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37 weeks, constant dull period like pain, ow ow ow! Help!

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chaoskay Wed 26-Mar-08 04:40:03


I'd really appreciate some advice if anyone can help me out at all? For the past three days I've had constant dull pain in my lower tummy, and a little back pain at times. I've not lost my mucous plug, and my waters haven't broken either (having said that my waters broke mid labour last time, and I never noticed my mucous plug last time at all). I'm just coming up to 37 weeks now.

It's particularly bad at night, probably because I haven't got anything else to think about, but I'm having to take a paracetamol so I can sleep, and when it wears off I've been waking up with the pain again, sometimes it feels a little prickly (?!) over my bump, if that makes sense, and sometimes it is a little bit crampy too. A couple of nights ago I'm sure I had a random contraction, not braxton hicks as it was too painful, and this evening I had another one, but nothing since. It seems to be getting worse gradually. Baby still moving fine, so no worries there at least, although movements have slowed down a little.

It is driving me mad, and I've got this dull ache 24/7 now, could it just be that my body is all stretched on the inside, and is hurting cos of that? Or could it be early slow labour? It gets so bad at night it makes me cry.

Any suggestions appreciated!

foxythesnowman Wed 26-Mar-08 07:35:58

Hmm, could be a slow burner I guess smile

Best thing to do is put a call in to your MW and talk it through with her.

Similar thing happened to me. I'd go to bed every night for two weeks thinking "Well, I'll be up in a couple of hours having this baby", but it just didn't kick off.

It was extremely frustrating, but in the end it made for a fantastic birth (got to 6 cm without knowing it!).

Have you been busy or overdoing things lately? Its easy at this stage to try to get everything done and make a last push to get the entire house painted or cupboards cleaned out. I certainly found overdoing things made it a lot more painful and had unbearable braxton hicks.

I suggest speaking to your MW and putting your feet up for the next day or two (at least!). Good luck, hope it all eases up smile

chaoskay Wed 26-Mar-08 08:42:03

Thanks for your reply, I'll give the MW a call. I just hate to bother them as I know they're so busy. But I suppose that's what they're there for.

Sooon! I just cannot wait for this to be over and done with, so sick of feeling like a hefalump with a hurty tummy! Grrr....

foxythesnowman Wed 26-Mar-08 10:11:58

Ahh, it'll be over before you know it! grin

Far better to talk to the MW than worry I think.

Hope all goes well with the birth. I'll be looking out for you - I love a good birth story grin

chaoskay Wed 26-Mar-08 10:48:20

Thanks for being friendly and supportive, it is appreciated.

Bluebella Wed 26-Mar-08 11:02:10

Hi Chaoskay,

I am experiencing the exact same thing!!! I am seeing m/w today so will mention it to her and see what she says. Like you I have the crampy pains in the night the most.

I'll post later to say what she said.

Blue x

chaoskay Wed 26-Mar-08 11:46:34

Thank you!

Bluebella Wed 26-Mar-08 15:55:43

Hello, well, I went for my antenatal appt, and the midwife didn't turn up at the clinic!!!!!!! The cheek!!!!

I have sinced received a phone call to apologise but there was an emergency (Fair enough), but regretfully didn't get to talk to her about the crampy pains :-(

Did you get in touch with your m/w Chaoskay?


chaoskay Wed 26-Mar-08 19:42:08

No, because I know they'd ask me to go into the hospital to be on the safe side. I know it's better to be safe than sorry, but baby is happily hiccuping away in my tummy and has been moving so I'm not worried.

It would also have meant finding a babysitter for my 3 yr old, walking and waiting for bus, and tons and tons of hassle - and I did exactly the same thing last Thursday because of the same symptoms, so I don't want to go again. They didn't seem to know what it was last time (the random contraction), and just checked baby was ok, which it was.

My midwives appointments are fortnightly because of cutbacks now, and I just don't feel reassured at all. I have to travel quite a way to hospital, and I just wish I could bob in at the health centre up town instead!

I'm just dreading trying to sleep this evening, OH snores and with sore belly and everything I thought I was going to go mad last night. Got about 2 or 3 hours kip I think.

Hopefully tonight will be better. I hope you aren't suffering too much too. Nice to I'm not on my own. Not that I'd wish this horrid achey pain on anyone really.

Anyway, will stop waffling, wishing you a good night's sleep!

Bluebella Thu 27-Mar-08 12:17:57

Hi Chaoskay,

I mentioned to m/w in antenatal class today, she didn't seem concerned at all that I was getting menstrual / crampy pains. She said sounds like Braxton Hicks and not to worry.

Obviously, I am not saying that this is the case for both of us, so please do check with your m/w if they carry on, but this is what my m/w told me


chaoskay Thu 27-Mar-08 21:36:00

Thanks for that, probably is just braxton hicks. Today I have been absolutely fine, and I slept really well last night so I feel sooo much better!

I just feel fat and normal now, and a little impatient of course.

How far along are you? Best of luck with your pregnancy anyway!

avenanap Thu 27-Mar-08 21:43:23

Hi chaoskay. It is very important that you tell your midwife that your babys movements have slowed down. I have spent time working with a midwife and it was drummed into me that babies whose movements have slowed down need to be born as soon as possible. I don't want to make you concerned but your midwife should understand.

QuintessentialShadows Thu 27-Mar-08 22:44:03

Hi chaoskay,
I would see the midwife if I were you, just to be on the safe side.

I too suffered lots of pains towards the end of my pregnancy with my second. Turned out I had spd, it got a lot worse after the baby was born, and I could not walk for a few months. It would have been so much better if this was caught early, so I could get physio, and get different treatment postpartum.

Good luck!

VictorianSqualor Fri 28-Mar-08 08:35:44

Call your mw, and ask her to come out. You don't have to traipse along to the hospital just to get checked over. She may suggest hospital after she has seen you but I'd ask her to just come out and check first. She'll be able to see how baby is doing from a heart monitor and if you need to go in straight away or not.
Everything may be fine but it's better to check, and the midwives will agree there so please don't worry about them being busy.

chaoskay Sat 29-Mar-08 12:17:30

The midwife came out to me yesterday to discuss a home birth, I think I'm going to try and avoid hospital if I can.

Everything is fine, thank goodness. She did say the baby was moving down (it was head down and engaged two weeks ago, so I presume this means it has moved even further down?) So that probably explains all the aching.

I've felt fine these past few days, loads more energy, little pain, and I'm just pregnant, fat and happy now. Just waiting for B'day now!

Thank you for all your advice.

AmyArcheyx Tue 06-Sep-16 22:49:34

I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my third and I keep getting pressure in my bum and vagina and it hurts to turn over in bed too sad

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