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does anyone know if its safe to sleep on your tummy?

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BUBBALOO Sun 16-Jan-05 10:25:06

i think this might be a really silly question but i wondered if it would harm the baby by sleeping on your tummy.
ive never been able to sleep on my back and sleeping on my side isnt too comfortable 20 wks pg and getting bigger by the day so i wondered if anyone could shed some light on this,please

starlover Sun 16-Jan-05 10:43:27

well, i have no idea if it is safe or not but I used to lie on my tummy until the bump got too big and it was uncomfortable to do so. I found that eventually it hurt because it was like lying on a weird shaped ball or something.
I didn't sleep like it all night though, I'm the kind of person who tosses and turns all night so it was one of many positions!
Haven't had baby yet either so don't know if it's done anything, but as far as I know it's all ok!

NotQuiteCockney Sun 16-Jan-05 11:29:46

I think it's fine for as long as it's comfortable. Sleeping on your back becomes uncomfortable near the end, too. The best position I found was on my side, with a cushion under the bump, and with the top leg bent and resting on a cushion, too.

It's all good preparation for the sleep deprivation you get after the baby's born, anyway!

aloha Sun 16-Jan-05 11:44:20

No it won't harm your baby, but it will get very difficult as you get bigger!

aloha Sun 16-Jan-05 11:48:11

No it won't harm your baby, but it will get very difficult as you get bigger!

artyjoe Sun 16-Jan-05 12:00:59

I'm not sure about this one as in the hospital they say 'on the Baby TV screen thingie' not to wear tight fitting clothes around the bump to minimise the risk of I know sleeping on tummy isn't exactly tight fitting clothes, but isn't it the same principle? I know when I saw the message I found that sleeping on my left wasn't quite so bad after all!

Nik72 Sun 16-Jan-05 12:09:13

I have a v-shaped pillow that I can lie on my front on as the bump slots between each "arm" of the pillow. I'm tending to need about five strategically placed pillows now to get any sleep!!

pooka Sun 16-Jan-05 14:45:26

My midwife recommended lying on my left side in the later stages, taking afternoon naps in that position, something to do with the blood supply.

pixiefish Sun 16-Jan-05 14:55:54

when was pg i read that lying on your belly could cut off the blood supply to the baby BUT I found that even though I'd always slept on my belly when I was pg I just couldn't.

BUBBALOO Sun 16-Jan-05 18:02:37

thanks for all your advice its been really helpful
ive got a doc's appointment on tuesday so i think i'll also mention it to him and see what his views are but the pillows sound like they're worth a try

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