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Advice plz - 7 weeks pregnant and have eaten tons of blue cheese..........

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Bluecheeselover Sat 25-Dec-04 01:33:05

I've just taken a pregnancy test and am 6 or 7 weeks pregnant but for the past few weeks when I didn't really believe I was pregnant I have been eating tons and tons of stilton and blue cheese, really had proper cravings and totally forgot that it's banned! Presumably lots of women do the same and nothing terrible happens to the baby? Is it rare to have consequences from this?
Panic! Other than that I am so excited to find out I'm pregnant on xmas eve!

mears Sat 25-Dec-04 01:35:20

Do not worry at all about it. If you enjoyed it, feel fine then all will be well. Yes consequences are rare. How lovely to discover you are pregnant now. Happy Christmas

Bluecheeselover Sat 25-Dec-04 01:36:31

Thanks mears! Happy Christmas to you too!

serenity Sat 25-Dec-04 01:38:26


I wouldn't worry, the danger is from contracting listeria from soft cheese made from unpasturised milk and I think the risk is pretty minimal. I must say I was very bad and continued to eat Brie etc through all my pregnancies If you are still worried have a chat with your GP after christmas and I'm sure they'll be able to put your mind at ease.

serenity Sat 25-Dec-04 01:39:17

Ooops sorry crossed posts

Happy Christmas!

fairycakes Sat 25-Dec-04 01:44:00

Congratulations! I wouldn't worry, we all do things we aren't supposed to whilst pregnant before we realise we are - I was pregnant this time last year without realising, and i ate SO much brie and millions of king prawns (oh, and drank like an absolute trouper every single night, especially new years eve) and my baby is absolutely fine and healthy - i think a lot of the do's and don't 's of pregnancy are just a guideline and not a strict rule - just make sure you avoid it from now on!

thats brilliant news for you for christmas! congratulations again, and i hope you really enjoy your christmas even more now you know you have a little baba growing inside you!!

merglemergle Sat 25-Dec-04 05:10:56

Congruatulations! Fantastic time to find out too!

Don't worry because 1. I think its really rare to have bad consequences. Most people I know do eat blue and brie-type cheese and have no ill effects at all. 2. In France (acc to French friends) etc they do eat blue cheese and brie and also drink more heavily than we would consider advisable duiring pregnancy 3. I thought (and this may be completely wrong) that the risk was greatest to the baby in the third trimester.

merglemergle Sat 25-Dec-04 05:11:48

I now have blue cheese and brie cravings now-with crusty bread...mmm...and the shops are all closed!

biglips Sat 25-Dec-04 13:28:50

youre in the early stages of pregnancy so dont worry, baba will be fine

Belga Sat 25-Dec-04 19:35:47

I am 'from the continent', and I have also been indulging quite badly in foods that the Brits make a huge fuss about... I have had some pate, a few nights (work chrismas do's etc) out when I have had about 3-4 drinks, king prawns, mussels, medium cooked steak etc, chocolate mousse (home made with raw eggs).... Haven't had any blue cheese since being pregnant yet, but am really craving a small piece, so might well give in to that too... The fuss people make in this country about what to eat and what not in pregnancy really irritates me. During my first preganancy, I was quite intimidated by it all, but this time, I just feel like eating what I like, within reason and if I really fancy a bit of pate, I just get on with on. Nothing is worse to start a craving than not being allowed something... for whatever reason.... And quite right, people in France and Italy are a lot more relaxed about it all....I think it is all a risk calculation thing isn't it... ok, you might catch listeria from pate, but you might also catch chickenpox from your toddler who brings it home from nursery, and you might be knocked over by a bus tomorrow when you go shopping.... life is too short to just sit and worry about everything that might go wrong! Just ditch all the guilt trips and ENJOY!

EbenyZebraScrooge Sat 25-Dec-04 20:12:13

The risks would be listeria & salmonella, right?
The "good" news about listeria is... you either get it (like a mild cold), in which case it may cause miscarriage/still birth -- or it does nothing. So, it's not like you have a long 7-8 month worry -- if you're still pregnant a week from now, you can rest calmly knowing the cheese binge did no harm whatsoever... I think it's the same with salmonella. You either get it or you don't.

Bluecheeselover Sat 25-Dec-04 20:33:47

Thanks thanks thanks for all reassuring words - mumsnet is so excellent.

All the best to all of you - I can't believe I'm only 7 weeks pregnant I feel bloated enough to be 5 months maybe it's all that cheese - I did eat shedloads of it!

CharBell Mon 27-Dec-04 16:18:23

I thought it wasn't about contracting listeria so you notice it. I thought it just passed it to the baby and increased chances of miscarriage. It has had no ill effects because you are still pregnant - I don't think it is like alcohol where you don't know the effect until it is born.

janeybops Mon 27-Dec-04 16:50:43

My GP told me not to worry about it when I did something similiar before I knew I was pregnant. I had also been reallllllly drunk a couple of times and been up in an unpressurized aircraft!!! (Grand Canyon tour)

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