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Fluid around the baby

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samwifewithkid Tue 18-Jan-05 21:18:36

Just enquiring as to what exactely is the fuss about the amount of fluid around the baby, has anyone got any experiences or explanations? What does it mean? ie: too much, too little?

morningpaper Tue 18-Jan-05 21:23:47

It depends what is being said, at what stage, I think.

I was told I had too MUCH fluid during my pg and had to see the midwife about the implications of this, but when I gave birth the midwife was concerned that there was hardly ANY fluid there at all, and asked me whether I'd been under investigation because of THAT.

So I'm not sure it's an exact science either way.

Is there something in particular that you are concerned about?

starlover Tue 18-Jan-05 21:32:38

I saw a lady on City Hospital once and she had loads too much fluid... she had to stay in hospital because of the risk to the baby should she go into labour. The main risk I think was that because of the amount of fluid the baby could still float round a lot and could have got the cord round its neck and stuff.
This particular lady had about 3 times too much fluid though!

doobydoo Tue 18-Jan-05 22:02:44

There is acondition called polyhydramnious(check spelling).Too much fluid can be an indication that there may be a prob with the baby swallowing.It can be an indication of probs.but as an earlier posting said it does depend what stage this occurs and if spotted early can be monitored.It can also bring about an earlier labour due to the build up of fluid and the pressue.It is usually in woman who are expecting 2 or more babies and who are diabetic but of course there are always exceptions.Good if spotted earlier should talk to the person who made the diagnosis.

doobydoo Tue 18-Jan-05 22:40:40

od now i am worried in case i have panicked you.Polyhydramnious is,i believe,the acute,sudden onset version of Hydramnious.It can be monitored safely and well.I had the poly version many moons ago.

samwifewithkid Tue 18-Jan-05 22:46:51

I was more interested in the lesser amount of fluid really.Just thought I'd have a probe around to see what people thought. Talking in the 3rd trimester. Have just heard a few people talking about this and wondered if it is just a bit of NHS staff flapping. Surely if the baby has just wee'd or has drunk a lot of the fluid the levels will fluctuate?

doobydoo Tue 18-Jan-05 22:49:22

I do not know about the lesser amount of fluid situation.I think this is oligodramnious or something.I have to say that ime staff don't tend to flap anymore.Best to be monitored and at least they have spotted it.

Fran1 Tue 18-Jan-05 22:58:08

Do babies wee in the womb?

I had a lot of "leakiness" during final days before delivery. Had to be scanned to ensure i wasn't losing fluid. To my embarrassment it was not that fluid i was losing i was politely told i was probably weeing myself!

samwifewithkid Tue 18-Jan-05 23:19:35

yes babies swallow the fluid around them, and wee out the remains, it's all part of their development.

Pinewood Wed 19-Jan-05 21:36:09

Hi Sam I'm not sure if this was true but I was told how they measure on the scan, to determine the fluid level, is take the largest gap between the baby and the womb edge... this begs the question how accurate this can be because if the baby moves surely the measurement would be completely different? Not sure if it's the same procedure for too little fluid? I was told I had too much fluid but subsequent scans showed it was fine!??? These healthcare people just like to worry us eh?

morningpaper Wed 19-Jan-05 21:44:11

Fran: how AWFUL for you!!!

Fran1 Wed 19-Jan-05 23:23:43

LOL thankfully that has stopped since giving birth!!

ghosty Thu 20-Jan-05 02:22:13

I needed to be induced with DD as there was a concern about there not being much fluid left around the baby (I was past my due date though ...) and that happened to a friend of mine too ... I don't know what it means though ....
I do know that too much fluid in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters is an indication that the baby may have bowel problems ... a blockage or something. At the 20 week scan, one of the things they check for is that the baby swallows fluid and then that the baby's tummy fills with fluid and then empties as it goes through the babies system and comes out as 'wee'.

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