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Measuring 33 weeks at 29 weeks pregnant - is this a problem ?

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BabiesEverywhere Tue 20-May-08 18:12:45

My midwife on hearing that the antibodies issue is no longer an issue with my pregnancy.

Paused for breath and then said I should do a glucose test (which I passed last pregnancy and had no family diabeates history etc) so I said unless there was a reason I would rather not.

Then I was told I was measuring 33 weeks at 29 weeks and I have to come back soonish for another measure and if I am still 'too big' I should go to the hospital for another scan, as my baby might be too big.

I know they have to do what they think is right but from this side I really feel they are looking for problems that aren't there

frazzledbutcalm Tue 20-May-08 19:31:25

I always measured too small for dates, babies were 6lb 10oz, 7lb 1oz and 8lb 3oz.
i agree they look for probs which aren't there and also make things out to be worse than they really are.
I was told dc1 was going to be quite big, arrived in hosp, examined and told baby v small hope its ok!! He was 5lb 3oz!

BabiesEverywhere Tue 20-May-08 19:35:17

Thanks FBC.

I just don't want to go to hospital or see another midwife until I am term. I just seem to get home and get upset after every appointment. No surprise I keep forgetting to attend the midwife appointments blush

tab1 Tue 20-May-08 19:39:23

they told me my baby was measuring big and prob be about 9lb, I was worried as it was my 1st baby, dd weighed 6lb 10oz so don't worry, they can't really tell cos my bump was all water.

LeonieD Tue 20-May-08 19:59:58

Message withdrawn

LeonieD Tue 20-May-08 20:00:52

Message withdrawn

Snowstorm Tue 20-May-08 20:01:46

It's been a while ... but I'm sure that measurements can change from week to week and from mid-wife to mid-wife.

hedgehog1979 Tue 20-May-08 21:27:11

I haven't had bump yet but was told around 26ish weeks that I was measuring big by a covering midwife. Was also told at 30 weeks I was measuring big so had to have a growth scan at 34 weeks (2 weeks ago). Bump was on the 50th centile for everything and have seen my midwife this morning and she has said nothing to worry about it all looks fine.
This is number one so I could be talking rubbish but I did worry myself when they told me it was a big baby but then talked to my mum and found out that we were all bigger too (8 lb 6, 9lb 4, 10lb 3 and 3lb 12 @ 29 weeks).
I wouldn't worry too much, enjoy being pregnant and do what feels right for you.

BabiesEverywhere Tue 20-May-08 21:33:33

I have decided I will attend the next appointment but will not have another scan or further pointless tests.

After all my baby will be the size he/she needs to be at term. No point worrying about it and I wasn't until today.

dizzydixies Tue 20-May-08 21:35:49

the sonographer told me there is no point in another scan as they cannot accurately tell what size the baby is

consultant has still booked me in for one at 35wk so I'll go anyway and then discuss birthing options with him

don't let them bully you into anything you don't want and don't let it worry you, can't change the size of the baby and you wouldn't want to either smile

youpeskykids Tue 20-May-08 21:51:56

Always exept that there is a margin of error when it comes to scans/sizes of baby compared to real birth weight.

I measured 24cm at 20 weeks pregnant with DS2. DS1 was 10 days late and 10lb, DS2 1 week early and 9lb.

Don't forget that measurements are only representative of that particular time - baby might have had a growth spurt around the time of the scan, and then the growth may level out towards the 40wk mark.

I was offered all of the various tests but didn't bother as I knew with DS2 that it was highly likely I was going to have another big baby.

Don't worry about it - labour doesn't hurt any less if you have a 5lb baby than it does if you have a 10lb baby!!!

Good luck.

youpeskykids Tue 20-May-08 21:53:35

OMG can't believe I typed exept (which isn't even spelt right) for accept.

Must go to bed.

BabiesEverywhere Wed 21-May-08 08:38:28

I know I'll have another reasonable sized baby as my DD was 8lbs 12ozs but even if I knew for a fact that this one was much bigger I would still want to attempt to birth him/her properly. i.e I wouldn't opt for a CS, so there is little point in worrying my husband and me with possible size issues.

I'm going to forget about this until the next appointment grin

SKYTVADDICT Wed 21-May-08 08:45:30

This happened to me on Monday - 28 weeks and measuring 33 weeks - lovely midwife said sorry but I had to go and see a consultant at the next available appointment (current regulations) - had an appointment yesterday - DP took the day off and it was a waste of time - we saw a midwife and consultant who both said we now need a scan but that hospital didn't have any slots this week so DP has also taken today off and we have another appointment at a different hospital at 11.20 this morning - I can see ending up with GTT (may refuse) but it is all such a waste of time - it is baby number 4 - it was never going to be small - and anyway what are they going to do if it is big! Probably having a C section anyway.

