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Morning sickness - please help!

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jackieglyn Wed 25-Jun-08 09:38:24

I have been feeling so so sick from about 1 week after conception - now I am 7 week plus 5 and still feel so sick everyday (but not been sick).

Have tried Ginger biscuits, Ginger beer, mints, wrist bands. nothing works any ideas on whats worked for you. I will try anything.

Romy7 Wed 25-Jun-08 09:40:53


littleducks Wed 25-Jun-08 09:45:24

sorry but romy is right

i had hypersemis bith pgs, its rubbish

good luck, hope it sickness ends soon

katw3kitts Wed 25-Jun-08 09:45:39

Oh this is so horrible... I really feel for you.

Starchy foods helped me, ritz crackers all the time. It did eventually stop.

Try not to feel so sorry for yourself.. take heart in knowing that your body is full of hormones which is a good sign smile

mrsbabookaloo Wed 25-Jun-08 09:47:49

Just keep trying little things. Don't let yourself get hungry. You might feel better at 12 weeks, but don't get too excited because you might NOT.

Search on here for morning sickness; there are loads of threads on this. Here's one

Lots of sympathy: it's the pits. Worse than giving birth IMO! I'm dreading having it again next time. Hula Hoops worked somewhat for me. And crispy apples. But it's different for everyone!

eggybrokenoff Wed 25-Jun-08 09:49:44

nothing at all to suggest, just to say I'm sharing the pain. No idea what to do just constantly feel really really queasy - forcing myself to eat helps a little, but I can only manage a bit at a time!

Is ginger meant to help then?

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 25-Jun-08 09:57:44

Message withdrawn

karney Wed 25-Jun-08 10:13:32

Oh I really sympathise. I also found certain foods helped (bread n butter, fresh fruit). I know that it's different for everyone what makes you feel better. I couldn't stand ginger or anything spicy and still can't. I'm 32wks and still have nausea, just not as bad as those early daysshock. I'm not sick anymore but the feeling is still there at certain times. But please don't despair most woman I know it didn't last any longer than the first 12 weeks of Pg.I hope you feel better soon and take it

Romy7 Wed 25-Jun-08 10:25:10

starlight, they'll only give you drugs if you are actually being sick. i think feeling sick when you're pregnant would make the gp laugh rather than get out his prescription pad... grin

PeachyWontLieToYou Wed 25-Jun-08 10:27:36

see the self help tips on here

poor you, its horrid.

sleep is the best relief, link proposed between tiredness and nausea

penona Wed 25-Jun-08 10:30:39

I found relief in frozen ice lollies (full of sugar and e numbers I am sure!) which were lovely and refreshing. Also water melon slices in the fridge. And sleep/rest made things better. And just keep nibbling on food all the time, digestives, dry bread, anything.
I also felt better for a while with acupuncture so could be worth a try.
I only got drugs when I was admitted to A&E with severe sickness and then only for a few days so not sure the doc would help.

thebecster Wed 25-Jun-08 10:31:42

Keep eating and try different things. Some people find nibbling carbs all day helps (toast, crackers etc.), but for me protein helped more than carbs. I gave up cows milk which helped a lot. My DS is mostly made up of Goats Cheese Babybels and Peppermint Creams which I ate continuously through pregnancy (I threw up at least 5 times a day for the whole 9 months, but don't let that frighten you - it's quite rare to be that bad the whole time!). I found acupuncture helpful at one point, although it seemed to stop working after a couple of months. Eating and resting were the things that helped more than anything.

Mummywannabe Wed 25-Jun-08 10:35:35

Huge sympathies. Its rotten isn't it! I had this until about 20 weeks (am 38 now) and found like the others said just eating all the time, nibbling on rice cakes helped me alot. Don't worry to much about being healthy, anything you can stomach (i found salt and viniger crisps were good too)

Also i sucked on boiled sweets, seemed to help a little but barley sugars made me very very sick!

Tinkerisdead Wed 25-Jun-08 10:36:59

when i had morning sickness as this is my first pregnancy i was really conscious of eating to much and so i wasnt nibbling on as much but someone on here told me just eat what you can when you can, when the sickness stops your diet gets much more balanced and they were right. honestly you need to just keep grazing on food, crisps as they small so you can drag it out, boiled sweets, ice lollies, toast, cheese....,its horrible. i had it from 7 weeks to 13 weeks. everyone told me it would stop and i just couldnt see an end. one day i woke up, cleaned the kitchen and realised i didnt feel sick. it will stop..

crokky Wed 25-Jun-08 10:40:13

Have lots sympathy for you. I was extremely sick right through both pgs. It is worth it though!

hannah001 Wed 25-Jun-08 11:04:23

haribo fizzy sour sweets were good for me for a while.

bikerunski Wed 25-Jun-08 12:11:57

Ice lollies.

I had hyperemiss too in first trimester and am aware that it may come back in third trimester, now. I am forcing ,yslef to eat on occassion so I don;t stop eating as I did before. Ice lollies are fantastic for this! Gets fulid in me too. I've made soem out of diluted fresj ornage to cut out the enumbers. Although I usually have a box of shop biought ones in too. I try to limuit myslef to 1 a day, but will go for more if needs be. Quells the nausea a lot.

PeachyWontLieToYou Wed 25-Jun-08 12:30:54

for the people ice lollies dont help, we suggest hot drinks- many people seem ok one on or the other

at this stage food doesn't matter heaps, fluid does. if you're off fluids eat anything that is high in them- ice, melon, lettuce.

and for solids eat anything, whatever takes a momentary fancy. dont shop in advance, buy what you fancy each day

preggie pop sweets can help too i find, though

if you get excess salivation try sucking lemon

pollyblue Wed 25-Jun-08 12:54:09

Snap! I'm just 6 weeks but feeling very sick pretty constantly. I've just started taking 50mg B6 each day as I've read that can help with the nausea, has anyone else tried that? Otherwise grazing only anything starchy/salty seems to help.

PeachyWontLieToYou Wed 25-Jun-08 12:54:56

homeopathy can help you know

b6 supposed to be v good

beeny Wed 25-Jun-08 13:02:31

I ate cheese sandwiches on white bread hulahoops and apples

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 25-Jun-08 13:40:54

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 25-Jun-08 13:42:05

Message withdrawn

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 25-Jun-08 13:44:50

Message withdrawn

Romy7 Wed 25-Jun-08 17:21:33

my gp always laughed grin
yours was obv nicer.

mine just used to tell me the worse i felt the better it was for the baby/s...

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