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Fabulous 40+ and Proud: Mum and Mums to be Part 2

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Kaz1967 Mon 16-Jun-08 18:45:41

Ok we have talked to the end of the topic so here is a new one

FloriaTosca Mon 16-Jun-08 19:45:07

posting so I can find you allsmile
jw;fab news at K opening her eyes..and the furniture of course...there is a huge lighting warehouse next door to costco in oldham if you want to go shopping...wasnt looking for floor lamps when I went myself but they have a massive selection of everything else so must have lots of them too...happy retail therapy.
lol at veritys botty Alex was (still is) the same... to go, not bathed him yet(bad mummy)...hi everyone else

pwcbird Mon 16-Jun-08 20:23:04

Hi kaz1967 I had no idea you had so much going on... when is LO due? How are you feeling? Had a quick look on your profile page (I am so bad I have only half done mine but must get on with it) and loved your photos.

LOL johnworf at floorlights - I too thought you meant some airline type scene and when you said different colours I thought perhaps some kind of disco effect leading you from the landing to the boudouir perhaps? I think we do call them standard lamps daaan saaf. I just read an article saying how the north was ahead in fashion now (apparently Coleen's come up trumps fashion-wise at the Rooney wedding) and the south is passé (Kate Moss so very dull looking like she dresses in a field and can't find a comb) and it appears to be true in the lighting department also

hedgepig Mon 16-Jun-08 21:16:55

evening everyone. Haven't posted for a few says cos DH has been hogging the computer trying to retrieve data from a corrupt hard disk for a friend which seems to have taken all weekend yawnnnnn!

I have been reading the sun hat posts with interest, DH has one very old, very dirty grotty sun hat they he used to wear when he was still an ecologist, it looks like it came out of a bin {grin}.

JW what a clever girl Katherine is

persil24 Mon 16-Jun-08 21:25:26

Hello all and congratulation to the expectees!
Im not here on MN much, but it was nice to find a thread for us geriatrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and a special hi to FloriaT from my October thread. I didn't know you were an oldie too!)

I'm an ancient mum (44 next week) with 3 kids - youngest is 8 months and everyone assumes he was an accident. He wasn't.
Anyway, hitting 40 isn't such a big deal.
It's the new 21 dontcha know!

hedgepig Mon 16-Jun-08 21:42:16

Hi persil and welcome, I'm on the Oct thread too (due the 4th) but don't post very much (can only keep up with one thread at a time). I'm 42 next week some we can have some virtual cake!

FloriaTosca Mon 16-Jun-08 22:38:22

Hi Persil!!!smile
You, me and Unicorn...all over 40s on the old "due oct 2007" threads (I was 44 in March)...I think we all kept quiet being surrounded by so many younglingswink...pop over and visit the ante natal thread hereand let us know how you are doingsmile
I made myself an honorary member on here because I wish this thread had been around last year.....though if DH was willing I'd be a fully "knocked up" member too wink

Kaz1967 Mon 16-Jun-08 23:07:18

pwcbird that's me busy busy busy LOL think though I shall be behaving for a while at least college at least is finished just have a house move to concentrate on now and this LO I actually feel fine I have been known to be practically suicidal after hospital appointments (and that is not an exaggeration)

LO is due 18th July so 35+ weeks if they have to arrive no real problems although a little early

This time I feel so positive in spite of the protein and BP. Amazing what just being listened to can do for you

johnworf Tue 17-Jun-08 08:35:27

FloriaTosca I've seen that lighting place next to Costco (I was in Costco only on Saturday) and I'm planning a visit. I can't believe that floor lights could cause so much confusion. They are sub categoried as floor lights on the M&S website so I assumed it was a regional title of what they were. Come on you suvverners, catch up, we're in the norties now!!

Katherines eyes do indeed look very sinister now. Like something from a horror film.
I'm sure they'll lighten soon enough though.

She's now weighing in at a hefty 801 grams. That's 1lb 12oz in old money. Another good weight gain from the girl herself. Up from 767grams 2 days ago.

Got back from hospital visit #2 last night to find DH in bed with a migraine. It's this court thing today that's kicked it off. I can't believe how tired I am from all this malarky. Later visit to Katherine today so I'm using the time to a bit of chillaxing (as my children call it).

