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Aaagh, I had some Day Nurse capsules yesterday and today it seems I am pregnant!

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NineUnlikelyTales Mon 14-Apr-08 13:08:43

It says on the packet not to take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I had two doses. Then checked my calendar this morning as I thought my period would be imminent, and discovered I was late. I am never late. So I did a test and yes, I am pregnant. This would be great news except that I thought I couldn't be pg this month due to lack of sex at the necessary times, so I had the Day Nurse as I have a bad cold.

Do you think it will be okay or should I phone my doctor? What is even more annoying is that this is a much wanted pg and the Day Nurse was my first flipping medication except paracetamol for 2 years due to pregnancy and BF! Oh and now I am kicking myself.

Any advice anyone please?

belgo Mon 14-Apr-08 13:10:29

Congratulations! Don't worry too much about the nightnurse, many women take far worse before they realise they are pregnant and go on to have no problems.

But by all means speak to your doctor for reassurance - you need to make an appointment anyway!

popsycal Mon 14-Apr-08 13:11:59

Before I found out I was pregnant, I was taking a conncoction of heavy duty anti biotics and a pain killer cocktail of paracetomol, nurofen and codeine - for almost 10 days continuously.

I wouldnt worry

And congratulations

NineUnlikelyTales Mon 14-Apr-08 13:13:24

Thanks Belgo. You might remember reassuring me through my early miscarriage last monthgrin

Do I really need to make a GP appointment anyway? TBH I can't remember what I did last time.

You're right though, it's probably fine. Oh please God let everything be fine.

NineUnlikelyTales Mon 14-Apr-08 13:14:35

Ah that's reassuring too popsycal. I guess many people must have been in the same position. I will mention it to my GP when I do see him.

belgo Mon 14-Apr-08 13:15:27

yes I really hope this time all is fine with you! I know it's very stressful becoming pregnant again after a miscarriage and it is natural to worry about every little thing.

popsycal Mon 14-Apr-08 13:16:27

ninetales - sorry about your miscarriage.

flamingtoaster Mon 14-Apr-08 13:16:53

Before I found I was pregnant with DS I took some Ponstan as I had cramps and thought my period was about to start - he was fine. I am sure you will be too.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 14-Apr-08 13:21:04

If baby wants to hang in there it will - whatever you do to it (seen poor heroin addicted babies, and babies from anorexic mothers for eg)
You won't have damaged it with a bit of nurofen! xxxxxx

Daniya Mon 14-Apr-08 13:44:17

Hi - don't worry too much, I think most of these drugs aren't too bad for you but they just say steer clear to be safe. I had the flu really badly a couple of weeks ago and we phoned NHS direct and the nurse said I could take paracetemol while I was pregnant.

And before I found out I was pregnant I probably did everything you're not supposed to - I drank about a bottle of decongestant when I had a cold and one night I went out with a friend and got very drunk on cocktails and tequila and sambuca shots!! (this was an unplanned, unexpected pregnancy!)

zebedee1 Mon 14-Apr-08 13:48:11

Congratulations!!!! The little bean will be fine, mine survived a bottle of wine, 3 gin and tonics and a packet of cigarettes the night before I realised I was PG!

midnightexpress Mon 14-Apr-08 13:48:36

I did the same before finding out I was pg unexpectedly with ds2. It was fine. I think a lot of these things say don't take when pg/bf because they can't test them on pg/bf women for ethical reasons, rather than because they have been proved to cause problems.

Try not to worry, and congratulations!

Daniya Mon 14-Apr-08 13:54:32

Thats a very good point midnightexpress - a midwife told me exactly that, suprisingly there aren't any women out there who are willing to subject themselves and their unborn babies to clinical drug testing so no one actually knows the effect! (funny that!)

NineUnlikelyTales Mon 14-Apr-08 13:58:53

Yep, you're all absolutely right and I am feeling loads better about it now. Flamingtoaster I had the same thing happen to me with DS and I thought I would know better this timehmm And I had a fair amount of G&T before that too. If only this time had been so enjoyable!

ChutneyMary Mon 14-Apr-08 14:00:35

DD1 was born after a week of being pickled on a girls' holiday to Spain. Think wine all day, jamon, blue cheese, everything you are not supposed to have. Did a pg test on day 1 and it was negative. Had a short period and so ate and drank for britain(and spain). Took paracetamol, aspirin and strepsils, to go with the wine fest. Only found out when I got home. She is absolutely fine.

Congratulations !

NineUnlikelyTales Mon 14-Apr-08 14:10:11

Wow you really went for it ChutneyMarygrin

ChutneyMary Mon 14-Apr-08 14:12:00

Forgot about the, er, social cigarettes in teh evening blush

It's a wonder the poor child didn't emerge clutching a sherry and waving a silk cut!

MissusH Mon 14-Apr-08 14:16:46

Congrats nine !!

The weekend before I found out I was pg with dd myself and DH consumed the best part of 2 bottles of vodka on a saucy weekend away blush I was approx 3 wks late with my period and had already had a couple of neg tests, so we threw caution to the wind!!!

AHLH Tue 15-Apr-08 10:00:07

I got absolutely hammered at new year, and scoffed stilton and smoked salmon all Christmas. Foundout I was pg at beginning of January. Seems OK so far, considering "Merlot" for a girl!

MissusH Tue 15-Apr-08 14:30:52

lol AHLH - perhaps I should have called dd Smirnoff, or Absolut!!

astormgivenflesh Fri 16-Sep-16 18:18:27

Hi! Sorry to restart this and you might not even see but did you end up being pregnant or was it a false bfp due to the day nurse? I ask because I have had a few positives yesterday and today but took day nurse yesterday and it says it can cause false positives so I'm scared it's not real! xxx

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