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6 weeks spotting rh negitive

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VirtualFairy Wed 26-Jan-05 08:27:05

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have just had a very tiny amount of spotting. i am rh negitive and i am not sure whether i need to go and get an injection for this or not.
with my first pregnancy this happened and i had an injection of anti d. I have read its important to check for antibodies etc with following pregnancys but i asked my doctor to take my bloods 2 weeks ago when i found out i was pregnant and she said it was not nessasary and i would have them done at the hospital but my first appointment won't be until at least 12 weeks. then she also said i will need anti d injections later on throughout pregnancy. i challenged her and said i thought i only needed them if i bled during pregnancy and then after the birth. i don't belive my doctor and i really need someone to give me some advise on what to do. is my doctor right? shall i go and see her, shall i see anyone about this spotting (which has seemed to stop) or should i just panicing and chill out! thanks for any replies

myermay Wed 26-Jan-05 08:56:09

Message withdrawn

mears Wed 26-Jan-05 09:02:35

You do not need anti-D for spotting before 12 weeks.

The guidance now is that anti-D should be given routinely at 28 weeks and 34 weeks. Get your partners blood group checked. If he is Rh negative (and the father of your baby 9smile0, then you do not need anti-D at all.

Pidge Wed 26-Jan-05 09:17:20

VirtualFairy - I recently did a fair bit of research on the routine administration of anti-D at 28 and 34 weeks (I'm rhesus -ve and 35 weeks pregnant), as the guidelines on this have changed since my first pregnancy. Have a search through old threads on mumsnet and you'll find loads of useful info, including from mears. As she says - Nice guidelines now are that all rh -ve pregnant women be given prophylactic anti-D at 28 and 34 weeks. My understanding is that the Royal College of Midwives has reservations about this recommendation, and many midwives believe that if anti-D was given properly to pregnant women who have any bleeding, or experience a severe knock to the stomach there would be little or no benefit of routinely administering anti-D to everyone. And of course if your partner is rh -ve you definitely don't need it (the Nice guidelines do mention this).

Congratulations on the pregnancy.

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