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pelvic pain, does that mean babys head engaging?

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hollygiz1 Sat 24-May-08 12:51:49

Im 37 weeks and the last couple of days i have pain in my pelvis , like shooting pains down there ??is this normal as i dont know what to expect?

FrannyandZooey Sat 24-May-08 12:59:39

yes is normal, is probably pelvis loosening to make way for exit of baby
when it gets painful it is called SPD, you can search and find lots of info online
tell you midwife if it is causing you problems walking etc
avoid positions where your legs are stretched apart or standing on one leg etc, eg when getting in and out of car
also when lying on your side put a pillow between your legs

hollygiz1 Sat 24-May-08 13:01:52

does this mean baby will be soon?

FrannyandZooey Sat 24-May-08 13:04:30

well, it means your body is getting ready for the baby
<tries hard to be positive>
but I have had it since 29 weeks so it doesn't always mean the baby is coming soon

have you had any other signs?
these last few weeks can be uncomfortable but your baby will be here very soon, honest

hollygiz1 Sat 24-May-08 13:06:50

no not really though i felt abit crampy earlier but not really oh well will just have to wait. thanks tho

FrannyandZooey Sat 24-May-08 13:08:50

it's all about getting ready, don't worry!

good luck

Madamejaffa Sat 24-May-08 15:25:47

I had this alot with all 3 of my dc's, for me it wasn't SPD, (so the midwife reckoned) I was told it was the baby's head engaging and the more it burrowed down deeper the more painful it got. It would happen at anytime, in any position but more often then not when baby was having a good ole wriggle. Some of the pains were so sharp that it would take my breath away and I had to yelp.

I got them from about 36 weeks but my first two dc's were both 10 days late and my 3rd was a week early.

FrannyandZooey Sat 24-May-08 15:41:59

oh there you go holly maybe you are getting close

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