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glitterfairy Thu 23-Dec-04 13:37:09

My sister in law is 11 weeks pregnant and is spending Christmas with her mother and an uncloe with shingles. My feeling is that this is a bad idea but does anyone know?

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 13:40:24

isnt shingles similar to chickenpox and pg women are supposed to steer clear? i may be wrong though

she should DEFINITELY ask her mw for advice

glitterfairy Thu 23-Dec-04 13:50:21

Yes I said dont go so did some of my friends but I am sure even if the risk is minimal I would not take the risk at that stage.

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 13:51:07

tell her she must call the mw

LIZS Thu 23-Dec-04 13:51:37

Have a look here . I think (if you scroll down to Is it Infectious?) it can cause chickenpox in those who have not previously had it, through direct contact, but is not itself contagious. However a phone call to her GP/Midwife should clarify it.

Slinky Thu 23-Dec-04 13:51:41

If she's had chickenpox in the past, then she should be OK. You can't catch shingles from shingles, although people who haven't had chickenpox can catch CP from shingles.

My DS1 was 18 months when he had shingles and I was 7 months pregnant. Obviously couldn't avoid being in contact, but GP confirmed that I was OK as I had had CP. Baby was born at 42 weeks with no problems.

glitterfairy Thu 23-Dec-04 14:07:14

Thank you everyone. I have looked at the link and yes nailpolish have told her to ring her gp/mw. Looking at the link and knowing a firend who had chickenpox three times and shingles once I think she should not go even if it says it is not catching. It does say that shingles in pregnancy is serious and can damage the baby. Why take any risk is what I would say.

glitterfairy Thu 23-Dec-04 14:34:19

I have just spoken to her and she has phoned her GP who has said no way. She cannot remember if she has ever had chickenpox and neither can her mum so I agreed with the GP.

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 14:35:10

thats a shame. does she have an alternative plan for xmas day without her mum?

Slinky Thu 23-Dec-04 17:39:11

Obviously I should have stuck DS1 out in the shed when he had shingles

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