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anyone else as sad as me?????

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starlover Thu 27-Jan-05 11:04:33

I just laid on the bed video-taping my bump.
I am so sad! Baby was doing some incredible gymnastics though, although I am not sure the camera caught the true amazing-ness of it.
Who the hell wants to watch 7 minutes of my bump moving though??????


EnlightenedFlum Thu 27-Jan-05 11:09:48

Ermm, you maybe... once.

I taped my feet for 10 minutes once. But only to tape over some naughtiness on the video that DP and I thought would be titillating to record on NYE.

But it was in with all the: This is dd crawling, eating, standing up stuff.

My mum said, why on earth have you videod your feet?

Said we were trying to be arty!

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 27-Jan-05 11:09:53

Lol, bless. We have no photos or vidoe of me in my preg state, because I'm camera phobic , but now that DD's here, I kinda regret it .

NameChangingMancMidlander Thu 27-Jan-05 11:10:46

Kinda regret not having pictures, not having DD

starlover Thu 27-Jan-05 11:15:35

I have made sure to take a couple of proper pics of myself being very pregnant, simply because the little girl I used to look after was absolutely fascinated by the pics of her mum when she was pregnant with her.
I think I may have gone a little far this time though! LOL

Still, I shall make DP watch it tonight, because I am sure he doesn't believe how much the little bugger moves around in there! Every time he looks at it, it stops!

Lonelymum Thu 27-Jan-05 11:19:14

I never thought of doing that when I was pregnant. What a lovely thing to do! Your child will want to watch it when he/she is older, I'm sure.

Angeliz Thu 27-Jan-05 11:26:50

I do it too. (Mostly on a night when it's wild!!)
Have tape of dd1 kicking and this one is just manic!!!
I'm sure only we (dp and dd's) will ever watch it but i think it's great.

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