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Can you feel when the baby has engaged?

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BorgLady Thu 12-Jun-08 22:46:41

I'm 35+2 and rather keen to see any signs that pregnancy is coming to an end as I am sick of it!

I was told at last mw visit that baby was now head down, but on my notes, she wrote that head was free.

However, over the past couple of days, people have remarked how my bump suddenly looks smaller, or that it's a different shape.

But I don't feel any different. I don't feel the head any lower, or any more pressure on my bladder at all.

Are there always signs that I could feel, or am I just wishful thinking here?

As you can probably tell, I'm a first timer!


cityangel Thu 12-Jun-08 23:25:06

BorgLady I am a week behind you and in a similar position... really keen to find out too

Hoonette Fri 13-Jun-08 06:59:44

I really felt it when the head was engaged. It was like... it was like I had a great big head jammed in my pelvis! Like walking around with a bowling ball between your legs!

I'd look out for strong, uncomfortable, permanent pressure in your pelvis. Good luck!

littleboyblue Fri 13-Jun-08 07:03:42

Hi. When they write down the position of the head they mark how much of the head they can still feel, so if they've put 1/5 then they can only feel 1 fifth of baby's head so it is right down.
Just making sure you're reading your charts right

BorgLady Fri 13-Jun-08 11:11:14

They have written "free" every time, so as far as I know that means the head is totally free of the pelvic brim, do correct me if I am mistaken though.

I guess baby has just changed position, because I'm really not feeling any of those symptoms described by Hoonette.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep waiting. I'm sure once it happens I shall be wishing it would go back up!

cosima Fri 13-Jun-08 11:15:18

i couldn't feel the head engaged, and i was waiting to see the 'drop' in my bump too. didn't notice any change really . head didn't engage till 37+ weeks. i'm quite slim and my bump was massive, but baby was only 7lb 4. hope this helps.

ps - sleep while you can wink

amethyst123 Fri 13-Jun-08 16:37:43

I am 38+2 weeks pregnant and have been walking around with what feels like a watermelon between my legs for about two weeks now, but the midwife said today that the baby's head has not engaged yet and is 'free' so i am very confused,
This will be my first baby I know if it is not your first baby the head does not engage until labour but what about if you have had a late miscarriage or still birth where you have had to give birth is this still classed as a first baby?
Any idea's anyone???

pigleychez Fri 13-Jun-08 16:59:01

Im 36 weeks pregnant tomorow and last week midwife told me i was 2/5ths engaged.

People have been commenting that ive "dropped" and i have been feeling sharp shooting pains down below. Midwife says that it was because babys head was engaging into my pelvis. Agree with Hoonette about feeling pressure too.

My baby has been head down since about 30 weeks!

tyaca Fri 13-Jun-08 19:35:26

hiya, i really felt baby's head engaged. wasnt 100% sure what feeling was as started to feel it at 36wks. but mw confirmed it was 2/5. i found kneeling with on top of a pile of big hardback books with knees open always seemed to get me there. but then i went to 42wks so not necc a sign that baby's actually coming grin....

<<waves to cosima! hello, we are having another go at london meet up would be nice to meet you>>

BorgLady Sun 15-Jun-08 18:29:27

Went to mw on Sat and head still free so I guess the changing shape must just be a shift in position.

She didn't seem worried though, said it should do by next appointment (38 weeks).

He was transverse until about 33 weeks anyway, so I guess he's figuring it out slowly ...

Muks Mon 31-Aug-09 03:21:41

I'm 39 weeks, first time pregnant, and having funny experiences about this "engagement" thing! Well, my baby is head down and during evenings I feel that big pressure down there pushing my bladder and even movements of the baby's head, and all this lasts throughout the night! Its shows and feels like all those classic symptoms of being "engaged"!! But as I wake up in the morning, it doesn't feel like that anymore!! The baby continues to move and float around inside. I've stopped wondering wtf happened!! So its like maybe my child's playing some sort of a game with me. I'm scheduled for an appt with my doc in a couple of days to determine whether my pelvic bone structure is alright! Sigh!

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Mon 31-Aug-09 03:25:26

My friend was told by MW that the head was not fully engaged, and then when she went for a sweep, they were surprised that the head was actually further engaged than they realised.

I knew when the head was engaged, as although I was small (DD was in my back rather than front) when she dropped down I felt like I had a melon between me legs and started walking like a duck, needing to hold my belly!

mogend77 Mon 31-Aug-09 15:24:27

I think it's pretty hard to be sure, but signs that the baby could be attempting to engage/engaging successfully could be sudden increase in pain/pressure in the groin area, developing a waddle when you didn't before, the bump suddenly looking lower, suddenly being able to eat more/breathe after a meal and a sudden increase in wee trips. But remember they can pop in and out. I'm sure mine spent a couple of days engaged last week & then popped back up again.

lupa Mon 31-Aug-09 18:48:05

I'm due today (nothing doing yet...) and still not sure if the head's engaged. He's been head down since about halfway through the pregnancy, but other than a few aches in my pelvic joints in the mornings I've not noticed any changes at all - certainly no watermelon effect!

mummy2t Mon 31-Aug-09 21:32:02

i am 2/5 engaged at 36 weeks and feel constantly like there is a melon down. also peeing more and can breathe alot easier.

reagizmo Mon 31-Aug-09 22:00:16

i am 37+4 and see my mid wife on wednesday 2wks ago she said i was 2/5 but the head has been down from bout 28wks. i have been feeling ALOT of presure down stairs and when i have braxton hicks i feel like i'm going to wet my self. with every practice contraction i'm getting a little pain. at the min i'm only getting them when i'm resting cause when i'm busy it takes my mind off it. but feel alot of presure all the time and some times stops me in my tracts.
i cant wait to see midwife on wed and i'm really hoping she will tell me that the head is engaged and that it wont be long till baby arrives. i really dont want to go over due, but i know that there is nothing that i can do. i'm a little fed up of feeling heavy and my legs and knees hurting. most of all i just want to meet our little baby.

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