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baby not growing

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jbob Wed 21-May-08 09:00:20

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I am being scaned every week to check the blood flow of my umbilical cord (which is so far ok) and to check the size of my baby. We are having a girl. I have a three year old boy who was not a huge baby. He was under the 10th centile when born, but beautiful and healthy. The only problem I had with him was the coments you get about, 'isnt he small' it is such a pain and was very hurtful at the time as a first time mum. But I did not have extra scans with him! He has grown now into a gorgious (and normal sized 3 yr old). Any way, I was just wondering if anybody else out there is having extra scans? Its abit scary.

TwitchyTail Wed 09-Jan-13 08:09:50

I'm sort of in the same boat at 30 weeks, with reduced (not absent) bloodflow on Dopplers, though baby seems to be maintaining his size so far. Need weekly scans.

Has anyone been told of things they can do that might help? Specifically, rest, or not to work? I'm still at work for another week and it's quite a busy and stressful job with a long commute. I forgot to ask if rest might help. I know nothing is conclusive but willing to try anything!

ayseg Wed 09-Jan-13 03:53:32

hi ladys i had a scan at 30weeks as i changed hospitals they asked me to have another 1 at 34weeks (2days ago) growth scan,. my baby hasnt grown at all bt his head has, his head seems to be growin the same amount to the previous scan looking at the chart, im so worried, iv got to wait for an appointment with consultant as they are never together at that hospital, im so worried , i cnt sleep , all the nurse said was ur baby isnt growing you may have to be induced early ,ther was no mention of his head growing though, i hope im over reacting as i really am so worried sad

Millymolliemandy Wed 06-Apr-11 20:57:51

hsmom that is great news! So pleased! Thanks for sharing your stats and story, have taken huge inspiration from it. Now willing my little one to start gaining some weight!

hsmom Wed 06-Apr-11 20:53:51

loueytb3 - what reassuring news for you and also great to hear about your DT's! I have read such dramatic stories about IUGR - serious feeding, growth and cognitive problems for years after etc - I think I have actually read more about people whose babies have turned out just fine but on the small side - but you always remember the bad news stories most, dont you? Nice to hear yours.
What criteria did they use to define your babies as IUGR as opposed to simply 'small for gestational age'? I thought the two wwre the same, then read on an IUGR group on yahoo that its a medical diagnosis thats not always defined by weight below the 5th centile. Did anyone tell you the definition of it (forgot to ask consultant today... grrrr).

As for me, today was really positive. Scan fine - Dopplers all normal (as usual), and my baby has gained 1lb and 1oz since last scan 2 weeks ago! Not quite a bruiser, but she is now approx 3lb 12 oz at 34 +2. That still leaves her below 10th centile, but it was such a relief to see that she is still growing. Nothing to indicate that she should be delivered early, so fingers crossed I will make it to 35 weeks (and beyond :-)).

Millymolliemandy - hope you are doing OK

loueytb3 Wed 06-Apr-11 20:12:20

hsmom - scan was fine after all that worry. The baby is measuring spot on the 50th centile and fluid levels are fine too.

DTs are both fine and healthy and rarely get sick. They are very skinny - they never got that chubby look that most toddlers get. One is on the 9th centile and the other on the 25th for weight, they are still too light for the booster seats at age 4. DTS1 who was the heavier at birth has got autism but we will never know whether IUGR had anything to do with it, or whether it is just genetics. You can probably understand why I am worried about it happening again....

hsmom Wed 06-Apr-11 12:45:05

Hi Milliemollymandy,
Just a quick post before i dash for my scan.
I can totally sympathise with your situation. It sure is a roller coaster. I am now 34+2 - never thought I would get here as they said baby probably wouldnt make it at around 23/24 weeks.

I have been told to prep for a C section as baby wont have the reserves to get through a labour. I am ok with that - I had an emergency section with DS (now 7) and had normal birth with DS I lost at 21 weeks (albeit he was v small so not really like labouring with baby close to term).

I have also been told they wont let me go past 38 and from here on they will monitor me v closely as they need less and less reason to take the decision to deliver after 34, so am now in fear not coming home every week I go for a scan! I think now they might also supplement my weekly scans with either another doppler scan at the local hosp each week or even monitoring more regularly at the day treatment dept there. I will let you know what they say when (if!) I get back from todays appt.

I think my est fetal weight hasnt been far off yours at those stages.
For info - at 28 she was 820gm; by 30 weeks had a fairly big jump to 1050gm; then at 32 growth had been less than prev period ending up at 1212gm (which is about 2lb 11oz) so growth had slowed. Hoping she gets north of 3lb today. Hope that reassures a bit!

