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Age 45 with three children under 8 and wondering about a 4th - need guidance!

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wassername Sat 31-May-08 22:16:51

I'm 45 and have 3 children aged 7, 4 and just 2. I was very sure this would be my lot - no more, but now I'm having doubts. There are so many reasons not to try for another baby - the main one being my age. I feel I've been really lucky to have 3 healthy children fairly late in life and I think it could be pushing my luck to go for another. Nevertheless I'm having those broody feelings...

Has anyone else had a baby this late? Is there anyone with a medical background who can give me informal advice on the associated risks?

Dior Sat 31-May-08 22:18:29

Message withdrawn

Minniethemoocher Sun 01-Jun-08 18:35:42

I am pregnant at 44 with my second child, so far so good! Have a read of the fabulous 40+ Pregnancy thread, there are lots of us having babies in our 40's!

lljkk Sun 01-Jun-08 18:40:20

Your last pregnnacy was what, 3 years ago? I doubt very much your body has changed that much in meantime.
There are risks in every pregnancy, nothing is guaranteed. Your previous experiences are probably the best guide to what you might expect next time (rather than your age).
If you can love and provide a good loving home to a 4th child, and live with the risks however incalculable they are, I can't see why not.

NotABanana Sun 01-Jun-08 19:03:03

Age isn't the only factor. I had my last baby at 33 and it was definitely us pushing our luck.

If you feel like you could manage, why not?

Mitigger Fri 06-Jun-08 10:13:01

I am 45 and pregnant with my third (19 weeks). The other two are 3 and 17 months - I started late! I must say I felt overwhelmingly tried and depressed the first 3-4 months, have only just got my energy and oomph back.

My obstetrician is very supportive but have been scanned and tested up the ying-yang. I live in France and they tend to medicalise all pregnancies. I did however have my nuchal scan and cvs in London (same as my other two) because the Fetal Medicine Center is way ahead of anything available here in rural France.

The risks are much greater as you get older but if you can take that in stride another pregnancy should fine, perhaps a talk to a medical professional would help...

3madboys Fri 06-Jun-08 10:24:56

i dont know anything about age related risk, i am only 29 but i have just had no 4 (11wks ago) and i would say to go for it, its been hard work but i LOVE having four, my others are 3, 5 and 8 seriously its great

good luck xxxxxxxx

considering Mon 28-Sep-09 16:03:41

I am 44 and probably rather stupidly thinking of getting pregnant. Have three boys 12, 14, 16 from first marriage and they are great. Secretly always wanted a girl (I know it would be a boy) not to menton that I would be pushing my luck as have three great children...why am I finding it difficult to think of anything else. Add to this my husband (2nd husband) has two teenage chilren too. He also has a very contolling ex wife. It would piss off just about everyone and yet this little fantasy still nags. Remin me why it is a bad idea please.

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