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Pre -eclampsia in 2nd pg

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MOLLYDOLLY Mon 24-Jan-05 15:41:10

New to this but have read some really interesting stuff here - would like advice - had severe pre-eclampsia in first pg ending in emergency cs at 29 wks (dd now 3 yrs and fine) and me in intensive care for 3 days. Now 15 wks with no.2 and beginning to panic about pre-eclampsia. Also, consultant and midwives pretty rubbish. Started at 23 wks with swelling, bp and protein came later. Anyone with any advice/experience on this - I fear this worry is ruining this pg for me and dh and dd.

MOLLYDOLLY Mon 24-Jan-05 15:42:50

sorry, my last message not clear- started with swelling at 23 wks in FIRST pg - everything normal with this on up to now.

Donbean Mon 24-Jan-05 15:44:17

Hi mollydolly. I was told that pre eclampsia is a "disease" of first time pregnancies and is highly unlikely to reoccurr in subsequent pregnancies.(i had it too)
If you bump this up, Mears should be along some time and she can answer your questions, she's fab.

MOLLYDOLLY Mon 24-Jan-05 15:47:23

Donbean, you had it too? Hope everything Ok in the end. You say bump this up? How!!?? Sorry, really am new to this!

popsycal Mon 24-Jan-05 15:49:24

I will post later....but i am borderline second time round....


Sponge Mon 24-Jan-05 15:50:50

My understanding was that you were highly unlikely to develop it in later pregnancies if you didn't have it with the first, although I was fine with my first and developed it with my second so there are no hard and fast rules.
The main thing is that having had it before your carers should be on the alert and you will know not to ignore certian symptoms, such as swelling, if they do occur.
Good luck and I hope it goes smoothly for you this time but I don't think anything will stop you worrying - we all worry our way through our pregnancies about something or other I think.

marthamoo Mon 24-Jan-05 15:52:04

I had pre-eclampsia with my first baby. Dredging my memory a bit here but when I was pregnant with ds2 I'm fairly sure the MW said that there was no increased risk of me developing it in subsequent pregnancies unless I had changed partners (not sure why that should be). Anyway, my second pregnancy was fine - no return of pre-eclampsia.

I've just googled it though and found this which seems to contradict what I was told.

Also here may be worth a look.

I think the most important thing is try not to worry to much - that isn't good for you or your baby. Perhaps your MW and GP don't realise how worried you are - try being a bit more demanding and hopefully they will reassure you a bit. Good luck.

Sponge Mon 24-Jan-05 15:52:40

You bump messages up by adding a new message - just typing "bump" will do. This keeps it in active conversations so it's more likely to be seen by someone who can help.

Donbean Mon 24-Jan-05 15:52:49

Yes thanks, every thing turned out fine. Not as extreme as you though! Ds (dear son) was born at 36 weeks weighing 5lbs 4oz and they said that the placenta was in a very poor state. I was hullucinating and unwell. My symptoms began at about 30 weeks and i managed to hold on till 36 weeks so i did well.
"Bump" just means keep posting and this thread will stay in circulation so that people can answer and reassure you. However if you look in "topics" then "birth" or "pregnancy" you may find something similar with loads of replies.
Welcome to mumsnet, you will find loads of lovely people who have all been through similar and will love chatting with you.

marthamoo Mon 24-Jan-05 15:54:34

Incidentally - while you know to be vigilant for signs of pre-eclampsia with this pregnancy don't panic too much if you get swollen ankles etc. Mine were actually worse with my second pregnancy than my first - I could barely get my shoes on and I didn't have pre-eclampsia. I'm not saying ignore it, just that it doesn't neccessarily mean pre-eclampsia again.

MOLLYDOLLY Mon 24-Jan-05 15:58:19

Wow, feelin' the support already!! It's great to hear so many varied experiences. I'm now kinda taking my care in my own hands and monitoring myself very closely (still seeing MW and consultant of course) but will definately bring developments to their attention more "forcefully" than last time shall we say. Anyone know if working mums are more at risk?