More later, take care

Millymolliemandy Wed 06-Apr-11 12:27:09

Hi hsmom, seems I am in a similar situation to you, but by the sounds of things trailing a bit behind. We had a low PAPP-A pre-warning at 12 weeks so went through all the stress etc of CVS to find out baby was fine, but was small at 20 weeks so have been seen by a consultant every week since 24 weeks and feel like we are limping along week to week too. We are now at 29 + 3 and about 780g at the last scan (Monday) when we were told that the placental function hadn't deteriorated so they would see us again in a week, but to keep a close eye on movements.

How are you doing? We feel like we are a rollercoaster at the moment. Have you been told to expect weekly scans unless the sitation changes? We were warned to prepare ourselves for a c-section and an early baby so I have been trying to find out as much info as poss since then, have been posting on the premature baby board also to hear from mums who have been there, so can prepare ourselves as much as possible.

jobob, hope things are going well with you - sounds like you have got to a pretty good point in the pregnancy and you are being well looked after.

hsmom Wed 06-Apr-11 11:01:46

Loueytb3, how was your scan yesterday?
Also - how are your twins? My baby is diagnosed as IUGR. Always desperate to hear the experience of others who have been there. I would love to hear about your situation. :-)

PrincessScrumpy Tue 05-Apr-11 17:22:37

The scans are a good idea to keep an eye on baby - but maybe you just have small babies. My mw told me dd would be over 8lbs - she was 2 days early and weighed 6lb 14oz.

Good luck x

loueytb3 Tue 05-Apr-11 12:48:34

I'm in a similar position. Went for appt yesterday to find bump measuring 25cm at 27+5, it had only increased 1cm in the past 4 weeks. I'm off for a growth scan this afternoon to see what the baby is doing. I'm hoping its just a blip. The same thing happened with my first pg (twins) and they were classed as IUGR. I developed pre-e with them, but not until after the growth had slowed right down.

hsmom Tue 05-Apr-11 09:40:21

Hey Charleyxdee - just wondered how you are getting on and how your scan went last week. I have my next growth scan tomorrow and am getting nervous that they might suggest delivery....
Take care and let us know,
hs xx

charleyxdee Tue 29-Mar-11 15:17:19

aw thanks for that it makes you feel alot better knowing other people are going through the same as you, i dont no all the info like you though lol hope all goes well with yourself too

hsmom Tue 29-Mar-11 13:52:04

Hi, just wanted to add my experience so far.
I am a bit behind you (at 33 +1 now) but have been seen by fetal medicine since my 20 week scan when they discovered my baby was running 2 weeks behind.
We have really been through it and I set up a thread on mumsnet and got loads of help and support (if you search for 'IUGR' you will find it).

I get a weekly scan for dopplers (blood flows to and from the placenta) and fluid and every 2 weeks they also measure for growth.
My baby weighed 2lb 11oz 8 days ago and is thus below the 5th centile. This has been consistent and recently, while head circ continues to grow, femurs are now falling behind a bit. I wonder sometimes if I have too much info!!
The diagnosis is IUGR caused by 'likely placental insufficiency' but its by no means conclusive!
My consultant has told me that they wont let me go past 38 weeks and that I will most likely need elective C section as small babies like this one often don't have the reserves to get through a vaginal birth easily. Each week when I go, they could make a decision to deliver and on Monday just gone they asked for another scan later this week so I am now back in on thursday for another dopplers scan!

I wish you luck for thursday and will look forward to you posting an update.
take care,
hs xx

charleyxdee Tue 29-Mar-11 13:11:12

thanks hope things goes well for you too, i will post back what happens on thursday after i have been to the scan.

lilly13 Tue 29-Mar-11 12:10:44

I am having extra scans as well (I am 34 weeks). My baby is measuring on the smallish side with the normal range. My consultant said not worry yet, as some women have smaller babies. I am being monitored closely, though, as they will have to deliver early via c-section if the baby stops growing which means placenta is not functioning well... Fingers crossed. Hope things go well for you!

charleyxdee Tue 29-Mar-11 11:37:02

thanks i am quite lucky as my midwife is my partners mother in law so i get to listen in all the time and babys moving loads so im not worried there. its just i have read a lot of stories that if a baby stops growing they want to get them out and quick and noone has prepared me for that or told me anything about it. im just wondering if i go in on thursday and she hasnt grown they are going to induce me?

happycamel Tue 29-Mar-11 11:28:11

Ask on Thursday for your hospital's policy but mine was to get me to 38 weeks if possible and then induce. You should be seeing a midwife as well as the sonographer who can let you know what they plan. It's okay to call them about something like this, much better than worrying.

