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Hair remover cream & pregnancy?

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rascals Mon 09-Jun-08 17:09:44

Not sure if I read on here or imagined it about USE of hair removal cream on bikini line & pregnancy a no-no?
Am I right about this & if yes why ?
Or am I talking a load of nonsense!
I am 38 weeks preg.

finallypregnant Mon 09-Jun-08 18:25:19

Looking for this answer too!

coolkat Mon 09-Jun-08 18:30:14

And me, daren't use a razor when bigger! Safer with cream. . . Anyone?

maya13 Thu 25-Jun-09 11:40:19

Message withdrawn

SheWillBeLoved Thu 25-Jun-09 11:56:09

I've always used it pre-pregnancy, but now pregnant I get horrible burns from it. My legs looked like I had stripy burns/blood blisters all the way down them and stung for days. Thought it was that particular cream, changed it, and tried another on my bikini area... burnt so much I had white blisters which left me thinking I had bloody warts or something shock

I'll stick to a razor and lying in some dodgy positions on the bed with a mirror between my legs grin

devotion Thu 25-Jun-09 11:59:20


i used hair removal cream when pregnant with dd1 around the ahem! as i didnt want to scare the midwifes!

but i did read after that its not a good idea because of the chemicals that gets absorbed into your skin.

so for the second pregnancy and this one i stick to waxing.

flyingcloud Thu 25-Jun-09 13:18:51

Devotion - you are so brave! I can't bear to scare whoever is going to be looking down there either, but neither can I bear to inflict any unnecessary pain on my body at the moment, although maybe I should try and raise my pain threshold a little bit

whingeomatic Thu 25-Jun-09 13:29:51

I used it on my legs while pg with dd2 and had similar reaction to shewillbeloved - burning rash which took ages to go away.

I got dh to shave me before I went in be induced (good job he has a steady hand!!). He was a bit too thorough though so was more hollywood-style than I would have liked blush

devotion Thu 25-Jun-09 17:40:56

had funny memory where i tried to wax around my own butt days before i went into labour with dd1.

i was on all fours looking over my shoulder into a mirror - it was a disaster.

i kept shouting to dh = dont you dare come in here!

i have to get waxed, i am so hairy! if i shave i get mens stubble so thats not too sexy around the ahem!

i always feel so clean when i get it done.

good way to pracive your breathing techniques for labour

nah only joking, its not that bad - honest!

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