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How common are symptomless pregnancies?

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SheWillBeLoved Mon 21-Apr-08 21:08:52

Been TTC since MC in Aug 06. Periods are always regular, even after MC I just slipped right back into my normal cycle.

Haven't had a period since Feb 14th. Very very unusual for me.

Not saying I am PG, but some things have been making me think I could be? But then again i'm not convinced enough to check.

Belly has taken on a noticeable firmness which feels like a small bump when you run your hands across. Nipples have been sore for the past 2 weeks which I normally get for a day or two before period is due. Constantly got headaches, and very emotional blush and niggle twitchy feelings coupled with dull back ache which I have now. It also feels very uncomfortable to lie flat on my stomach.

Compared to my symptoms last time round which ended in a MMC, I have nothing really even though my list now looks quite lengthy grin If my period hasn't started by the end of the week, i'll test. But until then, I was just wondering whether anyone has had experience with almost symptomless pregnancies in the early stages? It's sort of a joke in our family that all of the women don't know they're pregnant until they're pushing it out in hospital shock any info would be great! x

splishsplosh Mon 21-Apr-08 21:12:19

Certainly sounds like you could be - go on, test!
I think it's very common not to have any really obvious symptoms - on the threads, half the people seem to talk about how ill they are, the other half are fretting because they don't feel pg and are worried something's wrong

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 21-Apr-08 21:15:57

Well given that you've just listed a load of symptoms, yours isn't really symptomless is it?!

My first (successful) pregnancy was symptomless until I got bad constipation at about 14 weeks. This time (17 weeks tomorrow) my only symptom has been sore boobs, which I probably wouldn't have noticed if dd wasn't still breastfeeding and thus aggravating them.

SheWillBeLoved Mon 21-Apr-08 21:21:08

I suppose I should have mentioned DP has quite a low sperm count and so is a big reason why I always think "I can't be". Also last time, I knew I was pregnant as soon as sperm met egg grin my symptoms were awful very early on. I've put off posting this thread for days as i'm convinced i'm gonna wake up each morning to discover my period has arrived because of the constant back ache i've had which coupled with the sore nipples - lets me know it's about to arrive.

It just seems too much to think that I could be because of the lack of symptoms and DP's problem blush it only took 6 months last time, but it has taken almost 2 years this time (if I am) shock

SheWillBeLoved Mon 21-Apr-08 21:23:17

grin CSWS, I suppose not. I guess what I was getting at is that with regards to my last PG, if I am this time, I have no symptoms which would make me think I could be. Besides being 2 months late of course blush everything else could be brushed off as indigestion and me being a moody bitch!

Coolmama Mon 21-Apr-08 21:24:34

no period for 2 months? - take a test!

SheWillBeLoved Mon 21-Apr-08 21:28:15

I know I know Coolmama, i'm just terrified of a BFN after almost 2 years trying. I almost feel silly for even considering it due to lack of symptoms but I guess every pregnancy is different. I'll pick up a test tomorrow but will probably try and leave testing til the end of the week.

... Who am I kidding, will probably use the nearest cafe's loo's grin

AussieSim Mon 21-Apr-08 21:35:37

Sounds like you are pregnant to me. I don't get any major symptoms myself. Have you also noticed being a little short of breath? Just test and get it over with. Sounds to me like your possible denial is a reaction to what must have been a traumatic MC experience and defense mechanism against disappointment. Good Luck!

33kjs Mon 21-Apr-08 21:39:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SheWillBeLoved Mon 21-Apr-08 21:41:12

Aussie, it could well be sad it half killed me last time. Never thought of it that way. I suppose if I stopped downplaying every little 'symptom' it would be pretty obvious. Just don't want to be dissapointed blush thanks everyone so far xx

Ekka Mon 21-Apr-08 21:42:16

I've never had many pg symptoms - 1st pg I was a bit tired, and this time round I am shattered, but other than that I couldn't really tell. Just had my scan today though and there was definitely a baby there! grin

It has to be worth testing to see... Good luck

SheWillBeLoved Mon 21-Apr-08 21:42:50

grin 33kjs, i'd love to see that test next to the Clearblue in Boots. "Cat Food Stick - Shove it near your nose for 10 seconds and wait for the projectile vomit!"

33kjs Mon 21-Apr-08 21:52:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vjesi Fri 17-May-13 11:13:37

@shewillBeLoved: did you take the test? What was the result

Gonnabmummy Fri 17-May-13 11:29:46

Defiantly test if your usually very regular you could be nearly a third way through pg! Good luck

SuffolkNWhat Fri 17-May-13 11:38:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alienbanana Fri 17-May-13 11:41:03

Same as you with the first - I knew straight away and strong symptoms well into 2nd trimester.

This time apart from the odd twinge, I've had nothing apart from the tiredness which could easily have been just getting over several viruses I've had.

Thankfully all is OK grin


TheOrchardKeeper Fri 17-May-13 11:43:09

Good luck!

SuffolkNWhat Fri 17-May-13 11:45:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 17-May-13 12:13:15

now Suffolk, you aren't out until AF shows up grin

But I'd be questioning a 5 year delay too wink

ChocolateCremeEggBag Fri 17-May-13 12:14:56

Looks like it was BFP back then as the OP had a 1 year old DD in 2010


blondebaby111 Fri 17-May-13 12:26:18

My god this is an old thread! I wish people would come back and update ;)

blondebaby111 Fri 17-May-13 12:26:46

My god this is an old thread! I wish people would come back and update ;)

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