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Is second labour faster than first?

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springerspaniel Sun 01-Jun-08 09:01:31

First labour was approximately 7 hours. Waters broke spontaneously and then all hell broke loose.

Was exceptionally panicky at home due to almost immediate arrival of crazy painful, very frequent contractions. No time for pain relief by the time I got to hospital as fully dilated.

Is there any statistical evidence that second is faster?

Am cacking my pants.

springerspaniel Sun 01-Jun-08 09:04:18

Hmm. This seems to answer my questions.

springerspaniel Sun 01-Jun-08 09:08:31

Apologies - should have looked on the web first. Have now terrified myself. Squillions of examples of people giving birth in 30 minutes. Maybe I should go for a home birth!

catsypug Sun 01-Jun-08 12:14:22

I asked this a while ago as had been worrying a little myself - because SIL's friend gave birth to her second at home alone with DH because Hospital sent her home for crying wolf! And tyically the cord was wrapped round the neck.

my friend gave birth to her second 2 hours after she felt the first twinge - the head was almost out in the car on the way to the hospital

And a friend of a friend just gave birth to her second in the car in the hospital carpark.

All 3 say - as soon as you feel that first twinge just get to the hospital straightaway because yes, it is quicker.

Others say that's just horror stories - but it's enough for me as DD was pretty quick!

Gulp - I've got 3 weeks to go! Good luck smile

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 01-Jun-08 12:20:48

I hope so...can't take another 18 hours like the first...

SparklyGothKat Sun 01-Jun-08 12:22:35

Not sure, I was taken into hospital at 8pm with DS1 with a bleed, was taken to the ward, and at 2pm taken to delivery, 2 1/2 hours later was in theatre having a CS due to him being breech. DD1, went to hospital with some twinges at 2pm, went into the ward, was fine, went to sleep, woke at 2pm and was taken to delivery, she was born 2 hours later. DD2 and Ds2 were about 5 hours. but actually were about 2 hours from when it got painful (IYGWIM) I was in hospital each time, as they were all premature.

Minkus Sun 01-Jun-08 23:12:07

I asked this at my recent antenatal refresher classes. Was told that yes second labours are often quicker because in your first, your cervix has to thin and then dilate but in subsequent labours these two things happen at the same time. Hence it doesn't take as long. (And I'm shitting myself too because ds took 4 hours from first contraction and hospital is 40 mins away. Aaaargh! Am 35 weeks tomorrow)

Good luck

Sketchi Mon 02-Jun-08 10:00:39

I am actually preying that 2nd labour will be faster as don't want to go through another 3 hours of contractions withour pain relief.

35 wks on Thurs and hoping dd2 will want to come a bit earlier, want the body bk!

elle23 Mon 02-Jun-08 11:45:58

DS - labour was 40mins
DD - labour 30 mins
DD2 - labour 10 mins

as soon as u feel anything go to hospital straight away. better 2 get there early than have baby on the way there!

EyeballsintheSky Mon 02-Jun-08 11:53:46

Does it apply if first was induced? DD was 4 hours start to finish. Would like to think second could be faster!

springerspaniel Sun 08-Jun-08 15:02:34

Oh my god, elle23. What do you mean 'labour 10 mins' - do you mean the pushing bit? If so, fine; if not, eek and aarg. My 7 hours was from waters breaking (no contractions before) to baby coming out.

Scared, scared, scared. Think if I have a baby number 3, am going to move house closer to hospital!

belgo Sun 08-Jun-08 15:05:04

my second labour was slower. First labour was only about 3 hours after 5cm dilation. Second labour was 6 hours after 5cm dilation due to baby being posterior! I wasn't expecting it to be longer second time around!

sweetkitty Sun 08-Jun-08 15:29:17

My first was 4h 20m from waters going to baby being born (contractions about an hour after waters went) got sent home from hospital then about turned and went back in, I'm sure they thought I was an overreacting first time mum but the contractions were so painful and never really ahd a break inbetween.

Second was 2h 30m from first contraction to baby only slowed down because waters didn't go and her head was high.

Thirs is due in 4 weeks am hoping for about an hour this time hmm actually am hoping to cough and she will fall out!

LadyOfWaffle Sun 08-Jun-08 15:34:23

shock[panic] These are all so quick! DH could be hours away, I am seriously going to read up on how you give birth on your own just incase. I was about 21 hours with DS and just presumed quicker 2nd time round would mean about 10! I better cough with my legs closed from now on shockshock

springerspaniel Sun 08-Jun-08 15:58:54

Oh my god. Read this - just found it. Made me cry. Not sure why. Transcript of 999 successful home birth call.

KnickersOnMaHead Sun 08-Jun-08 17:57:59

Message withdrawn

Kally Sun 08-Jun-08 18:07:55

DD was 12 hours labor
DS was over and out in 2 hours from first little twinge to push out then..
after 11 years, latelife baby D3 took me 14 hours and after being induced... agony agony...ugh. Highly not recommended. But you forget don't you? You end up talking about this major event like it was from a book.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 08-Jun-08 18:24:23

So I'm holding onto the fact that my friend delivered in 40 minutes - with two pushes, after an induced first labour.

However I had a failed induction and CS so I have no idea how that affects things - do you still dilate quicker or not? I only got to 4cms

springerspaniel Thu 02-Oct-08 08:40:58

Ha ha - just thought I'd update this thread as I spotted it in my 'watched threads' - my second labour was 4 hours. Even more painful than the first. Hideous. Got pethidine close to the end and IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE.


SharkyandGeorge Thu 02-Oct-08 08:45:07

My second was faster but I was also induced the second time using the gel to get my contractions started so not sure it's a fair comparison but went straight into contractions 3 minutes apart.

SharkyandGeorge Thu 02-Oct-08 08:46:01

Ooops didn't realise this was an old post...congratulations on your new baby.

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