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Wed 02-Jul-08 14:16:56

Nooooooo!!!!! They say wait so you can get the dates right, not because you are more likely to MC. It's my personal view that you might be more likely to right at the start (I did after 2 weeks) but if you have got to 7 weeks you are safe. You are always going to feel like it's about to happen, that's the nature of preg after MC but you have not made it more likely.
Congrats BTW!

SheBangsTheDrums Wed 02-Jul-08 14:21:44


I've been in a similar situation. I had a v v early miscarriage nearly 2 years ago, I'd only known I was pg for 2 days and was coming back off holiday so I remember the date was the 24th Sept. On the 2nd November I had a positive test, I hadn't for a minute thought I could be pg and just assumed I was a couple of weeks late due to my body being messed up.

When I went for my first scan I expected them to say I was further along and hadn't actually miscarried the month before, but that wasn't the case.

I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and birth and I now have a happy 1 year old fast asleep upstairs!

AlbertaWildRose Wed 02-Jul-08 14:30:42

A friend of mine got pregnant 3 weeks after a miscarriage, before her first period, and now has a healthy and happy little boy. Congratulations! I really do think they tell you to wait simply to make the 'bookkeeping' a bit easier in terms of dates.

star6 Wed 02-Jul-08 14:49:28

I got pregnant the next cycle after an early miscarriage - miscarriage happened at same date of my period... wouldn't have known except I took a test and was positive and lots more bleeding than normal. Dr said that I probably wouldn't ovulate next cycle... dh and I thought "free birth control"... no. I got pregnant the very next month.. well, probably 2 weeks later actually was conception. (we are now really excited by the way!)

fryalot Wed 02-Jul-08 14:50:43

my dd2 was conceived before a period after a mc.

She was born four weeks to the day after our lost one was due.

she's four now.


toratora Wed 02-Jul-08 14:53:52


I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with dc3, who was conceived 2 weeks after my miscarriage at the end of Feb. The hospital said that unless there are medical reasons they only tell you to wait until your first period for dating reasons.


kazbeth Wed 02-Jul-08 14:56:36

I'm now pregnant straight after my last miscarriage (15 weeks). I've been told that the only reason they may tell you to wait is that it makes it easier to date. But on saying that they offered me an early scan anyway because of the miscarriages so were able to date me from that one.

I didn't wait on purpose as I just wanted to be pregnant again and not have to wait any longer. If your body wasn't ready then you probably wouldn't have gotten pregnant again so quickly. My first miscarriage I tried straight away but nothing happened for 4 months and my next period was nearly 2 months on so my body must have needed a bit longer to recover that time.

I understand that feeling of not wanting to be hopeful but you haven't set yourself up for a fall and if anything should happen then it certainly won't be your fault. Best of luck at the scan and I'll have my fingers crossed for you that it's all ok.

lavenderbongo Wed 02-Jul-08 15:17:01

I became pregnant after m/c before my first af. DD2 is now 15 months and beautiful.
So dont worry.

I had no problems during the pregnancy apart from being extremely worried about every little ache and pain in case I m/c again. I did bleed a tiny amount (talking pin pricks of blood) at various points throughout the pregnancy but it was nothig to worry about and I think just down to me being so worried about miscarrying again. DD2 was extremely healthy and born wieghing 8lbs 6. I found the local maternity unit were very understanding of people who had miscarried and were pregnany again. So feel free to tell them everything that may be worrying you. Better to talk about it than just sit and brood over nothing.HTH

cmotdibbler Wed 02-Jul-08 15:21:09

I got pg before my first period after my 3rd mc - DS is just 2 now. Consultant said that unless you had had a late or possibly incomplete mc it was no problem at all.

charisma134 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:58:16

I just had a miscarriage on Monday. I was only 5 weeks along and didn't need a D&C. I know this might be a bit selfish, but we REALLY wanted to be pregnant because I am a teacher so I could have all next summer off with a baby before heading back to work. So we wanted to start trying right away again. I have already quite bleeding, and my HCG was already down to 30 on Monday when I miscarried. I was so afraid to try to get pregnant so soon after, but these posts are hopeful. I am so scared to miscarry again. My husband and I got pregnant the very first time we tried. Was that just luck? Or will that typically be the case. I hope it is!!!!
Is there any research saying that we will have a greater chance of another miscarriage? We are just going to start trying again this week.

blondie14 Sun 03-Aug-08 16:30:56

hi, i am currently 39 weeks pregnant with 2nd child and i caught before having a period after miscarriage.every medical person i have spoke to says that they recommend trying after a period so they can date the pregnancy. congratulations and dont worry about the period type pains, after miscarring you will be more in tune with your body and feel every niggle and twinge that is normal. i know i did.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 03-Aug-08 16:32:45

Yep. Both my children are the result of pregnancies after miscarriage - with no periods in between. The body recovers quickly and attempts to get you pregnant very quickly I believe. DD is 21 months and DS two and a half weeks.


becaroo Sat 09-Aug-08 14:27:13

Yes, am now 34 weeks [smile[

Jupka Fri 05-Sep-08 17:01:07

Hi! I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago stopped bleeding 3 weeks ago. Yesterday my husband & I had intercourse & afterwards I had a light pink discharge. I have not got my period again & we have not used any protection. Did any of you that got pregnant right after amiscarriage have this happen to you?

bulabula Sun 28-Sep-08 19:45:41

OMG I feel like blondie14 just told MY story! 3 weeks ago I had a natural misscarriage at 5 weeks pregnant. Empty sac. It was our second pregnancy (First ended in beautiful 15mo. daughter) and we got pregnant on the first try. We thought we were just too lucky! Not so. Anyways, I am also a teacher and this really screwed things up for us! I too wanted to be home with the baby next Summer. We are going ahead and trying right now. 2 weeks ago my HcG levels were 1,000 and I'm thinking they should be below 25 now. But I haven't had another blood test to confirm this. Yesterday I took a HPT and it came back positive. I am hoping we are again pregnant but will be going this week for bloodwork to see.

