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6 weeks spotting rh negitive

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VirtualFairy Tue 25-Jan-05 23:48:42

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have just had a very tiny amount of spotting. i am rh negitive and i am not sure whether i need to go and get an injection for this or not.
with my first pregnancy this happened and i had an injection of anti d. I have read its important to check for antibodies etc with following pregnancys but i asked my doctor to take my bloods 2 weeks ago when i found out i was pregnant and she said it was not nessasary and i would have them done at the hospital but my first appointment won't be until at least 12 weeks. then she also said i will need anti d injections later on throughout pregnancy. i challenged her and said i thought i only needed them if i bled during pregnancy and then after the birth. i don't belive my doctor and i really need someone to give me some advise on what to do. is my doctor right? shall i go and see her, shall i see anyone about this spotting (which has seemed to stop) or should i just panicing and chill out! thanks for any replies

colditzmum Tue 25-Jan-05 23:53:30

it might be safer to go to the docter. I spotted while pg, and am A RH NEG, bothing happened injection-wise, but it was my first so don'y know if thats the same.

butterflymum Wed 26-Jan-05 00:37:53

Hello virtualfairy

I think you will find that the routine administration of anti-D is not required below 12 weeks unless the bleeding is heavy or associated with abdominal pain. If there is clinical doubt then anti-D should be given. Remember, if you are in any way concerned you can always contact your midwife instead of your doctor.

This leaflet may help you understand some more about what your doctor has told you.


colinsmommy Wed 26-Jan-05 00:43:48

I am also rh negative, and had a small amount of spotting a few weeks ago, which was right around 6 weeks. The dr. got me in the next day and knows I am rh negative, and didn't give me a shot. I am getting my labwork done at 12 weeks also, and am only scheduled to get the usual shot at 28 weeks. I would at least give a health professional a call about the spotting, just to make yourself feel better, I think. I know I never would have slept if I didn't.

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