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Feeling Low what can i do to cheer up?

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Gem1355 Mon 24-Jan-05 22:58:07

i'm having such a bad couple of weeks i feel so low, along with feeling uncomfortable and full of heartburn!

I have started to talk to my baby's dad again and still not getting clear answers from him, which is frustrating me. My nan was taken into hospital in the week after she fell and knocked herself out cold, we were told she has an infection that has spread over her body and she will have to go into a nursing home when she eventually leaves hospital and there she will die. Also my boyfriend has hardly seen me int he past 2 weeks, and each nite he says he will see me he finds other things that tie him up so he lets me down and all of this is making me low.
What can i do to cheer up?

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:08:58

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:09:04

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:09:06

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:09:12

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:09:18

Message withdrawn

lockets Mon 24-Jan-05 23:10:12

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:10:49

i've tried that but i take my scan photo everywhere as it's my wallpaper on my phone!

colditzmum Mon 24-Jan-05 23:24:53

Hi Gem! Try watching a DVD that you find really funny, or some disney, it always cheers me up!

Fimbo Mon 24-Jan-05 23:26:14

Go to a mumsnet meet up?

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:29:49

Go to an antenatal yoga class, Gem. Great for bonding and focusing on your bub.

dinny Mon 24-Jan-05 23:30:20

Or swimming lots of gentle lengths has much the same effect, IMo

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