26mummy Fri 09-Dec-11 17:15:29

Hi i had a miscarriage nearly 6 weeks ago (would have been my 3rd child) there was no complications and i bled for about a week. I was told to do a pregnancy test when id finished bleeding which i did and it came back negative. Now 5 weeks later and still no period so i did another test then another and another!!! they all came back positive!!! Ive got sore breasts and a feeling of pulled muscles in my stomach when i get up. Has anybody had the same??? Is this a new pregnancy??? Cant get hold of a doctor and now its the weekend...

suzyt1 Tue 03-Jan-12 14:47:11

Hi All,
Following my miscarriage 4.5 wekks ago I looked at if I could get pregnant again as I had a miscariage years ago and worried if I left it to long I would get older and more chance of it again. A week after I took a test and I was back to not pregnant.
I was glad to see so many people fell soon after. I was hopeful this might happen to me also.
New years eve came last week and as I was worried about drinking as previously before I found out last time I had spent a few weekends out drinking heavily. I took a test and guess what its positive. yes I may only be 2 weeks but that means I fell within two weeks and first week I was bleeding. Good luck to all xxx

Flickstar Tue 03-Jan-12 14:54:43

I have a friend who miscarried on the 3rd December 2010 and got a BFP in the first week of January 2011 before having a period. All went well and she now has a happy and healthy 3month old baby girl.

allchik Fri 02-Mar-12 08:58:57

Hi, dont know if anyone still follows this thread? But it has been so lovely to hear the positive stories smile
I had a mmc last week that ended with an erpc on Thursday (8 days ago) The first few days after the erpc were the darkest saddest ever.....I didn't know if I would ever be able to 'try again' and was so, so scared. With advice from my doctor and headteacher (whos a biologist) I took another full week off school, not returning till next Monday and I cant believe how different I feel. Ive had lots of me time to reflect and heal and now feel totally ready to try again....and more importantly, if I do get pregnant quickly (caught in first month last time) I know I will see the pregnancy as a new pregnancy not a replacement.
Ive still got a teeny tiny bit of light brown blood sorry if TMI! So fingers crossed we will be ready to TTC in the next couple of days.
I really hope all has gone/is going well for everyone on this thread xxx smile

Shelduck Fri 02-Mar-12 09:38:35

Hi allchik. Good for you! I'm currently 25 weeks having got pg pretty quickly following mmc. What you're going through is really normal. Give yourself plenty of headspace, and try to relax, and go with what your body and your mind are telling you. (If you start TTC but then have doubts for any reason, you can always back off.) If you do get pg again quickly, and you find that you've got mixed feelings, or you're terrified about having another mc, don't worry - that's perfectly normal! Remember, the odds are massively in your favour, and you can see from this thread that there are plenty of success stories! Good luck! xxx smile

MammaInTheMaking Fri 02-Mar-12 11:20:05

Another one here! MCed at 7 weeks and immediately got pregnant again with no period. I'm now 26 weeks and cannot wait to meet the little bubba growing in my tummy smile

Tweedledeedum Fri 02-Mar-12 13:14:31

Me too! Had MC at 10 weeks, was told to wait for one period just to let everything 'refresh' which seemed to make sense, so we were using condoms like you.

Didn't even realise I was pregnant until almost 12 weeks as I wasn't expecting it and explained the lack of periods away by thinking the miscarriage meant my body would take awhile to get back on track.... only did a test as I was worried that maybe I had scarring or something (a friend of mine had that and it was blocking her from ovulating) and was planning to go to see a GP about it, but thought I bet they'll ask if I have done a preg test. Almost fell off the loo when I saw the two red lines!!

Anyway, I went and paid for a dating scan as I had no idea how pregnant I was, and I am currently 31 weeks and all is going well. They do say in the 6 months after a miscarriage you are at your most fertile. Congratulations!

allchik Fri 02-Mar-12 13:58:11

Wow! Fantastic news ladies! Thats fab....sorry again if TMI but I think Im just going to let nature take its course....for the next couple of months Im not going to check when Im ovulating, be manic about dates/testing etc and just have a normal sex life....if it happens, it happens....then if I haven't caught in a few months Ill look into checking my best days etc....sounds weird but Id almost be happy to find out a bit later if I did get pregnant....closer I can get to the dreaded 12 week scan the better! Eating very healthily, taking folic acid still etc (have been knocking back the wine though, so will have to cut back on that a bit!) Think I will perhaps pay for an early scan next time....and then maybe another one between my 12 and 20 scan....having a mmc completely shocked me as had NO IDEA anything was wrong sad
Moving into our first bought house next week so that should keep my mind occupied (is it just me or can you turn into a bit of a baby obsessive after a mc????)
Will keep in touch....please do too xxx smile

Dorita75 Sat 03-Mar-12 08:16:18

allchick I feel the same, had mmc and ERPC on 17th Feb, back at work last Tues, had spent the week after ERPC so up and down I couldn't imagine being ok and not getting upset in work but getting back to 'real life's has really helped me and I also can't wait to try again. I'd like to get pregnant and not find out till as late as possible too for same reasons as you!

For the lady who said she'd get private early scan, my hospital told me not to pay in future but that as I'd had mc they'd give me a reassurance scan if I wanted one...worth checking out if available to you? I'm in Liverpool.

Good luck everyone!

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