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anyone starting to get lower back ache and aching hips in last 2/3 mths of pgcy ?

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charlie95 Thu 13-Jan-05 21:54:10

I AM !!!!

other sympathies much appreciated !!

Tipex Thu 13-Jan-05 22:03:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

biglips Thu 13-Jan-05 22:05:37

i was like that too as my joints in my hip/ groins area used to ache whenever i walk but thats the best thing to do to be mobile

jampots Thu 13-Jan-05 22:07:13

my hips ached so much esp in bed actually so ended up sleeping with a pillow between my knees. You have my sympathies all aching pregnant ladies

charlie95 Thu 13-Jan-05 22:08:35

no major probs as far as i nknow - forgot to mention it to mw last wk.

but yeah - definitely worse in bed - hips ache most in middle of night, cant get comy and dh is disturbed then. back aches in day and evenings. in fact last night was worried that it felt like the very early labour pains i had on ds after being induced! but got no other symptoms.

am 31 wks now. will be glad to feel 'normal' again afterwards.!

charlie95 Thu 13-Jan-05 22:14:44

i'm also finding that cos of bump this time round can only sit comfy by sitting with legs apart, therefore hips ache more then cos i sat like that for so long. i wouldnt normally have sat like that before pgcy.

bubble99 Thu 13-Jan-05 23:16:56

Not glam is it? The late pg hobble. I'm 35 weeks with twins and I'm struggling. Definately worse at night and having to get up every two hours to pee isn't helping.

lalaa Thu 13-Jan-05 23:25:24

oooh you're bringing it all back. Loads and loads of sympathy. I was up every 45 mins every night with agonising back ache from week 30 of my pregnancy. Thank God dd arrived in week 38: I slept better with a newborn than before she came. If it's any consolation, mine went immediately after she was born - I had her at 6.50pm and slept comfortably that night (was too excited to sleep well but not in any pain!)

bonym Fri 14-Jan-05 21:18:03

Yes - particularly at night - have 10 weeks left to go and my hips get really sore when in bed - also ribs, back, pubic bone and shoulders!! I have one pillow between my knees and another one pressed into the small of my back which seems to help a bit.

LittleB Mon 17-Jan-05 11:06:48

On no! I already have backache and I'm only 22 weeks pregnant. I'm starting aqua-natal classes this week, and I'm thinking about getting one of those shaped pillows to sleep on and then use for breastfeeding, but any advice would help as I'm sure it's going to get alot worse before it gets better!

Dophus Mon 17-Jan-05 11:44:35

Very painful hips throughout the night. I find it helps to put cushions between my legs. I am 38 weeks and my sleep just gets worse and worse. It's luck ywe have a super king bed as there are so many cushions there's little room for DP.

anniemac Mon 17-Jan-05 17:53:18

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Mon 17-Jan-05 18:27:33

i'm 29 weeks and i find i have had an achy back and hip from around 26 weeks, i have a nice long bath every evening, but have co-codamal to take if really bad!

aloha Tue 18-Jan-05 11:24:10

No backache but my bump hurts when I'm in bed. Sitting up, fine. Standing up, fine. But lying down? Ow. Very uncomfy indeed. I think it's the pulling on ligaments as my huge 36week bump goes over to the side, but it is really messing with my sleep now. Sometimes I can barely move at night because it's so uncomfortable, and no arrangement of pillows or cushions helps. Didn't have this last time! I think I'm - horrors! - even bigger

charlie95 Wed 19-Jan-05 21:41:22

i discovered the last few nights that lying on my side sandwiched between two soft pillows, front and back, with 2 pillows for head and v-cushion on top of those (ready for an unsleepy, uncomfy spell so i can just sit up without having to rumage around for the v-cusion,) helps with the uncomfy-ness! once you get comfy with those anyway. but Oow !- aching hips this a.m. at 6.30. no matter which side i lay on they were agonising and sometimes the ache would go down to my ankles. so i sat up and waited for everyone else to wake in the household!

BUT, i did sleep better through the night in this position with all the pillows!!

bubble99 Wed 19-Jan-05 23:12:23

I'm with everyone on this, feel like I need some kind of crane device to turn over at night. Hips are sooo sore by the morning. Also got stuck in the bath earlier - I remembered seeing a news item about an elephant that had got stuck in its water pond at a zoo somewhere, eventually rescued by a load of firemen and a winch. That was me!

aloha Wed 19-Jan-05 23:43:27

Ah, this is where buying the biggest bath we could find in the showroom really pays off!

bonym Thu 20-Jan-05 12:23:12

Just to let you know - I had a appointment with the osteopath last week and another today - really seems to be making a difference - I actually slept for 6hrs on the trot last night without waking up in agony! She said that although can't cure the pains completely, can definitely lessen them and my hips particularly seem to be much better. Walking out of there today I almost felt like my pre-pg self!

charlie95 Sat 22-Jan-05 19:42:57

what exactly do they do to you, to help thiis problem ?

bonym Sat 22-Jan-05 22:40:39

Just sort of deep massage around my back and hips - plus a rather brutal neck crunch thing that I wasn't expecting - although that one could have been because one of my shoulders has been rather achy for a few weeks. Also cranial osteopathy which basically just seems to involve placing her hands on first your lower back and then your head and leaving them there! Doesn't feel as though she is doing anything tbh but she obviously is - I first went to her earlier in pg when I was suffering with severe headaches almost daily - after 3 sessions of cranial I haven't had a single headache since.
Fwiw, I no longer moan and groan in agony when turning over in bed and almost walk normally when getting out of bed for my regular nightly bathroom visits!

Skribble Wed 26-Jan-05 00:18:05

I to suffered back ache with first especially. I got a triangle pillow and used a small pillow between my knees when I was still sleeping on my side. ( The triangle pillow was used after for feeding and just getting comfy well worth it).

I had to sleep semi sitting up for the last two months due to baby size, never really got comfy .

Labour pain was mostly round the back on relieved by walking about until I was ready to fall over and they started with the drugs .

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