I think I only measure big becuase of the overhang that was there before anyway grin

OatcakeCravings Wed 21-May-08 11:31:22


This is my problem as well. I was measuring 37 weeks at 32 weeks. I had a scan at 32 weeks and the baby was off the chart for size, past the 100th centile whatever that means. I had a GTT and everything was fine. Baby is also in the breech position and I have too much amniotic fluid as well so I am going back at 36 weeks for a scan and a decision on how I'm going to give birth.

I was really scared of giving birth before all of this and now I am terrifed and whenever I think about it I feel like crying tbh.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 21-May-08 11:45:57

Oatcake - isn't the fundal meaasurement a bit useless if the baby is breech? But I might be wrong.

I was told I was going to have a whopper, and whilst 9lbs 3oz isn't small, the way they were going on you would have thought my baby was going to appear in the Guiness Book of Records!

I can understand you being upset, I was made to feel it was my fault that I was carrying a big baby. Maybe you should suggest to them that you take up smoking to stunt baby's growth wink

Squarah Wed 21-May-08 11:58:57

I'm in the same boat - measured way off the chart at my 28 week check - have my remeasurement in an hour or so. Initially I worried about it but I know how inacccurate measurements can be but I guess it's all they've got to go on.

If they offer me a GTT I'll have it as I'd rather know if I had developed diabetes in pregnancy, even if the chance is vanishingly rare. Beyond that I'll just go with the flow and assume it's all fine. Some small babies have trouble getting out and some big babies pop out easily so I'm not going to agonise over it.

Oh well... we shall see....I'd rather have a baby whose growing well than not growing smile

Big hugs to all in the same situation - we and our sprogs will be fine!

minipinkscottish Wed 21-May-08 12:05:12

I'm just back from mw appointment. I am 31+5 and am measuring 38. At 28 weeks was measuring 30 - I have to go for growth scan on Friday....should I worry? Baby number 6 and never been big for dates before...had babies ranging from 7lb 2oz to 8lb6oz.

OatcakeCravings Wed 21-May-08 13:25:03

Well it seems like there is quite a few of us in the same boat! I think that I'm due first so I'll let you all know how big baby actually is.

ILikeToMoveIt - yes fundal measurement nonsense for breech but the scan I had later in the day confirmed it.
LOL re: the taking up smoking - it nearly killed me stopping in the first place!

greenbeanie Wed 21-May-08 15:14:18

I measured 5 weeks bigger with my 1st ds - no gestational diabetes. He arrived at 39wks weighing 9lb15. My second pregancy the midwife got in a real flap about the fundal measurement being 4-5 weeks bigger although she felt the baby and thought it was smaller than the 1st. I always believed that providing there was nothing else wrong - which there wasn't I would make a baby the right size for me. Anyway no.2 wasn't smaller he arrived after a 2.5 hour labour weighing 10lb7 grin

Squarah Wed 21-May-08 15:21:41

Oh bugger it, I'm still measuring big, so here come the GTT and scan. Arses. angry

Too many things going through my head like "Should I rush about and get my hospital bag etc ready sooner in case I pop earlier.....?" "What's the point in pelvic floor exercises if a giant melonhead is going to barge through and rip them to shreds?!!"

Easily I guess that if scans and GTT normal they don't do anything different anyway. Just have to labour and see if you can get the little darling out. or not....

Any examples of women who delivered big 'uns not being torn asunder?

greenbeanie Wed 21-May-08 16:59:57

Hi Squarah, I had an episiotomy with my 1st (9lb15), but with my second I had a very quick straight forward delivery with one small tear that was left to heal without stitches. So no problems really. How about a bit of perineal massage? smile

SKYTVADDICT Thu 22-May-08 09:20:02

Just spent two wasted days hanging around antenatal clinics and baby only on 97th centile so still on charts and no further tests needed - if it carries on growing the way it is then it should be about 8lb 11oz (DS was 8lb 10oz last year)! Not particularly big at all!!

LeonieD Thu 22-May-08 09:30:01

Message withdrawn

BouncingTurtle Thu 22-May-08 09:47:16

My friend was consistently measured about 4 weeks ahead, BE, same as you. They kept making her have scans and telling her she was going to have a HUUUGE (Over 10lb) baby, and really stressing her out. He was born at 39 weeks, weighing in at 8lb 2oz. So not that big really! She did have GD as well.
I was also measuring 2 weeks ahead and told my babies was going to be at least 8lb, and he was 4 days late and 6lb6oz! Honestly I think HCPs tell you your going to have a big baby just to put the wind up you hmm

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