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so what else is completely unnecessary?

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star6 Wed 02-Jul-08 11:31:38

I've just found out - thanks to many helpful mumsnetters, that bottle warmers are a waste of money. There are plenty of threads telling 1st time mums what is most necessary. I would like to know this:
What is out there that is completely unnecessary for a new baby? I don't want to waste money on silly things I will never use

LittleMyDancing Wed 02-Jul-08 11:33:58

Proper clothes - babygros and cardis only in the first few weeks!

TheProvincialLady Wed 02-Jul-08 11:34:44

Fancy fabric covered changing mats from Mamas and Papas at £25 plus a go. Covered in heaven knows what in less than 20 minutes. A cheapo one does the job just as well and you can lay a muslin or towel on it to protect the PFB from feeling his first chilly bottom.

Also a shower for a newborn that attached to the baby bath. Still in its original packaging, unused and about to go on ebay. Damn you Mamas and Papas!

littleboyblue Wed 02-Jul-08 11:38:19

A baby bath. I spent nearly £20 on a really nice one. When ds started staying at my mums, she bought a shallow plastic storage box for £5, exactly the same, or use the kitchen sink for a while.

A footmuff. I got one for £30, when you can buy blankets in primark for £2 and just use 2/3 if really cold.

You can buy a surround to go in the big cot to give baby the small spoace comfort instead of a mosses asket that depending on size of baby won't be in there long.

Clothes, just use grows and things.

There's loads of things, dc2 won't have half as much as ds did.

Toys, they can't play with them

littleboyblue Wed 02-Jul-08 11:43:15

and car seats. I spent a fortune on ours and then realised that the mothercare on brand for £40 would have been fine as they all have to be tested to the same standard

fifisworld Wed 02-Jul-08 11:44:54

i second the baby bath, mine got used once for ds1, just hold them in your bath or go in with them.

crokky Wed 02-Jul-08 11:56:00

If you have shops nearby and a DH/family that are willing to get things for you, then don't buy much at all because you can get it if the need arises. It's hard to tell what you'll need as babies are all different.

My DD is 3 months old. She goes in the big bath, no soap or shampoo or cotton wool, just plain water and hands as she's not dirty. So nothing needed. Re feeding, I bf her and don't have any equipment whatsoever, even no nipple cream. She has about 8 babygros and vests and that's it. She can always wear DS's clothes (he's 2) if I run out of hers. I prefer to spend money on things that will make life easier for me and enable me to go places and do things, rather than little bits of baby stuff that are of very limited use. eg I have 2 buggys - one stays folded up in the car (little stroller) so that I never have to put buggy in car if want to go out in car.

Pidge Wed 02-Jul-08 11:57:25

littleboyblue - the car seat thing is not quite true - Which have been very critical of some car seats that have passed the standard tests, but they do more rigorous testing and found some very big name brands lacking. I'd say, that's the one item it IS worth spending money on, but more importantly worth researching, as price doesn't necessarily guarantee quality.

As for the other stuff - well we would have struggled without a pushchair and sling. But otherwise, there wasn't anything essential. We were inundated with clothes from friends and relatives.

Totally agree about the bath. Washing up bowl works well, or go in the big bath with them.

And anything you find yourself missing after the birth you can always go and get - or ask someone to get for you.

Umlellala Wed 02-Jul-08 11:59:44

Some of it is useful or not depending on your family really.

We never used a changing table - just a (cheap) mat on the floor or on the bed but we got one 'free' with our cot and it has been quite useful as open shelves for dd's stuff! (we did buy two cheap changing mats and have had one downstairs and one upstairs - this has actually been useful). But I know other people do use their changing tables.

Top n tail tub and HUGE bath box. Didn't bother buying a baby bath so god knows why I bought these - I do like storage though, and the penguin motif was cute. hmm

Umlellala Wed 02-Jul-08 12:01:40

PS The Mothercare car seat scores very well in the Which tests though - better than a lot of more expensive ones. (I paid for an online subscription to Which just so I could see which ones were best - we paid a lot more for the second stage car-seat based on this).

littleboyblue Wed 02-Jul-08 12:01:53

Really? About car seat? Surely they can't sell them if they are not tested to a certain standard.
Well, sorry about that then star6.