Donbean Mon 24-Jan-05 16:04:58

No idea if there is any corrolation with working and pre eclampsia. For me though i worked full time until i finished at 35 weeks!
Im sure that there is some research out there into it.

beachyhead Mon 24-Jan-05 16:08:28

call apec on 020 8863 3271 or, as they have great information. The least you should have is very regular scans and sticks so you can check your protein in your urine every day. I delivered at 31 wks first time, was very well looked after in my second, when they chose to deliver at 37 weeks and am now expecting my third.....I have been referred to St Thomas' where they have a big fetal health research unit. Apec can give you a list of local consultants and I would recommend you try and get a referral to one of them pretty soon.

I'm on the vitamins and high dose folic acid again.....

crunchie Mon 24-Jan-05 16:31:24

I had Pre eclampsia 1st time at 27 weeks. My dd was born by emergency c-scetion. All the information I was given contradicted each other, and it was very confusing. In the end I saw a specialist at St Thomas's in London who tested me for various things including kidney function and lupus. As all of these came out negative she said my next pg would have a risk of about 40%, but that it would be later and less severe if I developed it. 2 yrs later I was pg again and referred to her. At 13 weeks she put me on a vitamin programme and gave me doses of baby aspirin. She expected my risk to reduce by 75% (ie to 10%) It was this that got me through pg no2. Before taking the vitamins I felt there was nothing I could do and I was waiting to get ill again. Even if the vitamins didn't work they helped me mentally.

2nd DD was born on due date! by c section as my waters had broken and there was no sign of labour.

Have you looked up the pre eclampsia website, they should have better advice.

I know how you are felling and it doesn't help that you feel there is nothing you can do.

beachyhead Mon 24-Jan-05 16:34:49

Crunchie - did you have your baby at St Thomas because that is where I'll be , hopefully if all goes according to plan...I must admit I feel 'safer' if that is possible under a specialist, and I will definately be taking the vitamins again this time - just waiting to get to week 14.....

crunchie Mon 24-Jan-05 16:36:50

check out There is information on the site about the vitamin trials that were done. I was not part of the original group (dd1 was bron in 1999) as I was pg in 2000/2001 but the consultant was so impressed with the results of the trial she still precsribed me the vitamins.

They are looking for new volunteers for a large nationwide trial and you are within the criteria they have suggested. Why not look into it.

Like I say I do not know if the vitamins helped prevent pre-eclampsia the 2nd time, but they certianly helped me feel I was 'doing something' rather than being helpless.

Sponge Mon 24-Jan-05 16:42:56

I don't think working should make a difference.
I know that high blood pressure is a symptom but it isn't the cause of pre-eclampsia so the fact that you're doing something potentially stressful (if your work is stressful) and therefore possibly affecting your blood pressure shouldn't matter. I worked right through both pregnancies - kept lovely serene low blood pressure through the first although I was busier, and got p/e with the second.

crunchie Mon 24-Jan-05 16:47:18

1st baby was at Guys - I was transferred form Colchester with blue flashing lights!! I only went there because my brother is a pediatrician and he had just finished a rotation at the NICU there. Now Guys and Tommys are combined. After I had DD1 He got me a referral to a consultant who worked out of Guys/Tommys and I saw her about 1 week after DD1 was bron. She checked me out and then I saw her again about 2 months later. She was the first person to understand that I wanted to know what would happen in subsequent pg's rather than just being fobbed off. She said that if and when I got pg again I could go to see her, my GP referred me, and I saw her at about 13 weeks. I then had two different consultants. I stayed with her until I was 34 - 36 weeks then I went back to Colchester. Although my consultant here hated me seeing the 'London woman' and didn't believe teh vitamins would help. He even suggested they might hurt. But in the end I didn't have DD2 in London as I got to the end of my pg OK

crunchie Mon 24-Jan-05 16:48:50

BTW I worked through both pg. Commuted up to London both times, If I thought it contributed I woudl feel really guilty so I don't allow that thought!

popsycal Mon 24-Jan-05 18:25:49

HI there
I had pre-eclampsia with ds 2.5 years ago and was indiced at 37 weeks. It started at around 33 weeks so I was quite lucky. I was told be a variety of medical people that it tended to occur in first pregnancies and notin subsequent pregnancies.

