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underwired bras advice needed!

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SilverLining Fri 31-Dec-04 15:08:06

I have just found out I am pregnant with no 2 and am about 6 weeks. feeling very different to first time with a lot more sickness but the other major difference is my boobs are even more enormous than normal! first time round I continued to wear underwired bras and was only told at my nursing bra fitting (week 38) that I shouldn't be wearing underwired bras. So I want to do the right thing but what on earth can I possibly wear that will give me some sort of support for the more, ahem, well endowed lady??? !!

I'm trying to remember what I am not meant to eat either but thats another conversation starter ....!!!

NameChangingMancMidlander Fri 31-Dec-04 15:11:52

Quite few manufacturers make non underwired or maternity bras in bigger sizes. In fact I was in m&s earlier today and they have a maternity bra ramge now, which I think caters to a reasonable size range. I'd say that you need to get measured and try on as many different brands & shapes of non-underwired bra as you can get your mits on. Only you will know what is most comfortable.

Congrats on baby

mckenzie Fri 31-Dec-04 15:12:47

congratualtions silverlining on your pregnancy. I was told by my local department store lingerie staff that underwired bras were a no no in pregnancy but I was hen told by the staff at Bravisimo that they are okay as long as they fit 100% properly.
I'm a DD cup and was feeling the same as you and eventually got the basic pregnancy bra from John Lewsi which I have found to be quite sufficient support wise. I'm now 32 weeks and just starting to think that perhaps they could do with a bit more support. But the JL bras were less than £10 and have done me well for 5 months anyway.

BUBBALOO Fri 31-Dec-04 16:22:04

hi silverlining,
im only 17 weeks pg and already my boobs are huge.
whilst in mothercare yesterday i looked at their bras and was pleasently surprised to find they go up to a 40I.
although mine arent as large as that(yet!)i was very impressed with their range and a pack of 2 were also only £22 or £12 each which i thought was really reasonable!!
i've also bought off of bravissimo like mckenzie and would also recommend bra stop and ample bossom who do larger sizes
good luck and hope you find what your looking for!

Fimbo Fri 31-Dec-04 16:33:27

I am not pregnant but my boobs were huge with no 2
and remained so for ages after the birth. I was in M & S the other day and they had some maternity bras in the sale. They may also have them in the sale on line

Mosschops30 Fri 31-Dec-04 16:35:39

Message withdrawn

hoxtonchick Fri 31-Dec-04 16:41:38

i wore underwired bras the whole way through my pregnancy with ds, breastfed him with no problems. i was a 36e then. i'm now pregnant with my second, somehow my boobs are a 36g, & i'm sticking with my underwires...

SilverLining Fri 31-Dec-04 17:35:25

Thanks everyone! I'm currently a 38D but really need that underwire for some shape!!! Breastfeeding DD really left them south facing!!! Have had a look at the M&S ones and might try those and perhaps (dare I say it?!) wear underwired when I am all dressed up and going out .... so that will be a lot then!!!!

Mosschops30 - had to laugh at your comment on 28A - don't think I was ever that small!!!! I remember when I got fitted for the breastfeeding bra - didn't think bras went up to those latter letters of the alphabet existed!!

thanks everyone for congratulations - really am delighted and even though chocolate has been untouched this christmas it was the best christmas present ever! Actually put the test in DHs christmas card - always wanted to do something like that!!!

Off to shop on line now for the parachutes/bras.....

motherinfestivemood Fri 31-Dec-04 18:14:36

M&S also does a 'total support' bra, non wired but reasonably shapely, which I wore through both my pregnancies.

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