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This week I have been mostly eating..............

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bubble99 Sat 22-Jan-05 10:26:54

Cadbury's mini eggs. Buckets of them

Brighteyes Sat 22-Jan-05 15:54:35

Cadbury's Creme eggs for me. Four a day at least, starting with one in the morning for breakfast

romilly Sat 22-Jan-05 16:03:40

all of the white chocolate bits that come in those oat cluster cereals (with freeze-dried strawberries and stuff)

i pick them all out like a stealth bulimic

bubbaloo Sat 22-Jan-05 16:47:22

cadburys creme eggs yet again and monster munch-any flavour but pickled onion especially[smil]

lockets Sat 22-Jan-05 16:52:56

Message withdrawn

fruitful Sat 22-Jan-05 16:56:39

Tescos value milk chocolate (more for your money). Although I'd rather have Galaxy.

And I've just found 4 creme eggs for a pound in my local corner shop (so I bought a tenner's worth).

Only kidding. I bought 4. May have to go back tomorrow.

Holly290505 Sat 22-Jan-05 20:12:30

SO glad to find I'm not the only one eating creme eggs like they're going out of fashion!

Miaou Sat 22-Jan-05 20:40:09

I would be eating creme eggs if I could get hold of them. At the moment I am raiding the kid's chocolate biscuit box!

bonym Sat 22-Jan-05 22:20:06

Anything I can get my hands on - I feel ravenous all the time! Hate creme eggs though...

SPARKLER1 Sat 22-Jan-05 22:24:08

Dairy Milk chocolate - big bars of all varities - caramel, whole nut, and crispybits ones. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

jessicasmummy Sat 22-Jan-05 22:29:08

special k cereal with chopped up banana! YUK!

lucy5 Sat 22-Jan-05 22:35:52

When I was preggers I used to eat milk chocolate digestives with the stongest cheddar cheese I could find on top. Dont think I could get away with it these days though.

misdee Sat 22-Jan-05 22:38:18

choclate cups, pint pots and eggs (all of sweetie varity)

and still my blood sugers remain normal!

Angeliz Sat 22-Jan-05 22:54:48

creme eggs too!!
I think htere are subliminal messages on mumsnet and we're all being brainwashed into eating all these eggs!!!!!!!!

bubble99 Sat 22-Jan-05 23:10:32

[Insert maniacal laughter here] Hahahahah - I am Empress Fondant - evil she-ruler of the planet Creme Egg and you are all hopelessly under my spell.

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