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Where can I hire a TENS?

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littlelamb Wed 14-May-08 17:58:21

After having horrible back pain last night and being convinced I was in labour, I have decided to try and get a tens machine to help me deal with the pain when the time really does come. I have looked at Boots online, but can't see where it says you can hire a tens, and they seem quite expensive to buy. I used a hospital one with dd as I was already there being induced, and it was a big help, but I intend to stay at home as long as possible this time, so would like to have one to hand. Any suggestions?

squeaver Wed 14-May-08 17:59:34

I think you have to go in to Boots to get one - but this is 4 years ago...

LadyOfWaffle Wed 14-May-08 18:00:44

Boots - use your store locator and give them a ring. I was the same as you (induced so used hospital one) but I bought one this time around.

littlelamb Wed 14-May-08 18:01:50

Brilliant thank you- do you know roughly how much they charge to hire one? Is it perhaps better to buy one and then sell it on afterwards?

WigWamBam Wed 14-May-08 18:03:37


LadyOfWaffle Wed 14-May-08 18:04:09

Hire I think is about £25? I bought mine for £69.99 or £79.99 and they were selling on ebay for £50 + still.

PregnantPenguin Wed 14-May-08 18:04:59

I got mine from Boots here.

pleasechange Wed 14-May-08 19:13:47 - £26 incl p&p for 7 week hire

Loopymumsy Wed 14-May-08 19:28:18

Message withdrawn

dizzydixies Wed 14-May-08 19:30:30

I get mine from the hosp am due to give birth in and that way when labour is over the m/w just takes it away and hands it back in

have you checked with your hosp to see if they hire them out?

ja9 Wed 14-May-08 19:33:04

i think our tesco hires them...

tassisssss Wed 14-May-08 19:33:53

i've just for one from tesco, was able to pick it up then and there (and clubcard points too!)

dizzydixies Wed 14-May-08 19:34:20

tescos shock

is there anything they don't do?!?!?!?

tassisssss Wed 14-May-08 19:34:26

got not for!

Hi Ja9!

donnakebabnew Wed 06-Jul-11 13:36:11

I hired mine from they were really helpful i got 6 weeks hire with free delivery and returns for £19.95 the tens machine was a god send!

elizabethsiddal Wed 06-Jul-11 14:31:15

I used , really simple transaction, everything arrived the next day. About £25 I think for 6 week hire, but came with a note saying I could pay a further £5 to keep tthe machine.. which I may well do if I like using it.

One of the wires on the machine that came didn't work properly when I tested it, so I rang their number, spoke to someone right away and had a whole new unit the very next morning, no hassle. I was very impressed.

HamsterMamster Wed 06-Jul-11 16:26:22

I got mine from Babycaretens - I phoned to inquire about hiring the Elle Tens machine and was told that they had a special offer on selling them for half price which worked out at only £12 more than hiring. NCT have it on sale too.
I have high hopes that it does the job!

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