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Most popular month for babies to be born? And least popular?

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LadyThompson Thu 15-May-08 12:51:36

Apologies if there has been a thread on this before - I'm new (and I have searched). Anyone know this? Mine is due end Nov/beginning Dec and it's proving hard to get the hospital I want. I heard that August and September are the busiest months...just wondering...

goingfor3 Thu 15-May-08 12:58:54

I bet there is usually a boom around August/ september - it's all of the christmas/new year babies being born! Some people also wasnt to have babies in September so they will be the eldest in the school year.

AHLH Thu 15-May-08 13:00:36

Certainly amomngst my friends September is very popular - and my bump is due mid September, but it's got nothing to do with a Christams party I promise!

AHLH Thu 15-May-08 13:01:13

Sorry, I meant my friends' birthdays, not their childrens'.

hopefully Thu 15-May-08 13:04:08

According to the Office of national statistics (i looked this up ages ago for work, I promise, I'm not a geek!), in 2004 the most popular month was actually July, closely followed by September. Least popular were February, April and May. however, the general trend is a peak in September/October and another peak in any of April, May or June, with troughs in the other months. november is usually one of the bottom 4 months...

hopefully Thu 15-May-08 13:05:16

Oh, and link here

LadyThompson Thu 15-May-08 13:30:03

Thank you Hopefully. I wonder if it's still the same? Difference between months less dramatic than I thought. Think my own woes booking in relate to my picking a really popular West London hospital

titchy Thu 15-May-08 13:31:44

Popular months generally tend to be 9 months after Christmas/New Year/Winter (early nights as it's cold), or 9 months after most people's summer hols grin

Shazza2002 Thu 15-May-08 13:39:03

LadyThompson. Can I ask how many weeks you are and which hospital?

LadyThompson Thu 15-May-08 13:45:09

Yes you can! 12 weeks next Tuesday, and the Lindo Wing at St Mary's. But, hurrah, just got off the phone and they have found me a consultant there who can fit me in. A Ms Lakasing. It's such a game, all this.

LadyThompson Thu 15-May-08 13:45:49

PS - I have been told it's just the same for trying to get into the NHS hospital of your choice in London.

Shazza2002 Thu 15-May-08 13:47:55

That's great news. I was just interested if it was Queen Charlottes as I had a problem there and I was only 6 weeks!! The booking in dept never received the letter my doctors sent 4 times. In the end I took it by hand.

Good luck with the pregnancy smile

fiodyl Thu 15-May-08 14:04:46

Someone once told me that the 3rd week in May was very popular as it is 9 months after August bank holiday. dunno how true it is but I know about 5 peope with birthdays then.

LyraSilvertongue Thu 15-May-08 14:06:27

Round here the birthdays all seem to be in April. All those late summer/holiday conceptions...
September is also very busy.

Nbg Thu 15-May-08 14:08:44

When I had my ds1 in 2006, he was due August and they told us it was usually very busy.

I went into labour in the morning in August and the MW's told me if I had gone in any later they would have had to send me elsewhere.

Idobelieveinfairies Thu 15-May-08 14:10:36

going by the number of birthday parties my twins have been to recently i would say March, April and May!.


LyraSilvertongue Thu 15-May-08 14:14:17

DS1 was born in August (concieved in November). There doesn't seem to be an obvious reason for the peak.

deighv Tue 06-Jan-09 00:57:39

According to the office of the national statistics, the standard deviation of all birth months (therefore the most popular birth month)is a Tuesday. hmm

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