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Shape of bump and gender

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bubble99 Sat 08-Jan-05 21:27:57


I'm expecting twins in 4 weeks and we haven't found out the sexes. My bump is all 'out front' and lots of people have told me to expect boys. Has anyone else had boys after having the same shape bump as this?

starlover Sat 08-Jan-05 22:01:30

i have heard that from several people too (i also have a very "out front" bump).
I know people who have had boys after having an out front bump, but also some who haven't!
I don't know how true it is... but update us when the twins arrive!

Posey Sat 08-Jan-05 22:30:47

The one we use and seems to work round here is the way you look from behind.
If from the back you don't look any different to how you did pre-pregnancy then its a girl.
If you've put on weight behind and your bottom is bigger than it was, its a boy.
Not sure about 1 of each twins!

Blossomhill Sat 08-Jan-05 22:33:10

Posey - yes that's right!!!
Ds I put weight on all over and needed maternity clothes early on. Looked very pregnant.
Dd I had a tiny bump and when I went to the labour ward they were shocked to see me. My mum said it looked as though I had a football stuffed up my top!!!

Blossomhill Sat 08-Jan-05 22:33:40

Oh and didn't need maternity clothes with dd, they just fell down!

kinderbob Sat 08-Jan-05 22:37:16

I had a boy and looked normal from behind, also had a smaller bum (but that was all the swimming).

Lots of people looked at my bump and said it was a boy though.

MrsBigD Sat 08-Jan-05 22:38:10

I was carrying all around with dd. With ds it was more up front, but I think that's because I was 'pre-strechted' iykwim

biglips Sat 08-Jan-05 22:40:02

sorry no no no!- everyone was convinted that i was having a boy as i was all front and round and ended up a DD

biglips Sat 08-Jan-05 22:41:27

and i put weight on my botty too

bubble99 Sat 08-Jan-05 23:20:24

The other way to tell, apparently, is by the in utero heartrates. Over 150 is a girl and under for boys. Although surely if the baby/ies are asleep when the heartrate is measured it/they will be slower. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see. I'm off to bed now for some of what passes for sleep these days. Anyone else up to wee every two hours?

milge Sat 08-Jan-05 23:30:40

bubble - when i was expecting my twins, i knew one was a boy, but didn't know the other as "it" was breech, until i went into hospital for myCS -the midwives monitored the twins and said as "unknown" twin was a very fast heartbeat, that it was a girl, and they were right. DS was markedly slower - you'll probably spend so much time hooked up to those machines, you will know the sex before they come out. Good luck, it is worth it!

eidsvold Sun 09-Jan-05 04:00:02

had a round bump first time ( looked fat front and back rather than baby bump iykwim)- dd

all out front and huge bump second time ( did not look pregnant from behind) - dd

bubble - the heartbeat theory did not work for me either....

think my 2 were/are just contrary

ghosty Sun 09-Jan-05 09:03:04

Well, I had one of each and both times I was bloody huge ... I really can't remember whether I carried either differently ... The only person that predicted correctly was my mum but it wasn't to do with how I was carrying, just lucky guesses.
Put on more weight with DD (well over 25kgs )...

bonym Sun 09-Jan-05 17:57:02

Everyone - including complete strangers - told me I was having a boy when I was pg the first time as my bump was all in front - needless to say, I had a girl! I think it's just the way your individual body is - I tend to put any excess weight on my stomach anyway. My bump is exactly the same this time around ( you can't tell I'm pg from behind) and the sonographer has told us we're having another girl

fufmum Mon 10-Jan-05 11:13:51

agree with Bonym I think it's different for everyone. I didn't start to show till i was well over 6 months PG. I am now due this Sunday and still from the back people tell me i don't look pregnant. My tummy dosen't stick out that far and is shaped like a watermelon, i know i am having a boy even though i was told by most i looked like i was having a girl. I am only 5'2" so thought i would have looked massive but it just goes to show everybody is different.

smellymelly Mon 10-Jan-05 11:20:30

I had my twins 3.5 weeks ago, and I was carrying all up front, just like my other 2 pregnancies (ds and dd).

Twins were one of each - I just had a huge bump, looked like I had a basket ball stuffed up my top! I only put on 2.5 stone.

It really does just depend on your body type and shape....

Good luck with the babies BTW let us know how you get on!

biglips Mon 10-Jan-05 11:30:01

bonym - it was exactly the same with me as well and i was shocked when midwife told me its a girl (first time mum)

fuf - guk luk with this sunday

Pidge Mon 10-Jan-05 11:43:32

boneym - I had this too (must be very common by the sounds of things here) - 12 people predicted the gender of my first child - all of them said it was a boy ... and it was a girl. In fact even the consultant who came to see me when I was in labour said (jokingly) "Very irregular contractions - must be a boy"!!

MommyD Mon 10-Jan-05 11:53:36

I had two bumps that were all out front for ds1 and ds2. I guessed every baby in our NCT class. 'Out fronts' I said were boys and 'all rounds' were girls. I got 7 out of 7 right.

A friend of mine then had a bump that was all out front. I told her I was sure she was having a boy - she had a girl.

JoD Mon 10-Jan-05 13:46:35

My cousins has had 5 boys and has carried them all differently.

blueteddy Mon 10-Jan-05 15:54:10

I have 2 boys & carried all out front with both.
I put on less than 2 stone in weight & did not look pregnant any where except my belly.
Some people seem to think that all out front is a boy & others think that means a girl!!!
My Mum carried me all out front & my sister all round. She also had very different pregnancies & the result was 2 girls!

blueteddy Mon 10-Jan-05 16:00:28

Oh & as 4 the heart beat theory, with ds2 his heart beat was so fast during labour that they were actually getting quite concerned!

Kelly1978 Mon 10-Jan-05 16:04:34

How do you keep them out in front, plz tell me! I'm expecting twins boys too, and mine keep sticking out the sides in between my hips and ribs during the day, and when I go to bed I feel like I am squashing them!
They tend to move out front at night, cos I have to sleep on my side.
As mine move day to day I would say there is little relationship between bump and sex, although I was out front with ds, and all round with dd in my past pregnancies. The only reason for this was because I carried so much water with dd.

blueteddy Mon 10-Jan-05 16:14:16

Yes, saying that, I was not all out front with ds2 until later in the pregnancy & that was because until about 7 months into it, he was in the transverse position & my bump was coming out at my waist rather than my stomach!

beansprout Mon 10-Jan-05 16:15:23

Big. enormous bump out front ==> big enormous boy! (10lb 5oz!) So yep, this was true for me.

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