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Advice on what to expect after a CVS

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webwoman05 Thu 13-Jan-05 15:15:53

I have just had a CVS yesterday and apart from a bit of discomfort during the proceedure which went perfectly, I have had a bit of period type cramping but luckily no other probs as yet. Just wondered if any one else could offer me the benefit of their experiences after a CVS. Bit stressed about possible chance of miscarriage but as I am 39 (will be 40 when baby born) dh and I felt it was best to have a more invasive test to reassure ourselves that everything is OK. Have one ds already who is 4. Hope some of you ladies can give me some advice. Hospital said pretty much carry on as normal - what's normal with a very active 4 year old!?

otto Thu 13-Jan-05 15:22:31

I had a cvs last year when a nuchal scan showed a high risk of downs. I think the risk of miscarriage is increased if you move during the cvs or there is a problem with the procedure, but it sounds as if it went smoothly so the risk of miscarriage will be reduced. It's probably sensible to rest more than you wouldn do normally and get a friend or relative to help out with your 4-year old if possible. I went to work following my CVS, but didn't do much during the evening following it. I was the same age as you by the way.

webwoman05 Thu 13-Jan-05 15:48:42

Thanks otto for replying so swiftly to my first posting. I am trying to chill out and rest as much as possible but find myself obsessively looking stats up on the net! My dh will ban me from the pc as he thinks it will only worry me more! I took my son to nursery this am and we are just at home this afternoon. Luckily my Mum said she would help out tomorrow. How soon did you get your results? I have been told to expect 4 working days for the initial result then a more detailed result in about 7 - 10 days. How did things work out for you?

orangina Thu 13-Jan-05 16:39:55

I haven't had a CVS, but I think (probably best to check, hearsay only) that if you are going to have any problems, they will happen in the following 36 hours. Sounds like you are nearly there, and if you have had no bleeding, I would guess everything is just fine. If you feel more tired than usual, give in to it (if you can with a 4 year old?!), and take it easy.... good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Anchovy Thu 13-Jan-05 17:22:12

I had cvs with DD (age 38 and high downs risk proposed - significantly higher even than age related). I was told to stay in bed for 2 days after it - but that might have been more because my doctor knew I would be very busy at work if I went in and I haven't heard of anyone else doing this, but I appreciated it (had a toddler at the time, but also a nanny). I would definitely take it as easy as you can in your own circumstances. I was told not to be too concerned if I had a bit of bleeding - although I didn't. Again I think 36-48 hours was the danger period. I was told that the results would take 2 working days - they took about half a day longer, because apparently the culture was slow to grow - but this did not signify anything sinister at all. I had mine done by this very eminent dr who I think is Head of Obstetrics at UCL (I had it done privately, but I googled him). He was brilliant and very expert in cvs. He told me that it would be extremely unusual for second results to contradict first and we could take early results as final - on the continent they do not bother to give the second set of results (I think he was French or Belgian).

Everything was fine and DD is now 15 months. I really know what it feels like - just hang in there! I feel quite positive about cvs and if I had another pregnancy I would certainly consider it again.

webwoman05 Thu 13-Jan-05 17:25:30

Thanks for your words of encouragement, orangina. My best friend also had a CVS with her last pregnancy (it all turned out fine for her despite a risk of 1 in 5 - the baby had a virus hence the large amount of fluid on the neck)and she too said that the initial risk of miscarriage is with the actual proceedure and like you have heard the first 36 hours are the most crucial. So, so far so good for baby no 2. V impatient to know the results and will also find out the sex too and as ds is adamant he wants a brother we will definately find out. Found out with our first one too. I know it is not everyone's choice to find out but I would like to know although I do not have a preference - just a healthy baby! Preferably near to full term as our son was born 4 weeks early after a placental abruption and he was so small - he's just about caught up now. Back to try some rest and relaxation!

webwoman05 Thu 13-Jan-05 20:15:09

Thanks Anchovy for sharing your experience of CVS with me. It is certainly encouraging to hear about your 15 month DD! I too had a very senior Dr who did the proceedure (At Kings College Hospital) so I have every confidence in the way the proceedure was done. It is just the worry of the wait but hopefully everything will turn out OK - it will certainly help me to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy once we get the results. It is a shame we have the week-end to get through as well. Roll on next week and thanks again for taking the time to reply to my post.

Anchovy Fri 14-Jan-05 13:12:16

Please let us know how you get on.

Interestingly DD is quite mischievous - much more strong willed than her older brother (who is 3) is or was. DH remarked (wearily) last week that he though her "needing" CVS was her giving early notice than she was going to be a bit of a handful!

otto Fri 14-Jan-05 15:09:24

Yes, do let us know how you got on. I had mine done at Kings too and I had to wait over a weekend, which was agony. I think I had it done on a Wednesday afternoon and found out on the following Monday evening. A midwife rang to tell us the news and then I got written confirmation a couple of weeks later, which had the detailed results of the other tests that they carry out. I do remember it being a very weird time. Good luck

webwoman05 Sat 15-Jan-05 15:51:50

Just to let you know my good news! Got a call at about 7.15pm last night from Kings saying that everything is OK with baby no 2! We are so pleased! They basically got the initial result so they called asap to let us know. So relieved! We will get the follow up report in 2-3 weeks. My dh said it was the first time in weeks that I had smiled and that he had got his wife back! We are expecting another boy so ds1 is delighted!

Thanks ladies for all your advice, it really helps to hear other people's experiences.

Anchovy - I did laugh at your dh's comment about your dd's early notice that she was going to be a bit of a handful! I now have to prepare myself for being the only female in an all male household. It was the opposite when I was growing up, my poor Dad was the only man in the house! The whole family are very excited about the new arrival - a bit of light at the end of the tunnel after a very sad 2004, losing both my Dad and Gran to cancer in very quick succession we now have a new addition to the family to look forward to. I think my Dad and Gran would be pleased!

Thanks again and look forward to maybe talking to you again soon. xx

Anchovy Mon 17-Jan-05 10:07:57

I'm really pleased to hear everything went well. I felt in a way that DH and I were slightly distancing ourselves from the baby while we were waiting for the results, which was awful - we just stopped talking about plans for it and practical things. They told me the baby was ok over the phone and I was relieved but fine, and then when they said it was a girl I burst into tears (no idea why it was that way round!)

DD was born a couple of months after my grandmother died and I know it was a solace for my mother to have a new baby in the family. (We didn't go as far as calling DD "Muriel" though!)

Marina Mon 17-Jan-05 10:32:17

Glad all went well webwoman, great news.

webwoman05 Mon 17-Jan-05 16:00:23

Thanks again ladies for all your good wishes.

Anchovy I was just the same as you until I got my results, not wanting to plan ahead too much and didn't tell many people. Went out yesterday and celebrated with a new pair of maternity trousers and 2 new tops as I am fed up in squeezing myself into my normal clothes!

I'm still a bit nervous 2nd time round as I think 1st time round you have a kind of ignorant bliss about what can go wrong (well I did anyway). I had no idea how dangerous an abruption could be but I am kind of reassured this time round they will monitor me very carefully.

I like to think that my Dad and Gran are looking out for me and ds2.

My mum is thrilled with our news. It is a definate lift for all of us after last year.

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