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Implantation bleeding

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Sallie Mon 10-Jan-05 12:57:03

I got some brownish spotting this morning. Tested positive last week and am now on cd31. Think this could be implantation bleeding. Is a small amount of brown spotting normal. Sorry for the details, particularly as its lunchtime but am a little worried and need to be reassured. Didn't experience this with either of my other pregnancies. Thanks in advance for your replies....

Lua Mon 10-Jan-05 12:59:44

Hi Sallie,
I don't have much personal experience and know that spotting during pregnancy is always worrying.
I have read here about tons of women that had lots of spotting and went on with happy pregnancies. So, don't worry too much.
If it does become reddish though, do ring your midwife. It still can be nothing, but is a bit more worrysome.
Hope all goes welll for you!

teabelly Mon 10-Jan-05 13:53:35

Sallie, I garee with Lua...also bear in mind that some women still get a light bleed or spottiing (called breakthough bleeding) around the time their period would have been due, so it could be that too. If it puts your mind at rest you could always do another test, but I would only worry if as Lua says the bleeding is red, and heavy like an actual period. HTH

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