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1bigtummy Mon 26-May-08 19:41:32

Message withdrawn

lollyheart Mon 26-May-08 19:58:36

Wow i cant wait till the 7th june i am having a 4d scan in reading.

how far are you? i will be 26weeks then and wonderd if i would see bubs smiling to etc?

addictedtoharibo Mon 26-May-08 20:05:31

Ooh hello - didnt realise there was a private clinic in swansea. I travelled to cirencester with DS and then to Cardiff with this pregnancy. Where abouts is it? And whereabouts are you? I live in Llanelli but used to live in Swansea and still work there


1bigtummy Tue 27-May-08 12:59:56

Hi there, Thanks so much for replying. It's nice when someone takes the trouble. I only found out about this clinic by accident. I was going to travel all the way to Cardiff, but this saved me over an hour each way. The clinic is literally less that a minute off Junction 44 of the M4. I know that the Ultrasound dept. have not set up a website just yet, but it is being done, they said to me it would be a couple of weeks. Their telephone number is 01792 817766. The sonographer was so very nice, very professional, and took all the time in the world on me. I would recommend them to anybody. Swansea has been crying out for so long for 4D scanning. I hope this helps. X

1excitedlady Wed 28-May-08 16:55:53

Hello 1bigtummy, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC. Thank you so much. I did'nt realise that there was a 4D scanning clinic in Swansea. If I had not read your message I would have travelled to Cardiff. As you say, I have saved myself an hour each way. I phoned them yesterday and am already booked in for next week. I shall be telling everyone about this, we needed one so much in West Wales. Thanks again and best of luck. X X X

1excitedlady Mon 02-Jun-08 19:53:59

Hi there, Having my 4D Scan on Wednesday in Swansea. So, so excited. Will post some photos . X

daisy26 Sun 08-Jun-08 17:33:36

Hi I had a 4d scan at think was 27weeks and it was amazing, we got very good pictures and we saw her move around lots, she even smiled twice and opened her eyes. It's an amazing thing to see she/he is inside you and if you get a clear picture, even better. How did all your scans go, we had the 30min cheapest one, but we got everything we wanted out of it though grin

spud85 Wed 20-Aug-08 23:30:04

hi i was wondering if anyone could help i am looking at having a 4d scan but dont no where to go im living in cardiff but my parents live just pasted swansea could can anyone help me to find out there i might a 4d scan clinic in these areas and does anyone know how much the packages range from.
thanks for any help recieved

waitingtobloom Thu 21-Aug-08 08:07:50

There is a fantastic babybond in cardiff - in st mellonss. Have a look on their website? The private hospital in north pentwyn also does them - spire (used to be bupa)?


1excitedlady Wed 03-Sep-08 09:09:01

Hi Spud85, The private ultrasound clinic at Oaktree Parc in Swansea is really great. It's not like a hospital at all. They do 4d scans dating scans. I think they do all kinds of ultrasound baby scans. I think they are cheaper than cardiff. nice to have a few of these in wales. Give them a ring on 01792 817766. hope this helps. x

MummyWantsA4DScan Wed 22-Oct-08 21:23:16

Hello. I'm can see there's been alot of talk about the Oaktree Parc clinic in Swansea, so I have looked on the net for a website but didn't get much information on prices & packages etc. Has anyone been there yet, and if so would they recommend it? xx P.s. Any info on prices would be fab!

Amybex Wed 16-Sep-09 14:30:55

Hi, I am only seven weeks pregnant and live in South West Wales. I hear the 4d scanning place in Swansea is really good? Does anyone know how much they cost and whether they will scan me this early? I had a lot of problems in my first pregnancy and am feeling very anxious this time around, although I am sure everything is fine. I just feel a bit anxious that I will not be due an NHS scan for another five weeks. If I could arrange one sooner it would really put my mind at rest, but I dont know if its too early for a scan.

Deemented Wed 16-Sep-09 14:38:55

I've just spoken to them - am in Swansea myself - and they said they haven't got a 4D scanning machine available yet, but are hoping to do so just after Christmas - bit of a bummer as that's when my baby is due...

Ninnies Thu 16-Dec-10 16:22:28

For those who live near Warrington....check our First Choice Baby Scan.....
only cost me £60 for 4D scan.....had dating scan earlier on in pregnancy and it's amazing how my little bundle of joy has grown into a beautiful girl despite me being sick (all the time)confused

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