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Pregnancy and lupus

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PrettyCandles Thu 20-Jan-05 14:52:26

Does anyone have any experience of pregnacy and lupus? I've visited the lupus uk website, but it's not very informative on this aspect.

I have had a couple of lupus symptoms, but not enough to be diagnosed as lupus (thank goodness) and have had two safe, normal, pregnancies and no miscarriages. However I seem to be getting worse rashes, and now have some joint pain as well. If I am developing lupus, or am sub-lupus IYSWIM, what would happen if I were to get pregnant?

PrettyCandles Thu 20-Jan-05 20:42:28

bump for the eveningers

PrettyCandles Sat 22-Jan-05 20:30:36

still hoping

Nerthus Wed 30-Mar-05 21:08:35

Dear Prettycandles

My sister-in-law has full-blown lupus and from what I can gather, the jury's out on how and if it affects pregnancy and the baby, which may be why the website is equivocal about it. Some say it does and some say it doesn't. My sister-law has one daughter, who has mild cerebral palsy, and she had a dreadful time through her pregnancy and birth, most particularly because she couldn't take her drugs and was very ill all through. No-one is sure if the lupus caused the cerebral palsy or not but they do wonder if it might have done, and for a while now she's wanted to try for another baby and her doctors have advised strongly against it. Mind you, that might just be her because she has lupus quite badly, and not a general rule. I'm glad you have two healthy children already, but you'd probably have to look into it quite carefully to see what doctors thought about your particular situation, if indeed you have lupus, which I hope you don't, and which, of course you may not have at all. I hope all goes well for you, whatever

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 30-Mar-05 21:21:48

thinking of you PC

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