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Pregnancy and Reflexology

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rosies Mon 10-Jan-05 09:20:42

i'm just copying and pasting here from my website. do consider reflexology treatments for any of these conditions.

remember, reflexology is quite safe to have any time during pregnancy (depending on full consultation). it is also the experience of reflexologists, who give regular treatments during a pregnancy, that labour is better, less need for inductions and baby is calmer.

rather than post on each individual thread, i thought i'd start a new one. btw, i did ask tech for a complementary forum for all questions and discussions but they think there is no call for it /.

so during pregnancy, Reflexology can help with:

· Morning sickness and nausea · Loss of bladder control · Hiatus hernia · Haemorrhoids · Piles · Sleepless nights, fatigue and exhaustion · Constipation or diarrhoea · Swelling, puffiness and cramp around the legs and ankles · Discomfort · Back ache · Symptoms of pregnancy induced Diabetes and High Blood Pressure · Heartburn · Symphysis Pubis Pain· To help you relax and take time out for yourself · Help turning posterior babies around · Help breech babies to turn · Inducing labour naturally

There is a high rate of success and I have found that several of the symptoms can clear up almost immediately.

Once your baby is born, your lives are thrown into overdrive; loss of sleep, strange routines, lactation, stress, frustration, tiredness, loss of energy, the list goes on. However, Reflexology can help put all these things into perspective, keeping you calm, in control and helping you to cope.

After birth, Reflexology can help with:

· Stabilising bodyweight · Insomnia · Replacing energy loss · Aid milk flow · Caesarean recovery · Post natal depression · Stress· Helping uterus return to its original state.

Burgess Sat 05-Feb-05 17:27:42

I am 34.5 weeks pregnant with my second child and I am suffering from upper abdominal tearing pains (right under my breasts) and have had a pinched nerve in my right hip since I started my 6th month. My mother has booked me into an hour session of reflexology on Monday. Will this help reduce my aches and pains or will I have to take renies and paracetamols? How is the best way to sleep at night with these abdominal pains as well?

Tipex Sat 05-Feb-05 22:54:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rosies Sat 05-Feb-05 23:41:46

ahhh some responders!


hmmm, well if you were coming to me, i'd treat the reflexes that correspond with digestion to help ease what seems to be indegestion (has that been diagnosed?). as baby grows the abdominal cavity gets less room so the stomach gets smooshed and this can cause the acid reflux.

reflexology cant unpinch the pinched nerve but it may help to ease it. what it will do is help you relax and hopefully help you sleep better. of course, i am bound to say that regular treatments from early pregnancy are a good idea to try and avoid discomforts. i am afraid that no one can give guarantees of outcomes.

just enjoy the session but a one off wont do much maybe except help you on the road to relaxing.


you dont say how many weeks you are. i have a massage table and a la fuma chair. i use the chair for most reflex treatments but i do know in later pregnancy this is sometimes not so comfortable and the clients comfort is of the utmost importance.

i work from home and so if i treat a heavily pregnant lady i sit her on the sofa, lots of cushions and legs up on the same height foot stool thing. no its not ideal for me but thats not the point!

please, if you are not comfortable, say so! its your session and we should accomodate you. the therapist should know some lymph drainage reflex techniques to help your swollen ankles without you waggling them in the air!

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