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URGENT; Advice needed re baby movement pains

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artyjoe Thu 30-Dec-04 15:18:56

I'm 37 weeks and my baby has been moving constantly since this morning, really hurting me now as it is a constant movement rather than a kick...should I be worried about this? She normally only squirms around every hour or so and this is markedly different and incredibly sore.

Any ideas, should I be worried?

helsyjinglebellsy Thu 30-Dec-04 15:21:38

I remember getting movements that hurt quite late on but it was ok - call your midwife now if it feels different or "not right" - know what I mean? You should be able to call the hospital at 37 weeks shouldn't you?

Hayls Thu 30-Dec-04 15:22:13

Only sympathies from me! My dd did what we called tai chi because it was constant stretching movements wiht the occasional kick thrown in. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about but if YOU are worried please check with your mw/gp. It really made me uncomfortable at times and wasn't pleasant, especially at night.

paolosgirl Thu 30-Dec-04 15:22:24

I had the same thing with both pregnancies. It was so bad with dd once that I had to stop the car and get out - literally could not move with the pain. Turned out she was on a nerve, and it was excruciating. If you're concerned, phone your midwife and she can put your mind at ease.

Tipex Thu 30-Dec-04 21:35:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

artyjoe Thu 30-Dec-04 22:56:18

Thanks for your messages, I did speak to MW who said to go to hospital for a check up. Had a trace and all seems well, although the trace showed my uterus having a hell of a lot of movement as well as baby...I am still concerned as each time the baby moved we lost the heartbeat, sometimes for a few minutes, but the MW at the hospital didn't seem concerned so I'm assuming it's normal. She still hasn't stopped moving all day so am incredibly sore now and feeling sorry for myself! Am also going to the loo excessively so am wondering if this is the beginning maybe?? Wishful thinking?? x

misdee Thu 30-Dec-04 22:58:02

poor you. am now 30/31weeks, and my baby is constantly kicking downwards which is very painful.

Surfermum Thu 30-Dec-04 23:03:28

Hi Artyjoe
How worrying for you. I'm glad all was well though.

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