Smittals Wed 02-Jul-08 12:03:59

top and tail bowl. I've seen this on lots of 'useful' hmm lists. Just use a big mug or kitchen bowl! Cotton wool goes into clean water, to bum, to bin, NEVER back into the water so I don't know why we're all supposed to need a two-section plastic bowl.

PortAndLemon Wed 02-Jul-08 12:04:08

They have to be tested to a certain standard, but some of them will meet a more rigorous standard and some won't.

nicand2 Wed 02-Jul-08 12:06:51

Sun parasols for buggy's/prams - good idea in theory but I've never got one to work.

Pidge Wed 02-Jul-08 12:11:48

This gives a bit of information about the Which tests (more comprehensive than the standard onse). Unfortunately you have to be a subscriber to get the full product recommendations, but I think you can get a temporary free trial subscription

star6 Wed 02-Jul-08 12:12:57

how awful that some carseats would be sold that are not tested to the same standard as others...???!! That just seems wrong, really.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 02-Jul-08 12:15:59

Anything feeding related. All you need is a breast.

PinkTulips Wed 02-Jul-08 12:16:54

don't buy clothes in small sizes, they're extremely cute but you only get a week out of them before they get packed away. just buy lots of babygros, people will give you so much and you'll still want the pleasure of strolling around the shops with the buggy picking things up for baby after a few weeks.

MsSparkle Wed 02-Jul-08 12:19:40

I hear about people saying they don't think a baby bath is nessasery but i used my baby bath for ages. We have a really deep bath so leaning into it trying to bath a baby is just crazy and hurts your back.

I used to bath my dd in a baby bath on the bathroom floor, i found it much easier so for me a bath was really useful.

Agree about bottle warmers, a waste of time. Just use a jug of boiling water to heat the bottle with.

Expensive steriliers are a waste of money. I used a cheepy £11.99 one from Wilkinsons which you put in the microwave. When i hear of people forking out £100+ for one i think shock

notjustmom Wed 02-Jul-08 12:22:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pavlovthecat Wed 02-Jul-08 12:27:28

Nappy holders - you know those material things on a hanger to put nappies in. All I ever did with this was smack my head on it as I walked past it into DDs bedroom!

Tiny weany baby nail grooming set. You dont need to brush your babies hair, or clip their nails at newborn age. If their nails need cutting, use your teeth! Well, I did anyway, as DDs fingers were so small I did not want to use scissors.

A cot - unless the baby is enormous, you wont need one until he/she has outgrown a moses basket/crib (unless of course baby is going straight into a cot, then you need one!).

Cat net - they are annoying and don't work

Shoes - newborns don't need shoes of any kind, especially in this weather.

Top and tail bowl - was just messy, and confusing. Much easier to use cotton wool and chuck it away, then no confusion - I had a changing table with a bath in, and this worked fine (i put a sort of baby bouncer type thing in it made of material to keep baby laying in a more upright position, and off the cold plastic of the bath).

Talc - not needed at all

Pavlovthecat Wed 02-Jul-08 12:31:44

Dont need shampoo/shower gel/soap either, just water is fine.

LittleMyDancing Wed 02-Jul-08 12:38:19

I second the grooming set - we were given some of those stupid baby nail scissors and they were hopeless. I used my teeth or adult nail clippers, very carefully.

silvermum Wed 02-Jul-08 12:45:16

second the cat net thing
disagree with baby bath. plastic ergonomic support for the baby bath, which costs about £10 from mothercare, was one of my best purchases. means you can bathe tiny infant hands free. much easier and safer when they're so slippery and vulnerable.
breastfeeding cushions are rubbish. what's wrong with an ordinary cushion?!
teddy bears with wooshy heartbeat sounds inside to "help your baby sleep by mimicking the sounds of the womb" didn't really work for us either...

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Wed 02-Jul-08 12:49:39

This is really useful! Keep it coming!

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