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Buggy/Pram advice needed

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Emmalina Thu 06-Jan-05 12:59:24

Currently 25 wks pg and I am being bought a buggy/pram as a present (lucky me) so cost is not really a factor and I want a decent quality one that will last. My main consideration is that we are do not drive and will be using public transport all the time and I want one that will work well with buses and trains.
Currently interested in the Phil and Teds Explore and the M and P Pliko pramette, but does anyone have experience of using these on public transport? Can anyone recommend a different buggy that is good, from birth, good quality and good for public transport?

Sallie Thu 06-Jan-05 13:01:02

I would advise on the Mountain buggy urban - light yet sturdy and compact.

Leogaela Thu 06-Jan-05 14:13:20

I looked at that wanting a very sporty buggy for and think its too much of an in between buggy. It looks good for going walking etc, except that it has no brake. Still bulky for getting on and off trains etc.

I think you can get something less bulky, even lighter and convenient for more city type stuff.

I haven't looked at Maclarens (only online though). they look pretty good. Website is:


(can someone tell me whic it doesn work when I try to put a link in!)

Hanlou007 Thu 06-Jan-05 14:19:32

These are really cheap.

I am getting my maxi cosi pram with carry cot on there for £285.. It £240 in mother care with £130 added for carryccot

Distracted Thu 06-Jan-05 14:23:12

You missed out the description bit of the link (ie. the word/words that actually appear in blue when you post your message) - so you should have typed:

link{\maclaren website}

(I missed out the "\" before the word link, otherwise all that would have appeared in this message would have been the link, without the details)

- the bit that would then appear on your message would just be 'maclaren website' in blue (think you need to miss out the 'www' as well, but not sure whether it matters)

If you preview your message you can see whether the link has worked...

Distracted Thu 06-Jan-05 14:24:15

That message was for Leogaela by the way

Leogaela Thu 06-Jan-05 14:24:18

sorry, typo! I HAVE looked at Maclaren's!

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