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Could this be the start of something?

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dizzymama Wed 19-Jan-05 18:38:53

Hi everyone, I'm actually due today, been to doctors and she said I'm 3/5 engaged (does that really mean anything?). Been feeling uncomfy all day and now have this horrible 'pressurised' feeling too, thing is it's more around the bowel and hip area than anywhere else. Feels like I constantly need to poo (sorry to be this graphic ) Could this be the start of something or am I just cruelly constipated? Can't get comfortable at all, although a hot water bottle on the back is helping a bit at the moment. I'm scared!!!!

cloudy Wed 19-Jan-05 18:46:24

Maybe just the head engaged, but yes, could be the start of something, or could be another week or 2. Have you had a show?

kalex Wed 19-Jan-05 18:47:53

All I wanted to do in labour was Poo. Kept going and nothing. And then DD appeared. Could be something, could be nothing, FINGERS CROSSED THOUGH

kalex Wed 19-Jan-05 18:50:15

Also, FAR TOO LATE TO BE SCARED, LOL, she/he is coming at some point, regardless. Look forward to it. IT:S FAAAB.

Not the labour (although, actually I liked it ) but being a new mom is great

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 19-Jan-05 18:50:16

Try the toe pushing method. See if anything happens.!

dizzymama Wed 19-Jan-05 18:52:17

Cloudy, don't think I have but on the other hand it has been quite 'dischargey' down there recently, no blood though. Two weeks and I think I'll be battering down the hospital door with my hot water bottle!!
Thanks Kalex, keep them crossed! It would be a bloomin' miracle if he decided to put in an appearance - or even start to - on his actual due date though me thinks!

cloudy Wed 19-Jan-05 18:53:27

It's really important you get some sleep now if you can, exciting as things may seem. If it's the start of someting you need your rest while you can, if it's not the start of something you need to try to forget about it.

dizzymama Wed 19-Jan-05 18:53:47

NewB, what on earth is the toe pushing method??
Kalex could I opt to be too posh to push???!!! he he he

dizzymama Wed 19-Jan-05 18:55:14

Cloudy, good advice. I'll try but lying down is also quite uncomfy at the mo, as is anything that puts any more pressure on that area!

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 19-Jan-05 19:01:06

You need dp/dh for this. On your big toe there is a print like there is on your fingers. Find the arch bit in the middle and get dp/dh to press with thumb very hard! It will hurt a bit but it's meant to make your uterus contract. Do it on both feet. You can also do it on the inside fleshy part of your feet but press upwards for that one. We did this one day in the afternoon and again before I went to sleep. 2 hrs later I went into labour!!! I'm convinced it worked.

dizzymama Wed 19-Jan-05 19:03:00

It's worth a go! Will report back if it works!

dizzymama Tue 25-Jan-05 19:27:18

Just an was labour!!!

vict17 Tue 25-Jan-05 19:29:58

congratulations. When did you give birth?!!

bubble99 Tue 25-Jan-05 19:31:55

Hooray! Keep us posted between contractions.

bubble99 Tue 25-Jan-05 19:33:19

Woops! - just read the dates - congratulations

dizzymama Tue 25-Jan-05 19:42:16

Gave birth on 20th in morning, labour for 12 hours but eventual C section!

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