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Are there any antenatal yoga classes or aquanatal classes in SW London?

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PregnantPenguin Wed 26-Mar-08 14:17:56

Is anyone able to recommend anywhere? I am 29 weeks and would love to be able to meet some other Mums to be - bored of the Davina DVD! wink

Anagram Wed 26-Mar-08 14:58:45

Me & My Baby Clinic (Fulham)

Life Centre in Notting Hill has a range of classes and you don't have to sign up for a series

PetitFilou1 Wed 26-Mar-08 16:18:05

The Vitality Centre in Southfields does yoga and pilates in pregnancy courses (is on net). Can you be more specific about where in SW London you are? Must be loads of places I would have thought.

PregnantPenguin Wed 26-Mar-08 17:32:01

Thank you - will check them both out - esp Vitality Centre, very convenient location wise.

I was looking for Wimbledon - and found this one, which looks great but haven't been able to get a reply (left voice message and sent email...). Will try again anyway, but was looking for alterbatives just in case....

I also found one in Clapham but workwise, I can't be sure I'd make it by 6pm. sad

On my Antenatal thread, lots of people mentioned aquanatal, but I couldn't find anywhere...

mamado Wed 26-Mar-08 17:35:57

check out Vicky is imo the best yoga teacher I've come across and she does pre-natal classes in Easlsfield Library (wed eve) and Balham Library (mon eve). She also does amazing yoga days. I think that if you've done classes with Vicky nothing else comes close grin

PregnantPenguin Wed 26-Mar-08 19:35:37

Thank you Mamado - pre natal yoga with a qualified Doula sounds great. Especially as she is so close to piblic transport!

Tutter Wed 26-Mar-08 19:36:56

where are you? i can recommend a fabulous pregnancy yoga teacher but her classes are further out (think: kew/twickenham areas)

mybestfriendiscalledstig Wed 26-Mar-08 19:39:51

I would totally rave about appleyoga who do classes in Southfields.I went to it just over 4 years ago, so things may have changed, but then it was wonderful - taught lots on Optimal foetal positioning, birth positions etc as well as really outstanding (imo) teaching. I gave birth early, & had only been to her classes (no NCT, no NHS), & found the techniques increadibly practical.

GOINGINSANEMUM Sun 19-Jun-11 17:45:26

Does anybody know a yoga class for kids in the Wimbledon area? 8 and 6 year olds? Preferably close to the station.

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