Glad to hear that you are feeling much more positive today kaz1967

disneystar Tue 17-Jun-08 09:41:26

hi all i havnt posted for ages here

hi kaz we are on the due in july thread glad to see all is ok with you

JW so happy to see little katherine is doing ok i was having a chat wit my daughter and telling her about you now when she rings me up she says hows katherine doing?

i had my growht scan yesterday and my LO weighs 5lb 10oz so induction for me in

20 days

am i scared oh yes terrified even

ive refused the c-section i want to try on my own,but we have to have the epidural just incase baby gets stuck again and cos of the diabetes
i bet you do not miss the insulin JW
im in mentally preparing myself mode right now
i cant believe i will be holding my son in 20 days al this waiting is nearly over

disneystar Tue 17-Jun-08 09:44:49

oh jw i had to laugh at the socks pulled up and shorts

my dh tried to do that all the time he looks such a geek its kinda a joke in the family like he tries to pull his trousers up real high showing his ankles of
talk about no idea !!!!
he says he dont care and will wear what he likes how he likes whenver and if i dont like it dont look
well thats tellin me i guess

brookeslay Tue 17-Jun-08 10:07:57

hi all I just found out I was pregnant can I join the little clan. Is everyone in the later stages or are there newbies out there??

rosebury Tue 17-Jun-08 10:14:27

Kaz thanks for starting new thread we always need someone to organise us.

JW big hugs for Katherine glad she is doing well.

I got slightly confused with some of you saying you were on the october thread but it was 2007 not 2008 some of us are on this years thread.

I fancy getting a dutailier nursing chair but they are very expensive and vary in quality the cheapest I have found on the net is £159 but you can pay £500 for a multi position one. I need it for relaxing in the evenings and hope it would be more comfortable than the sofa. Anyone got any advice please?

mrsboogie Tue 17-Jun-08 10:28:19

hi brookeslay - congratulations and welcome! It is a very friendly lttle thread on here. Some folks are in the early stages some in the middle (me, 26 weeks) and others are closer to the end. Some have even sprogged already.

I haven't been on since friday cos I had a horrendous day at work yesterday - seven hour meeting. All I wanted was to be chatting on here...

brookeslay Tue 17-Jun-08 10:52:02

ahhh poor mrsboogie hope today is better.. seven hour meeting sounds horrendous. 26 weeks is a lovely time out of all niggles of early pregnacy and into the homeward straight. How have the hospital treated you ?

johnworf Tue 17-Jun-08 11:33:18

Hi ladies,

just for the record, I'm a sprogged already person

Great to see you around disneystar. Thank your daughter for asking about Princess Katherine She's doing fine up to now so long may it continue. I must say that your due date has whizzed around. So in the end you've opted for a VBAC and see how it goes? Well, it's a good plan to suck it and see Bubs sounds like a good weight too.

No, I don't miss the stabbing my legs each day although I am having another GTT in 3 weeks time at my post natal check. Hopefully it'll be the last of the diabetes for me !!

mrsboogie a 7 hour meeting? shock I'd lose the will to live if I had to sit through that ordeal.

And why is it that soooooo many men have the mantra 'I don't care how I look'? I f**king care cos I have to look at you!!!! hmm

jeanjeannie Tue 17-Jun-08 12:47:41

Afternoon ladies smile A new thread - gosh we've been busy chatting!

Hello Disneystar ...oh WOW...doesn't time fly - you're soooo close now. And going for a VBAC - good on you....fingers crossed it all goes fine and dandy. Don't go disappearing now - keep us posted!

Welcome brookeslay to our happy little (old!) thread and huge congrats too. I'm one of the ones who have 'dropped' a little girl who will be 3 weeks on Friday smileHad first DD1 only 18 months ago at the ripe old age of 41! persil24 is spot on....40+ is the new 21 grin

rosebury I've got several friends who swear by the chair and think it was worth the £££. however I test-drove one and didn't get on with it...and am really happy in a high backed sofa. Can, or have you, given one a go before you splash out?

pwcbird you're a mine of celebrity Coleen really more chic than Kate Moss? shock Both seem to have shocking taste in blokes. Although I quite like Ms Moss's disheveled look....appeals to my non-ironing sense of style..

pwcbird Tue 17-Jun-08 12:59:36

Hello all,
Welcome brookeslay. I am 16 weeks so still some time to go yet. Maybe we ought to do a new updated list from the last thread. If I can get my act together for a moment I'll attempt it...

Glad you are feeling ok kaz1967. There's so much anxiety with pregnancy nowadays I think. I often find it hard to 'enjoy' it as I should be doing and just want to get to the next stage to know things are progressing.

