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baby not growing

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jbob Wed 21-May-08 09:00:20

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I am being scaned every week to check the blood flow of my umbilical cord (which is so far ok) and to check the size of my baby. We are having a girl. I have a three year old boy who was not a huge baby. He was under the 10th centile when born, but beautiful and healthy. The only problem I had with him was the coments you get about, 'isnt he small' it is such a pain and was very hurtful at the time as a first time mum. But I did not have extra scans with him! He has grown now into a gorgious (and normal sized 3 yr old). Any way, I was just wondering if anybody else out there is having extra scans? Its abit scary.

ayseg Wed 09-Jan-13 03:53:32

hi ladys i had a scan at 30weeks as i changed hospitals they asked me to have another 1 at 34weeks (2days ago) growth scan,. my baby hasnt grown at all bt his head has, his head seems to be growin the same amount to the previous scan looking at the chart, im so worried, iv got to wait for an appointment with consultant as they are never together at that hospital, im so worried , i cnt sleep , all the nurse said was ur baby isnt growing you may have to be induced early ,ther was no mention of his head growing though, i hope im over reacting as i really am so worried sad

TwitchyTail Wed 09-Jan-13 08:09:50

I'm sort of in the same boat at 30 weeks, with reduced (not absent) bloodflow on Dopplers, though baby seems to be maintaining his size so far. Need weekly scans.

Has anyone been told of things they can do that might help? Specifically, rest, or not to work? I'm still at work for another week and it's quite a busy and stressful job with a long commute. I forgot to ask if rest might help. I know nothing is conclusive but willing to try anything!

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