Luckily for me my baby's growth picked up but I'm being induced next week at 40 weeks.

charleyxdee Tue 29-Mar-11 11:20:47

hi i am 35 weeks pregnant and i have been told that the baby stopped growing at 30 weeks ive had two growth scans allready and i am going for another one this thursday, if the baby hasnt changed at all what are my going to expect to happen? would be greatfull if anyone could help me with this. thanks

jbob Wed 21-May-08 19:50:22

Thankyou all so, so much for your fantastic response to my 'baby not growing' problem. Anyway I had my growth scan today, baby is growing well under the 10th centile. So they said as long as she follows this trend they will let me go full term (but not over). And if she stops growing they will induce me early. So it all felt really positive. She is estimated to be about just over 4lb at the moment and hopefully I still have 5 weeks to go, so fingers crossed.
In response to 'mrsboogie' message my not growing baby was picked up bt the community midwife when she measured my abdoman.
I do feel well looked after by the hospital.
Thank you all again it really helped to read all the emails.

mrsboogie Wed 21-May-08 12:47:53

Oh gosh I see. I didn't know that. My mw doesn't seem too bothered at all- so it is v useful to know that. Thanks.

It's amazing the stuff you learn at places like this - that you would never hear from the professionals!

I had my first son so long ago it is like this is my first time - I don't think I ever had Braxton Hicks back then and I didn't really know what they were - but I read a thread on here that epxlained it all very helpfully to me.

lisad123 Wed 21-May-08 12:31:20

they measure your bump at mw appointments. Make sure they do, as mine didnt and just used to say "yeah you look right for your weeks"!!! then when was measured at hospital was 5 weeks behind, little baby and hardly any waters

mrsboogie Wed 21-May-08 12:25:03

Can I ask you guys - how is the low growth rate picked up? If you only have a scan at 20 weeks and everything is ok then how do they know the baby isn't growing at the expected rate later on?

lisad123 Wed 21-May-08 12:18:43

My first DD1 was 5lb at 37 weeks, they had picked up on placental problems at 34 weeks and was doing reg blood flow scans. She was emerency C section as her HR had shot to 200bpm. Oddly enough growth scans all showed normal growth and birth weight.
With DD2 they did growth scans 2 weekly and I begged them to do blood flow reading as I felt the same size as with DD1. They refused, said growth all fine.
DD2 was 5lb 3oz at full term, not breathing and my placenta had big hole and very damaged Shes ok now, and growing well.
I hate comments like "isnt she small". DD1 is the smallest in her class, but hey small is cute

BeachBunni Wed 21-May-08 09:29:02

Hi jbob. My ds had IUGR, caused by high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, and wasn't growing properly from about 24 wks. I had to have doppler scans every week to measure blood flow and check my placenta wasn't getting any more infracted and growth scans every two weeks. He was born at 34 wks, weighing only 2lb 12 and I spent the last month before the birth hospitalised.
It is a very scarey time, esp when you can see them scanning the baby, and measuring it and you know yourself that it isn't growing properly. Is the growth of your baby symetrical (as in the head is measuring the same dates as the body) or assymetrical? If it's symetrical, she just maybe a small baby. Assymetrical is usually a sign of something like bp causing probs with the growth.
All I can say is that she is getting the best care by having the extra scans. Please though, be prepared for a sudden arrival if they find an absent blood flow or that the baby hasn't grown in a while. I went for a scan where they found these things and had a c-s in 3 hours. Not much time to prepare at all!!
Oh, my ds is now 7 months and evn though he was born under the 0.4th centile, is now hitting the 50th and a very healthy and happy baby!! the very best of luck to you xx

brightandshiny Wed 21-May-08 09:15:15

Oh jbob I totally sympathise with you.

I'm having an extra scan at 36 weeks (it's my third) as my first was tiny, she stopped growing around 34 weeks. I was scaned weekly and her blood flow was fine but my fluid kept going up and down. She was born at 39 weeks (i insisted on induction) and weighed 4lb 9oz but was very strong. She came home with me after four days cause she was a bit jundice and had to have phototherapy the first few days (but I think that is a family trait) shes now a nearly three year old insisting on choccy for breakfast.grr

It's very scary but at least the hospital are doing the good thing by checking the blood flow regularly. The consultant even did some of my scans which scared me at first too.

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