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babys weight at birth

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mrsvin Mon 27-Dec-04 16:30:16

hello everyone im new here not sure if i sould post it here or not but anyway is it ture that your second is bigger then your first born or is it just an old wifes tale??

MistltAeroAndWine Mon 27-Dec-04 16:32:04

Mine was smaller and no 3 was smaller again, so guess it's an old wives tale!

Demented Mon 27-Dec-04 16:32:06

My DS2 was half a pound bigger than DS1.

KateandtheElves Mon 27-Dec-04 16:32:22

Mine wasn't.

First was 7lb 7oz at 36 weeks.
Second was 7lb 6oz at 39w4d.

snowflakes Mon 27-Dec-04 16:33:36

My 1st was 7lb9 and my 2nd was 6lb3 so in my experience it isn't true.

makealist Mon 27-Dec-04 16:38:42

1st ds was 8lb 4oz
2nd ds was 8lb12 1/2oz. So true for me.

emMerryChristmastmg Mon 27-Dec-04 16:45:35

True for me.

Ds1-7lb 11oz
Ds2-8lb 5oz
Ds3-8lb 4oz

janeybops Mon 27-Dec-04 16:47:00

my first was 8 lbs and number 2 was considerably bigger at 11lb and 4 oz!

makealist Mon 27-Dec-04 16:50:19


janeybops Mon 27-Dec-04 16:51:21


Gobbledigoose Mon 27-Dec-04 18:04:46

I've heard that too and it was sort of true for me:

ds1 8lb 4oz (41.5 wks)
ds2 8lb 3oz (39 wks)
ds3 8lb 10oz (40 wks)

WideWebWitch Mon 27-Dec-04 18:10:52

Blimey, there should be a legs crossed and wincing emoticon for that weight baby janeybops! My second was larger but was with a different partner so irrelevant for your question.

misdee Mon 27-Dec-04 18:17:36

1st was born at 40weeks, weighed 6lb 15oz.

2nd was born at 39 weeks, weighed 9lb and half an oz.

coppertop Mon 27-Dec-04 18:27:21

Ds2 would've been bigger if he hadn't been induced early.

Ds1 - 9lbs 8oz at 41wks

Ds2 - 9lbs at 38 weeks

eidsvold Mon 27-Dec-04 21:26:59

true for me..

dd1 - 6lb 1/2 oz ( ten days early)
dd2 9lb 7oz ( 10 days late)

gingernut Mon 27-Dec-04 21:42:16

True for me too:

1st: 7lb 8oz (6 days late)
2nd: 8lb 5oz (4 days late)

(both boys).

Socci Mon 27-Dec-04 21:52:42

Message withdrawn

snowdonim Mon 27-Dec-04 23:06:17

Not true for me.

Ds1 8lb 8oz at 40wks
Ds2 8lb 8oz at 41+3wks
Dd1 7lb 5oz at 41 wks
Dd2 7lb at 40wks

Linnet Mon 27-Dec-04 23:54:02

my second was bigger.

dd1 was 6lbs 9oz (10 days late)
dd2 was 7lbs 12oz (7 days late)

sallyhollyberry Tue 28-Dec-04 01:17:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heavenlyghost Tue 28-Dec-04 06:37:55

True for me
No 1 10lbs 1/2 oz
No 2 10lbs 10oz

Won't be having a third otherwise I'll break the 11lb barrier I think ... like Janeypops

nailpolish Tue 28-Dec-04 06:43:36

dd1 7lb 6oz

dd2 7lb 2oz

i always thought dd2 was smaller because i didnt have time when i was pg with her to sit on the couch all day eating cakes and sleeping! i had a toddler to look after.

Yorkiegirl Tue 28-Dec-04 07:10:39

Message withdrawn

DingDongDinosaurOnHigh Tue 28-Dec-04 09:32:53

My first was 7lbs 2oz, second was 8 lbs and third a whopping 9lb6oz!

motherinfestivemood Tue 28-Dec-04 11:30:35

Few ounces bigger but not that much.

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