Had 1st MW appt today and she seemed v. nice but nearly fell down when she realised that this was my 1st MW appt and that I hadn't seen anyone (apart from GP and scan of course) yet. She had no time to 'book me in' as I was only on a routine 10 min appt so I'm waiting for a phone call for an emergency MW visit at home, no less!, to get me in the system. Anyway I was slightly miffed as I wore all my lightest clothes and she didn't weigh me so I've got that to come yet. BP, urine all ok and heartbeat was fine (so lovely to hear it).

disneystar when I first met DH I tried so hard to change his clothes but now I let him wear what he likes so long as he is not with me but when we go out together, he has to conform. It's very hard with men, but then I don't think I'd like a man who looked in the mirror more than I did. Though mine, when all dressed up, does do that thing in the mirror where he stares at himself and says 'looookin' goooood' and pointing a finger at his reflection and twirls around like a big girl. Why do men do it? Can you imagine if we stood there in the mirror and said 'looookin' goooood baby' when dressed in our going out frocks. They truly are from Mars.

JW Katherine is really coming on in leaps - I'm so chuffed for you and can't imagine the stress what with the court case. You will all need a long holiday (try not to be preggers though) once you have got through this period.

mrsboogie 7 HOURS?! You need a present to have done that. Go book yourself a massage or something.

pwcbird Tue 17-Jun-08 13:18:19

Jeanjeannie I do try to be highbrow but I just can't help myself in the fashion/celeb thing . Anyway, for someone who's days of wearing the latest latest and being 'girl about town'are definitely gone for now and the only thing waiting for me ove the next few months are stretchy trousers and comfy shoes, what do I know? I have invested in two cocktail rings though to try and keep contemporary, until my fingers swell of course When I'm ever going to wear them is another matter. In Tesco? Feeding DS? No matter, I can dream can't I?

brookeslay Tue 17-Jun-08 13:29:50

Thanks pwcbird and Jeanjeannie. I know you shouldn`t wish the pregnacy days away as they are precious, but i wouldn`t mind skipping to the safer 12 weeks and feeling less sick stage. Those pregnacare tablets make me feel queasy at the thought. I wish there were some no sick making folic acid ones. I might splash out on the zita west ones see if they are any better.

jeanjeannie Tue 17-Jun-08 15:59:06

Cocktail rings....DARHLING! *air kisses pwcbird's cheek! How fab...and how very 'now'. You're way ahead of me in the preggie sartorial elegance stakes....I don't think nice rings would have helped my Dexy's Midnight Runners dunagrees look at all hmm

Oh brookeslay I wished my early preggie days away...I felt horrid. Then I wished away the last 5 weeks as my low blood pressure made me so dizzy. An now I don't miss it at all.I don't do pregnancy very well...I never bloomed sad

johnworf Tue 17-Jun-08 16:00:11

Two things of note for you ladies today:

For nursing chairs try this link. I know they were having a sale on them.

As for latest fashions, do old crocs, crumply linen trousers and a very fetching (but obvious) nursing top with cantilever bra underneath it count?

Thought not...ah well, counts me out then

brookeslay Tue 17-Jun-08 16:14:34

awwww jeanjennie I look like poo at moment hair lost bounce, skin playing and topped with a nice bloaty look. Classy huh ?

I also wanted to go clothes shopping when I`m back in London this week though but I guess i will knock that on the head. I really fancied hitting Bananna Republic.

jeanjeannie Tue 17-Jun-08 16:29:42

WHAT..???? WHAT??? WHAT did you say brookeslay Banana Republic...HERE, in london shock grin...*falls over...shocked, thrilled, delighted...... can see that I'm out of touch with my old career in fashion...I found out that it had opened via Mumsnet!!!

Well then, how long do i reckon before I can get my act together to take the 35 min train journey into the metropolis to shop?...Oh AND lose at least 3 stone grin.....that'll be Xmas then sad

mrsboogie Tue 17-Jun-08 17:53:42

I didn't even know that such a thing as a nursing chair existed. I'm still not sure what one is for. I can see that I need some serious educating.

I don't enjoy pregnancy either. Even though, despite only having the three(admittedly scary) bleeding espisodes early on) I feel perfectly well. Never had a moment's sickness - (except when I catch a whiff from inside the fridge). The only problem is puffy ankles. I know I am lucky but I just can't wait for it to be over.

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