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transverse lie?

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Bell2 Tue 18-Jan-05 14:47:24

I'm not sure which position my baby is in - my doctor
thinks that he's head down with his bum out one side
and his legs bent right over to the other side. I'm
fine with this but I'm worried that his head might not
be in my pelvis and therefore he is truely transverse.
I'm worried about going into labour like this due to
problems of placenta prolapse etc and obviously the
need for c-sec.
Is there anyway I can tell his lie?
Thanks Jo x

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 14:50:04

how far are you?

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 14:50:34

i mean how many weeks are you? - soz

amynnixmum Tue 18-Jan-05 14:54:08

Ds kept going transverse until I was about 36-37 weeks. He then turned the right way round and apart from being induced birth was normal.

Bell2 Tue 18-Jan-05 15:36:06

I'm 37+1 which is why I'm getting more concerned - he's been this way for about 12 weeks!
Jo x

biglips Tue 18-Jan-05 15:52:52

i was 36 weeks when baba went from transverse to head down. dont need to worry as baba can turn to the correct way right towards the end... i ended up emergency c-section though cos baba was back to back, facing the wrong way and too high up. if they offered u c-section they will try and move your baba to head down

jabberwocky Tue 18-Jan-05 16:02:23

ds was transverse at 34 weeks then went frank breech . Will they do a late scan for you?

amynnixmum Tue 18-Jan-05 16:06:14

Midwife told me to try rocking back and forth on all fours. Not convinced it made any difference but you could give it a try. Has the obstetrician tried to change the position? Some of them will try to turn the baby for you.

highlander Tue 18-Jan-05 18:57:15

my DS was also a transverse (head down) and still hadn't moved by 39 weeks. However, I had opted for a CS right from the word go, so nobody ever bothered about it. DS's head was huge, one hand was above his head and even though I had a CS they still needed to vacuum him out. They measured him every day and wouldn't let me home for 4 days, even though I could have gone the day after the CS. As the OB said, 'you'll be gald you didn't have to try and push that out'.

However, when I typed 'transverse' into Google when I was preggers, I'm sure there was a link to a site that had pictures of women in labour with transverse lies. So I guess conventional labout is possible?

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