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18 week son sunday - no bump and no movement?

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KJ11 Fri 25-Apr-08 08:46:34


im 18 weeks on sunday, i have no visible bump and I haven't felt any movement yet? im starting to get paranoid!! what do you think?

Blocky Fri 25-Apr-08 08:51:08

TBH some bumps show earlier than others - with my first I really didn't show until I was about 22 wks. You should start to feel 'flutters' now - but again - some people feel them earlier/ later than others.

If you are at all worried, see your MW or GP, if only to put your mind at rest!

addictedtoharibo Fri 25-Apr-08 08:52:06

Is it your first pregnancy? Perfectly normal not to be showing by 18 weeks if it is - or if it isnt. Depends on your build, way baby is lieing, how much weight you have put on etc etc.

Personally I have just reached the looking fat stage at 21 weeks - and for my second baby. But I have had bad morning sickness until now. I stopped wearing my old jeans about 2 weeks ago but my work trousers still fit fine - I just look a bit podgy in them!

As for movement - I know how paranoid it can make you feel. My first pregnancy I swear I remember feeling kicks around 16 weeks and by now there were big movements. However at 18 weeks this time I was only having the odd "is that a movement or is it wind" feeling and it wasnt until 20 weeks that I felt movement with any consistency. Its still not big kicks and nowhere near as much as with DS - maybe we are having chilled out relaxed girls, lol.

So. I would think it is perfectly normal but I know that wont stop you worrying. Unfortunately pregnancy pretty much equates to worry which I dont think ever goes away!

ladylush Fri 25-Apr-08 08:55:02

Is it your first? There was a woman in my antenatal group who had a teeny bump at 32 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if she had none at your stage. Many women don't feel movement til after 20 weeks. Are you having other pregnancy symptoms? Sorry you are having these worries sad Pregnancy is such a worrying time. Hope all goes well in your scan.

KJ11 Fri 25-Apr-08 08:55:52

Thank you!! my stomach is certainly hard and i just feel fatter, im sure the bump will show soon. It is my first so i've read things saying it oftne comes later.

i think half the problem with movement is not knowing what to expect!

thanks again!!

stickybean Fri 25-Apr-08 09:05:34

I am 23 weeks, at 18 weeks i just looked fat not pregnant. Wasn't feeling movement really, kind of bubbles or popping but couldn't tell if it was wind or baby!

Suddenly at 21 weeks i just popped out, i now look very obviously pregnant and the kicking started becoming clear at the same time, and it has got stronger and more regular each day.

Hang in there!

slinkiemalinki Fri 25-Apr-08 21:04:20

Totally normal 1st time - I didn't feel anything until about 20 wks and only looked pregnant about 24wks (into mat wear 19/20 wks just as it was comfier though was just looking fat).
Different story this time...

dobbins Sun 27-Apr-08 19:11:57

Hello! Totally agree with stickybean - am now 20 weeks- no obvious bump, just looked slightly fat before but suddenly over the last few days look pregnant at last! Also feel this has coincided with more obvious moveemnts from the baby- kicks really low down generally. By the way this is also my first!

shaz1982 Wed 30-Jul-08 10:04:20

I know this link was posted a while ago but I'd like to say thank-you. I am 17 weeks and everything just seems to have stopped. I lost my ravenous appetite, tiny bump hasn't grown and I have felt nothing movement like at all. Your threads have calmed me down a good deal!

Ebs26 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:29:24

Quick message to say please don't worry (Shaz1982) I'm 21+3 and only just got a visible bump and feeling baby flutter regularly. I felt the same last week and had my scan yesterday and couldn't believe my lil girl was moving so much yet I could feel hardly anything!

Before you know it - you'll be telling baby to calm down.

All the best and congrats! smile

bikerunski Wed 30-Jul-08 13:07:16

I am 33 weeks pg with my first. No movement or bump until about 20 weeks. Now I am immense sad and bubba moves constantly! smile

LoveActually Wed 30-Jul-08 18:21:43

I'm 16 weeks, is my first and my bump has only just started showing. I don't know if build makes a difference, I'm quite slim but not skinny. Had a scan yesterday and baby's heartbeat was good - take it you've seen your community midwife for 16 week check up? I was also told that because it's my first I might not feel any thing for another month. Hope that helps.

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