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OK, what was the pregnant ladies New Years Eve record?

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fisil Sat 01-Jan-05 09:17:41

I made it through to 10:30ish. DP gently woke me in front of the telly at 10:45 and took me to bed (but not in that way). When the neighbours woke us with their countdown to midnight, we struggled awake, croaked "happy new year" but didn't have the energy to move the metre required for a cuddle!

So, was I the earliest party pooper?

lockets Sat 01-Jan-05 09:23:42

Message withdrawn

fisil Sat 01-Jan-05 09:28:49

ugh - poor you. Ds is in his new bedroom now, in the loft. So we have no idea how long he was crying - we went to him at 8:45! Blissful lie-in.

lockets Sat 01-Jan-05 09:31:15

Message withdrawn

artyjoe Sat 01-Jan-05 13:22:18

I was up until 1pm watching the fireworks from our bedroom, had two glasses of champagne and some choccies and am still in my dressing gown!

No idea how I managed it thought as xmas day was a struggle to get to 10pm!

popsycal Sat 01-Jan-05 14:04:23

i fell asleep around 9ish on the sofa...then dh woke me for midnight then i went to bed
ds woke at 6

hoxtonchick Sat 01-Jan-05 14:10:10

i sent dp out to a party & went to bed at 10.... he woke me up coming to bed at 4. and it was his turn to get up with ds this morning (i did offer to swap). it was after 8 though, so he didn't do too badly.

FlosstyTheSnowman Sat 01-Jan-05 14:22:30

my DP's pregnant sister thought it was a good idea to be ringing us (with new baby) at 3 am AND then again at 4.20. She was still out then. Is that the best so far?

fisil Sat 01-Jan-05 17:01:13

I think popsy & Floss' SOL win the prizes for the earliest and latest!

bakedpotatohoho Sat 01-Jan-05 17:23:15

can i please have a prize for most disrupted night?
11.30pm bed
11.50-12.20 woken by fireworks
12.45am woken briefly by DH coming to bed
2.20am 1st trip to loo
4am 2nd trip to loo
5am woke for no reason, awake for hour or so listening crossly to crap radio phone-in on earphone
Thankfully DD took it upon herself to sleep in till 9. pheweee.

Tinker Sat 01-Jan-05 17:27:21

Made it til about 1.30 but only because I had to watch teh end of The Wicker Man (again)

fisil Sat 01-Jan-05 17:40:49

And you managed to sleep after The Wicker Man?That gives me sleepless nights even when not pg!

anniemac Sat 01-Jan-05 23:44:34

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Sun 02-Jan-05 11:01:27

fell asleep in front of a movie at about 8.30 pm dh woke me and sent me to bed around 9pm said happy new year then, and woke at 5am by no1 and no2 dd's AND I am not even pregnant - SO admire those of you who stayed up late and partied

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