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Whats the best gift you ever got for your baby

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mamadadawahwah Tue 25-Jan-05 16:05:52

The best gift i ever got, besides baby itself, was 30 muslin cloths which I use to this day. I must use them at least 4 times a day for mopping up faces and hands.

expatinscotland Tue 25-Jan-05 16:07:45

A Graco swing.

lunavix Tue 25-Jan-05 16:08:21

There's a website with these toys on it

I think it's keptin jr or something, it's foreign, and they make these little people toys. We got ds one when he was a month old from a health food shop, and it's his best friend. Sleeps with it, takes it out, absolutely adores it. The photos on the site don't do them justice.

colditzmum Tue 25-Jan-05 16:09:46

One of my childless friends bought me a bumper pack of nappies and a bottle of vodka. It reminded me that I am still a human being with needs of my own, and touched me that she had thought of what I might like, rather than what the baby might ned.

hippi Tue 25-Jan-05 16:34:47

Yeah, my friend (no kids) bought me a pamper pack after dd(not nappies) full of chocolate, face masks, bubble bath, couple of bottles of wine, a card which she wrote 'You are amazing .......and now a mum'. Baby got socks. She was the only one that decided i was just as important as baby and dd got loads. All those cards congratulations etc. To my friend giving birth was amazing and , i was amazing as i'd given birth - best present ever for a new mum especially when baby blues kick in!

Kelly1978 Tue 25-Jan-05 16:42:54

A very soft rabbit out of mothercare. He still sleeps with it at 2.5 yrs, loves it to bits.

LittleB Tue 25-Jan-05 17:09:30

So nice that you've got such caring friends! I'm pregnant with my first, due in May, and most of the Christmas presents for me from dp's side of the family were for the baby. It is lovely to have things, but we'd said we didn't want to get anything until we'd had the 20 week scan, they all ignored us! Me and dp both have brithdays in February and I expect the same will be true & why are the baby presents given to me, yet dp gets pressies for him! Luckily its only his side of the family - I'm too polite to say anything to them, if it was my family they'd here what I thought! Do I sound really selfish, or is it ok to expect a bit for me too!

beansprout Tue 25-Jan-05 17:22:13

It is completely ok LittleB. For me, preg was also the start of the process of a fundamental change in my identity. Baby will get enough stuff - when s/he is born, xmas etc etc. It is really, really ok to want to keep your birthday as your own!
It's a shame your in laws couldn't hold off at xmas. Afraid I can't help but think they were buying for themselves rather than any other reason, but still, nice that they are excited!

Raindog Tue 25-Jan-05 17:40:20

I'm expecting my first in April and I made it extremely clear before christmas that anything remotely baby-related would be given back! I'm like that with household stuff as well - why should that be my present rather than for DH? I don't think it is selfish - we weren't buying anything for our baby until after Christmas and my 22 week scan, and I wasn't rude about it, just made it known.

desperatehousewife Tue 25-Jan-05 17:59:36

bought son buzz lightyear for xmas - in return for all of his dummies - best £15 ever spent!!

ediemay Tue 25-Jan-05 18:30:05

Just before the birth of my DS, one friend sent a shoebox full of all kinds of bits for me and the babe - lavender oil, tiny boxes of chocs, tiny gloves and a hat, a very funny card, some big knickers (bliss), and some lovely bath things (double bliss). It was so thoughtful and so useful. felt like she was helping me through the labour.

hippi Wed 26-Jan-05 10:14:30

Hey, i would be peed if someone bought me baby bits for xmas or my Both the year dd was born (feb) and this year ds was born (jan) i got to unwrap xmas presents with the name 'bump' on them from family - but also got pressies for me! What i found out though is all the neutral bits people buy before babies are born are hardly used 'cos people then go out and buy either pink or blue when baby is born. So your b'days and xmas presents should be for you. In fact i think that the mother should get presents on their offsprings b.days cos they did all the hard work!
If any one asks what they can get for the baby - say a bottle of wine, if questioned whether this is for the baby say yes - it will have a less stressed mum and therefore be happier. What more could a baby want? [Smile]

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