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bleeding at 5+5

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francesrivis Mon 16-Jun-08 19:32:41

Hi, I'm 5+5 and bled quite heavily for about an hour this afternoon. I'm lucky in that I was able to see my GP and she booked me in for a scan tomorrow morning, but obviously I am really upset and worried. I don't want to give myself false hope, but can't help feeling it's a good sign that the bleeding has stopped - surely if I was losing the baby I would bleed for longer? I feel so alone as dp is working away and doesn''t know what's going on. Also don't really know what to expect tomorrow as have never had a scan this early before. Any advice gratefully received

charliesmum22 Mon 16-Jun-08 19:39:56

Hi francesrivis, sorry to hear you're bleeding. You must be very worried. At least you're going in for a scan tomorrow and you don't have to wait any longer than that.

Can I ask what colour the blood was? I'm no expert but have been told that if it's brown it's okay, and even if it's red it doesn't necessarily mean somethings wrong.

Have you spoken to dp?

Re scan, I have had a couple of early scans before, and they were vaginal ones, so be prepared for that (doesn't hurt, didn't even feel it!). They might not be though as they do things differently in the UK to how they do things here.

I really hope everything's okay.

ScaryHairy Mon 16-Jun-08 19:43:23

Although a bleed in the first trimester can mean that something is wrong, it does not necessarily mean that and it is my understanding that a lot of women bleed around this time - it's the baby bedding in or something.

Re the scan, it will be internal (with a probe in your vagina). It might be a little uncomfortable, but the good news is they need an empty bladder to do it, so no fussing around chugging bottles of water.

Really all they do is look to see if they can see the pregnancy in the womb. I think 5+5 might be a little early to see a heartbeat.

francesrivis Mon 16-Jun-08 19:49:15

Thank you so much. The blood was bright red unfortunately. I haven't spoken to dp - he is in Africa for two weeks so can't exactly rush back, and I don't want to worry him.

star6 Mon 16-Jun-08 19:55:50

Hi there - I had bright red bleeding a lot early on... and I'm now 23 weeks with a healthy baby inside!! Did you go for a run or do some sort of vigorous exercise? That used to make me bleed a lot... I'm assuming it can't be sex since your dp is in Africa...
But I had quite a few bleeds early on and all was ok - just want to offer some encouragement

whomovedmychocolate Mon 16-Jun-08 20:02:34

Frances - it can mean all sorts of things - sometimes twins are conceived and one doesn't make it. Sometimes it's for no apparent reason. I bled at 5 weeks for an entire week and I'm now nearly 34 weeks pregnant with a perfectly healthy little boy. Good luck tomorrow.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 16-Jun-08 20:09:02

There is a 50% chance that it's ok, that's good odds. Try not to worry, hoping the best for you xxx

francesrivis Mon 16-Jun-08 20:09:14

Thank you so much for the reassurance. These are exactly the kind of stories I was hoping to hear, although I'm aware of not wanting to get my hopes up.

charliesmum22 Mon 16-Jun-08 20:11:30

That must be tough, not speaking to your dp. Have you got anybody else to go with you tomorrow?

Please let us know how you get on, will have my fingers crossed for you x

star6 Mon 16-Jun-08 20:14:06

yes bring someone... are you still bleeding? I didn't like the internal scan at all. Nice to have a hand to hold onto... but I can't stand the smear test either, it's really no worse than that.

funnypeculiar Mon 16-Jun-08 20:18:26

fwiw, I bled with both my pgs - with ds I bled from 6 weeks, about twice a week - mix of red & brown blood. diagnosed with cervical erosion (very common) at 35 weeks. Gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby at 36 weeks (now 4)
Also bled with dd - less often, but throughout pg.

My mw told me that about 1/3 of women bleed at some point during their pg - for most of them, no-one ever knows why. Of course miscarriages are sadly common, but bleeding for other reasons/no reason at all also common.

Hope all goes well tomorrow - do let us know

francesrivis Mon 16-Jun-08 20:27:47

Don't think I will be able to take anyone tomorrow - I don't have family locally, and most of my friends have young children of their own. I don't think I will mind the mechanics of the scan - just really really want everything to be OK. Thanks for all the support - will let you know how I get on. Star - bleeding has stopped now, so am hoping that's a good sign.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 16-Jun-08 20:41:58

Frances - it is very positive that the bleeding has stopped. With both miscarriages I bled continually.