However, I have a brilliant community midwife - the same one this time round as last time - who referred me to a specialist at 16 weeks pregnant to be monitored closely for my bp. Since 20 weeks pregnant, I was signed off work as my bp shot up - no other symptoms - but it was high enough to be a cause for concern. I stayed signed off until I started my maternity at 31 weeks (am almost 35 weeks now).

My bp goes up and down and I have weekly monitoring sessions, bp profiles at the hospital and regular bloods taken. I had a scare about 3 weeks ago when my ankles ballooned, my bp soared and I had protein in my urine. Then it just went down.

I see my midwife every week now for monitoring and know that if I have any symptoms at all I must contact the hospital. I am surprised that I have managed to get this far. I am half expecting to be induced in the next few weeks though as my bp is gradually climbing. Last week, it was just within the 'normal' range. Back at the midwife tomorrow.

For me, there have been 2 keys things - 1) my briliant midwife who had personal knowledge of my last pregnancy who put all the wheels in motion from day one for close monitoring to take place. Also the back up of the consultant and EPU who have given me the confidence to ask for advice at any time at all (the last time was a few weekends ago amid the gales on a friday night!!)
2) my doctor who saw the state my bp was in and didn't hesitate to sign me on the sick. I ended up being in the sick from 20 weeks until my maternity started. If this hadn't happened, goodness knows what the situation would be today.

I am trying not to worry about it. But I think you must insist on close monitoring - your experience of pre-eclampsia sounds far more serious than mine. Ask for a referral to the consultant at the hospital. Ask the midwfie if she is planning more regular appointments for you than normal. and if you have any symptoms at all (you will be an expert on these no doubt!!), don't hesitate to contact the hospital.

beachyhead Tue 25-Jan-05 17:06:49

Molly dolly - how are you and I hope this thread hasn't put you off MN for life - hope APEC were helpful and you find a good local consultant....

Best of Luck

collision Tue 25-Jan-05 17:25:04

Mollydolly...I had PE at 33 weeks and delivered at 35 weeks, a healthy son.

I was terrified at being PG again but delivered another healthy son full term 11 weeks ago!

I told my MW and dr that I had had PE and they kept an extra eye on me checking BP every week. I would think all should be well for you...dont let it spoil your PGy.

MOLLYDOLLY Wed 26-Jan-05 14:42:21

Beachyhead - I'm great thanks just haven't had time to message - I think Mumsnet is fab and really appreciate all the messages. I have contacted APEC re the Vitamin trial as I am eligible, so we'll wait and see. I see my consultant on 17th Feb and have my 20 week scan the same day and all your messages have given me lots of questions to ask the consultant! incidentally, I haven't had the same sort of pg thus far - wonder if this means it may be different iro the PE??

beachyhead Wed 26-Jan-05 14:45:18

Lets hope this pg is different (yours and mine!!!!). Glad we have given you lots to grill the consultant with. I was talking to the the midwives and team who run the trial at St Thomas' a couple of days ago and they are starting people on the vitamins at lots of different stages - 14 weeks, 16 weeks etc to see what a difference it makes. Hope all goes well and get yourself on a ante-natal club thread (if you haven't already!!!!)

joash Wed 26-Jan-05 16:17:07

I had pre-eclampsia during second pregnancy (1st with DH). Was very ill - literally given days to live after birth, etc. Like you with next (and last) pregnancy, we were panicky, etc - but all was well. Best pregnancy of all three and easiest birth.

Hope this helps put your mind at ease, if only a little.

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