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numb bump and achy leg

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starlover Thu 27-Jan-05 11:25:09

For the past few days all the skin on my bump has been completely numb. Is this normal?????
I have been moisturising regularly, and nothing else seems to have changed... but it's kind of worrying me!

Also, the top of my right leg, and my hip are aching really, really badly. It was only when I lay on my right side, but now it's all the time...

Anyone else experienced this? have any advice for making it better?

singsong Thu 27-Jan-05 11:56:57

How many weeks are you? It could be that the skin is getting very stretched over your bump.

nailpolish Thu 27-Jan-05 11:58:14

sometimes when the bump is getting bigger it can press on a nerve, making legs numb. it should go away when the baby changes position (i think) ask the mw if you are worried

starlover Thu 27-Jan-05 12:10:30

I am 40 weeks! My skin has been really dry lately too, but probably unrelated.
Am seeing midwife on monday, but will give her a call if it gets any worse I think.
Hopefully baby will make its arrival before monday anyway!

nailpolish Thu 27-Jan-05 12:17:28

omg poor you

baby will be here soon though, and you will feel better

tons of luck x

starlover Thu 27-Jan-05 12:30:14

thanks nailpolish...
I saw a different midwife last week cos mine was ill, and she said "oooh, it's a good sized baby"

we have a history of big babies... so maybe that's the problem!

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