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feeling achey and dont want 5to go to hospital.

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misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 18:42:08

and i stupidly dont want to go to hospital to be checked out as am worried about leaving dh home alone with dd2 (dd1 is at grnadmas).

Am 33 weeks, and paracetamol has taken the edge of the back pain (like a period pain crampy thing in back), so am trying to tell myself its just me doing too much and to take it easy.

I think if its still very achey tomorrow i should go to maternity unit for check up, what do u lot think?

nutcracker Fri 14-Jan-05 18:46:16

As long as baby is moving and you feel happy about it then leave it until tommorow, but if you feel at all worse then go tomight.

Hope you feel better soon.

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 18:46:50

oh its moving. little thing doesnt stop moving.

nutcracker Fri 14-Jan-05 18:48:09

Maybe thats why you are achey then.

Try and relax tonight, have a long soak in the bath if you can.

SoupDragon Fri 14-Jan-05 18:49:18

I'd stay at home too and see what, if anything, happens. Take it easy

alexsmum Fri 14-Jan-05 18:49:47

sounds obvious but any pattern to the cramps misdee?? don't want to be a scaremonger love, but if i was you i'd be getting checked out. have a community midwifery team that could get someone to come out to check you over?
if you were in labour then 33 weeks is quite early and the sooner they know if you are, then the better. have you got a friend who could sit with your little one so dh could go with you? or could you drop her off at grandmas too?

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 18:52:24

dh cant drive atm due to his meds, and tbh i dont think a labour/delivery area is a good place for someone recovering pneumonia.

No pattern to the cramps, its more a constant ache, with a few braxton hicks type tightenings every 20-30mins, but not lasting long each time IYWIM (few seconds).

nutcracker Fri 14-Jan-05 18:54:41

Hmmm sounds like how i felt from about 30 weeks with Dd2. I had lots of achey feelings and loads and loads of BH contractions.

I remember telling everyone that there was no way i was gonna go to term.

I eventually went into labour at 34 weeks.

Like i said, unless you feel you really should go now then wait until tommorow. Just make sure you have bags packed and other stuff sorted just incase.

katzguk Fri 14-Jan-05 18:56:03

why not call the GP out, surely they know you suituation and might be able to offer you some reassurance.

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 18:56:18

started packing/shopping earlier this week.

dh also has a hospital bag packed just in case he has to go in again.

alexsmum Fri 14-Jan-05 18:56:38

sorry misdee didn't know that dh was ill.

thats a tough one then. why not phone and see if midwife could come out to you?

you've done this before- in your heart does it feel normal for this stage of preg?

nutcracker Fri 14-Jan-05 18:57:46

Can you ring a community midwife Misdee ???

I rang mine once when i thought i was in labour at 24 weeks, snd she just called an ambulance, but i am sure if you could get hold of one they would be happy to advise or even come out and see you.

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 18:57:59

i remember feeling very achey with dd2 at about 35 weeks, and didnt go into labour till 39weeks with her.

was feeling ill yesterday and slept the afternoon away, felt achey all over then, but thats gone.

nutcracker Fri 14-Jan-05 18:58:43

Perhaps you have a cold coming, that could account for the aches.

alexsmum Fri 14-Jan-05 18:59:51

yes i agree with nutty, i would give them a call.even if you call the delivery suite and tell them how you feel they will be able to advise you on best thing to do.

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 18:59:57

thats was my other thought nutty. will try and sleep soon and see what i feel like in the morning.

LIZS Fri 14-Jan-05 19:13:44

Can you ask your midwife to stop by and check you over ? I would have thought, especially given your circumstances with dh, they should be happy to do so.

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 21:34:11

had a warm bath and more paracetamol, and feel better. still dull ache but not as harsh as earlier.

mears Fri 14-Jan-05 21:39:20

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water - soemtimes urine infections can make you feel like this. If you are feeling a bit better now I would have an early night. You can call midwife to come and visit tomorrow.

misdee Fri 14-Jan-05 21:40:49

Have been drinking loads of water anyway. seems to be all ican manage atm. am about to watch a bit more of jonathon creek with dh then off to bed.

sallystrawberry Fri 14-Jan-05 21:45:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blossomhill Fri 14-Jan-05 21:52:13

Misdee hope you feel better in the morning xxx

misdee Sat 15-Jan-05 08:41:47

Feeling great this morning. no aches or anything.

lockets Sat 15-Jan-05 09:05:25

Message withdrawn

Blossomhill Sat 15-Jan-05 09:25:51

That's great misdee. Take it easy today won't you!

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