Don't be too perturbed when they put a condom on the camera wand! Don't worry as well if you are going alone, they do this every day and are used to seeing women upset as well as elated. I personally find it easier to do such things alone because if I'm going to find out the worst I need time on my own to deal with it before dealing with anyone else's grief.

star6 Mon 16-Jun-08 20:42:09

yeah sorry - I read that part after sending the message!!

francesrivis Mon 16-Jun-08 21:04:50

thanks everyone. I think I will get an early night - will let you know what happens tomorrow.

francesrivis Tue 17-Jun-08 13:17:15

Have just been for scan and I suppose it's good and bad news. They could see a pregnancy sac on the scan, but could not see embryo and weren't able to say whether this is because there isn't one or because it's too small as yet. I have an appointment for another scan a week Friday, and have a feeling it will be a very long ten days! Has anyone else been through this, and did you have a positive outcome? Don't know whether to hope for the best or prepare myself for the worst ..,.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 16:23:54

Oh Frances, I went through that exact situation with this pregnancy - over christmas and new year - it was bloody difficult. I can only say this - there is nothing you can do one way or another. What will be, will be. If there is no further bleeding it's an excellent sign that things will be well. Did they give you an estimation of your dates? I think mine was at 5+4 and then ten days later I was apparently 8 weeks hmm

elibumbum Tue 17-Jun-08 17:02:55

I went through this when pg with DS (now 2) - had a small bleed and a scan at 5 wks and told to come back in 2wks as too early to see anything - went on to have a very straight forward and healthy pregnancy. The wait is very tough. I hope it all goes well for you.

funnypeculiar Tue 17-Jun-08 17:05:37

Oh, how hard not to have an 'answer'.
Were they able to tell you if the fact you'd stopped bleeding was a good sign?

crabby Tue 17-Jun-08 17:25:29

I bled on and off for the first 14 weeks of this pregnancy. Then it stopped and I'm now 27+2 weeks with healthy little girl.

Had a bunch of scans including the horrible "we can see a pregnancy but not an embryo - come back in 10 days". This was pretty bad for me but had (to date) a happy ending.

Its really stressful and doing it alone is v difficult as I had to go to a scan alone and it was awful. But fingers crossed, sit back and relax. As much as you can...

francesrivis Tue 17-Jun-08 19:20:42

Thank you so much - it means a lot to me to hear that others have been in the same situation with a good outcome. My mum is going to come down for the next scan so at least I won't feel so alone. I'm going to go to work tomorrow which should take my mind off things.

Whomoved - I thought I was 5+6 but they seem to think it may be less and that's why they couldn't see the baby. As people say it's so hard not knowing one way or the other, but your stories have given me some (cautious!) hope!

whomovedmychocolate Tue 17-Jun-08 21:01:20

Did they say something along the lines of 'no fetal poles, gestational sac seen'? If so, it just means you are under six weeks. They wouldn't expect to see anything else at that point. I've seen (on very high quality ultrasound) the pics from this pregnancy at that point and honestly, it looks like an amoeba but I couldn't identify anything, and most ultrasound units don't have such sophisticated kit!

Do hold onto hope. So long as you don't bleed again and you are still having pos. pregnancy tests, chances are everything is progressing as per normal.

I've had a shitty time with this pregnancy - first the bleeding, then a bad triple test result and subsequent amnio. I think some pregnancies are just more emotionally wrenching than others, but chances are, in just a few short months you, like me, will be bulbous and knackered with these bits being just a memory.

francesrivis Wed 18-Jun-08 19:44:21

It says 'gestational sac present, yolk sac present, embryo absent'. I am veering between pessimism and optimism - feeling quite sick for a while today which seems like a good sign! I haven't got the guts to do another pregnancy test TBH, just keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks so much for your support - I'm sorry you've had such a bad pregnancy - when I had dd I remember the midwife saying that people often have a great pregnancy and a rubbish labour (which I had!) or vice versa (which I hope will be the case for you!).

roquefortlover Fri 20-Jun-08 13:44:30

HI frances, hope you don't mind me crashing your thread. I've been lurking - I am in a similar "waiting" situation to you, had some bleeding last week then scan this week when i was 6+5 approx, they couldn't see fetal pole or HB so told me to come back in 2 weeks!!! I am finding it very hard getting through the days - all I have read indicates that pole/hb should seen at this stage and that if not the preg is unlikely to be viable sad. To cap it all I have awful morning sickness and tiredness, and dh is very busy so can't come to any scans etc... Anyway, just wanted to let you know - there is someone sharing your pain! if you need a moan...

francesrivis Sun 22-Jun-08 19:57:28

Hi roquefort, so sorry you are going through this as well and will have to wait even longer than me. I'm feeling quite tired and sick too and can't help feeling this is a good sign so trying to look on the bright side - however I don't know whether this is a good thing or whether I should be preparing myself for the worst! I've been struggling at work due to feeling sick and preoccupation but really don't want to tell anyone at this stage. Anyway I hope your weekend has been bearable - DD and I have been up to my family which was nice, and my parents are coming down for the scan on Friday (DP is away in Africa at the moment).

Best wishes to you and hope we both have a good outcome.

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