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Can i change hospital for giving birth in at last moment? mears?

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misdee Sat 29-Jan-05 21:38:55

dh is currently in a hospital in another town, but under the same health authority. i was meant to be having the baby at local hospital. there is talk of inducing me, i see consultant on weds for growth scan and discussion. IF they do want to induce me, and dh is still in hospital can i ask to be induced at the hospital dh is at? i had dd2 at the hospital dh is in atm, and they are very good there, so dont have any worries about the unknown.

misdee Sat 29-Jan-05 23:03:05


obviously if he is at harefield, then i'll just go local hospital.

tabitha Sat 29-Jan-05 23:45:16

I was told that you could change hospital at any point up to (and including) going into labour. I would speak to your consultant on Wednesday - you certainly have a good reason.

misdee Sun 30-Jan-05 07:43:58

i hope so. i was having strong braxton hicks last night and was sitting in bed thinking 'if i am in labour, i'm gonna go to dh hospital'.

LapsedGymJunkie Sun 30-Jan-05 07:56:09

Morning Misdee

If I was you I would get someone to drive you to the hospital in advanced labour then keep driving around the block until, they couldn't turn you away

Seriously, it doesn't seem that unreasonable a request.

Don't ask, so much as ask, in a very positive tone of voice (the sort that brooks no argument) (iyswim)

misdee Sun 30-Jan-05 12:37:47

what if i cry do you think they'd feel sorry for me then.

kymbo Sun 30-Jan-05 12:47:47

This doesn't answer your question,sorry.
I had planned to have dd in one hospital but was staying at MIL 's when I went into labour,so went to her local hospital,they were not happy!I was examined,told I was only 2cm, so I could drive 30 miles to my hospital to have the baby!!
MIL went crazy,as it was snowing outside and this was my second baby(hence,may come earlier than expected) so I stayed.
Baby arrived 2 hrs later,lucky I stayed! I was aplolgised to and got a free private room!

jessicasmummy Sun 30-Jan-05 12:49:55

i changed hospitals... even counties.... 4 weeks prior to birth. midwives have no problems with it - they just fax your notes through. hope all is ok misdee and DH is doing well. thinking of you x

misdee Fri 04-Feb-05 22:04:27

i have changed hospitals!!! yippee. ante natel care still at usual hospital, but am planning to go to other one for the actual birth. feel so much better about it all now.

MistressMary Fri 04-Feb-05 22:06:14

Aww thats good!

misdee Fri 04-Feb-05 22:07:34

got a check up at other hospital on monday and they want to go thro my notes and see what can be done about dh being there, unlikely i'll be allowed to take bubs up onto dh ward, but he should be able to get wheeled down to maternity unit.

Leogaela Sat 05-Feb-05 05:38:48

That's really good news misdee! Hope the signs you have been having mean that you don't have to wait too long now!!!! Are you still having stong BHs?

mears Sat 05-Feb-05 09:12:27

I see you have found out already Misdee - that is good you can be in same hospital as DH.

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